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#77 Speedrunning in Off Topic

add me on steam if you're interested in learning any of the GTA games

posted about 9 years ago
#2348 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization
had some help from kermit

build menu, destroy menu and eureka effect teleport menu

I removed everything I didn't need (metalcosts etc included) and use colour coding for the individual statuses (eg: blue = already built), and I made it a really small bar at the top left of the game so I can still see shit while using it

I'm sure it'd look better on a higher resolution and non-minecraft settings but I like it

posted about 9 years ago
#1 Romania vs Russia/Sweden vs Scotland tonight 20ces in TF2 General Discussion

This'll be a test for fannycasts - streaming provided by faNNY and casting by Bulow + myself

Romania vs Russia
Scotland vs Sweden
20cest tonight
vote on this poll to pick which game we cast!

this probably won't become a regular thing but we're looking to chat rubbish for the entirety of the nations cup at least!

posted about 10 years ago
#36 Half-Life speedrunning in Other Games


posted about 10 years ago
#346 stream highlights in Videos
low quality and so old, but so good

posted about 10 years ago
#74 The Weapon Balance Megathread in TF2 General Discussion
RuskeydooSticky Launcher and Minigun come to mind. They are so much better than any other option for their class that virtually nothing else gets played. That sounds like a pretty good definition of 'overpowered' right?
Coincidentally demo and heavy are also two of the most play defining classes in HL. If Valve wants class balance (each class effects the flow of play equally) then this might be a good place to start?

I don't know why this is downfragged, the weapons being stock shouldn't exempt them from being rebalanced, unless people disagree with the idea that they aren't balanced well.

it's ok for a weapon to be good, but when every other choice in that slot extremely gimp you in (very nearly) every situation then there's an issue

posted about 10 years ago
#2 The Bug Information Collection Thread in TF2 General Discussion

will edit this post later with bugs, - but I think we should add a format

Way to Reproduce:
Evidence (preferably a POV demo and tick):

Bug: Forcing Gunslinger Crits
Way to Reproduce: Hold +attack2 while punching a teammate or enemy, as long as the first 2 punches connect, the third will be a crit. This as an intended feature, but being able to store the crit like this is not.

I'm pretty sure it's because the determining factor is whether the first two punches connect and if +attack has been held the entire time, but +attack2 counts as holding +attack allowing you to essentially store the crit
the same bug happened with the beggars bazooka where you could store your rockets and avoid the overload damage, and this was patched before so I assume this could be fixed in a similar way

Evidence (preferably a POV demo and tick):
(will provide a pov demo later)

posted about 10 years ago
#87 Highlander pick/ban system in TF2 General Discussion
StewbubblebobblerOne thing I would suggest is a universal banlist for literally broken weapons (ie: bazaar bargain counting misses as headshots and making it a weapon that hits fully charged shots within 3 seconds or so)
This is a slippery slope. Banning for a glitch, okay. But don't ban the Phlog or Pomson automatically for the same reason

which is why I highlight literally

back to mainpost stuff

I'd say no to using a template whitelist - it'd be unneeded, there are some characters in dota that most would agree are OP too, but are sometimes even left open, if both teams want to leave something open then they should be able to

stock weapons should always be allowed in order to allow all players to play.

re: picking, it's a possibility - and an interesting one and one which I like, but if done there should be VERY little picks, giving the feeling of a tradeoff rather than getting everything you want and then banning being irrelevant - maybe 1 or 2 picks per team

one ban per player (9 bans total per team) seems good to me, with a blind pick format (ie: both teams pick their 9 bans, both sets of bans are revealed and any overlaps are ignored - no repicking for either team), this may lead to a meta of trying to avoid banning the 'op' weapons, but that's fine if you're sure you're better with these 'op' weapons than your opponent, otherwise you'll have to 'waste' a ban on them for safety

a small pick-ban for maps would be cool for team vs team games, for solo matchmaking a vote is probably the best way though

set hats shouldn't be banned but should be up for ban - meaning if for some reason you'd prefer to ban the hat as to allow the weapons in the set to remain open you could.

with the blind pick system, other than picking weapons to 100% allow, there would be no need for a captain to be made, nor a question of who picks first.

I don't think locking into loadouts is a good idea at all, I won't really explain why here but I'm sure most could humour either side of the argument

posted about 10 years ago
#82 Highlander pick/ban system in TF2 General Discussion

ran a test pug with this system, everyone enjoyed the game itself, only complaints being how long it took (which would be more streamlined with an ingame system)

we ran 9 bans per team (no banning stock weapons, as, if this system were implemented I doubt stock weapons would be banned because this would stop new players with no weapons from being able to play), in a blind pick format (both teams had 1 pick per player, there were discussions between each team)

I can't weigh this system up against other systems as we only tried this, but one thing I would suggest is a universal banlist for literally broken weapons (ie: bazaar bargain counting misses as headshots and making it a weapon that hits fully charged shots within 3 seconds or so)

posted about 10 years ago
#9 Auction - Robin Walker! in TF2 General Discussion
FzeroI almost wish it was something other than loose cannon, as much I would love something from him, I almost feel dirty wearing a gifttag from him on the neverending poor weapons.


I was the one who donated this.

if the recipient would prefer they can add me and I can speak to some friends who also recieved weapons signed by Robin Walker and see if they'd be willing to 1:1 trade for something different. no promises though!

posted about 11 years ago
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