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#2 The Top 20 Oceanic Players of the Past Five Years : #15 - #11 in News

refusing to crouch during the grand finals opening ceremonies

posted 1 day ago
#3 how do you remove hitscan impact particle effects? in Customization

make a file in "tf\custom\[some folder like ur hud]\scripts" called "surfaceproperties.txt" with this stuff in it

i don't think it's working. to be clear, i'm not talking about decals. i'm talking about particles. nothing in that script seems to suggest particles to me

posted 2 months ago
#1 how do you remove hitscan impact particle effects? in Customization

to clarify, these are not tracers but the dirt/blood/spark particle effects that are generated when you shoot a surface or player.

thank you

posted 2 months ago
#8 happy new year in World Events

a toast!

to an unbelievable 2021
and to what is surely to be even more mind-boggling 2022

bottoms up

posted 5 months ago
#2 My cat's last day in Off Topic

very tough. had to put down my 15 y/o dog some months ago

posted about a year ago
#1 if ur getting recent fucky input lag / mouse sens in Q/A Help

give this a bang

likely caused by steam doing unwanted dpi scaling

cheers guy

posted about a year ago
#7 Post your pet pics! in Off Topic

paddington and licorice

posted about a year ago
#8 Who do you shoot first? in TF2 General Discussion

neither. allow the superior duelist to inevitably emerge victorious and then breed him with the winners of other 1v1's. repeat this indefinitely across many generations until you've artificially selected for traits that result in complete MGE dominance. proceed to populate all available duel servers with your new race of hyper virginized super autists ensuring that no mere mortal will ever be permitted to win add 4 and 5 again

posted about a year ago
#7 Refresh: cp_gullywash in Map Discussion

"i would have died for this feedback on the prerelease thread 2 weeks ago"

soz mate didn't know this was a thing till a few minutes ago.

"where you can get caught on the pointy end of a triangle basically"

tru. i have found several objective clipping issues i.e not engine bugs which i will post tho

posted about a year ago
#5 Refresh: cp_gullywash in Map Discussion

some things I stumbled upon that might be worth considering:

can get stuck in between lock handles. perhaps make all three contained within one hortizontal clip?

easy to get stuck on this edge when being juggled around spawn on both sides for both teams. maybe a wall slope needed to direct the player in?

may want a player clip here like the right side of the door

video: another clipping bug

video: might want a player clip on the left side of this wooden beam
video: ditto, except above

video: wall clipping issue

prob want a wall clip here so don't get stuck on metal

another potential wall clip

untextured water. dunno if just my game but haven't seen this on other maps

video: some sort of clipping bug

can get clipped on the edge of this sign. prob want a wall clip that extends from floor to top of sign

in the OG gully you to stand on top of this vent. in this new gully, the clipping doesn't allow it

i assume it's intended but you can no longer stand on top of this bad clipping as a demo/soldier. pretty important gameplay change.

conversely, this spot is way easier to stand on which is cool imo

dunno if fixable or even your job to fix it but this taunt wallhack exploit still exists

again, don't know if intended but new clipping prevents players from getting in this delightfully devilish spot

will post more if found

posted about a year ago
#3 Refresh: cp_gullywash in Map Discussion

what a fucking legend

posted about a year ago
#7 ANALYSIS: History says soirée has got this season in the bag in News

math magic

posted about a year ago
#138 Remove Iron Bomber from whitelist in TF2 General Discussion

I think this is poor reasoning. The crossbow is for all intents and purposes objectively better than the various needle guns and yet no reasonable person makes the case that it should be banned simply because it is better.

Boston basher > Bat
Ubersaw/Solemn Vow > Bonesaw
Pick axe's and Crit stick > Shovel

Who gives a shit if it has an unintended upside? There are plenty of weapons and mechanics that possess effects that weren't designed as such. Demo has it rough enough and if a weapon makes his life a little bit easier versus today's scouts and soldiers then I support it.

posted about a year ago
#13 tips for ultiduo soldier? in Q/A Help

team stuff:

- communicate. tell your partner what you're about to do all the time.
- capping. for the stock map you cap with both players til about 80% and then the med runs up, whipped. you usually want to start capping the instant you kill the enemy pocket so his spawn can't crush you as you're both climbing.
- it's koth. understand that the capped team has substantially longer respawns then the non-capped team. you probably want to let your teammate spawn before you cap. if the enemy has dead players and has capped, you definitely want to use your spawn advantage to take ground.
- when sacking the enemy uber, have your med bait one door to draw attention off your pocket.
- get a resupply bind so you can be fully loaded and have crit heals. meds can also resupply bind in ultiduo and retain uber since they are not back spawning.
- get a kill bind. if you're in an unsalvageable situation, you need to kill bind so you don't waste time. try and die at the same time as your partner so you share a spawn wave.
- surfing and airstrafing enemy rockets is key to take better positioning, avoid getting juggled and to force enemies to go for airshots. be sure to crouch jump.
- on the stock ultiduo map, look through the windows to see which way the capping team is climbing and also look through into the spawn to see which way they are exiting.
- you usually want to exit the spawn on the side the enemy is climbing after capping so you can take an advantageous fight.
- similarly, you usually want to climb the side the enemy team isn't coming out of.
- climbing right side is safer / more cautious since the the ramp ends further away from the enemy spawn. do this if your cap is slow.
- climbing left is higher risk/reward. the ramp ends at the enemy spawn so you can camp harder. if you have a very fast cap / slow enemy soldier spawn this can be the best choice.
- the only thing that matters is the clock. get the cap and then focus on burning time.


- take height and occupy the center during fights. try to get good ground early and often so the enemy pocket has limited mobility options.
- juggle the enemy pocket by hitting him in his tippy-toes. be patient with your rockets and make them count.
- constantly reload rockets; even when you have several. most players empty their clips too readily and get caught out with their shotgun, even when they're winning.
- ideally reload consecutive rockets. after firing a rocket you have to wait for the "recoil" animation to finish before then waiting for the 0.92 second initial reload. these combined take a lot of time. consecutive reloads only take 0.8 seconds. this principle applies to the shotgun, too.
- whore ammo kits. there ain't many so you will need to contest them when defending. blast fallen ammo kits to you with rockets.
- try not to use the shotty as just a back up weapon for when you run out of rockets. it actually does higher dpm than the rl point blank (and you won't gib yourself). there are also just many situations where it is stronger and more reliable.
- learn how to switch. the rl fire interval is 0.8 seconds. the shotgun is 0.6. switches are, at best, 0.5. you can get to the point where you are practically shooting rockets normally but throwing in free shotties. the dps is unrivaled.
- learn when to switch. this is more intuition and experience than anything but getting a feel for when each weapon is better in the moment is key. treat them as two sides of the same coin.
- if you do not have uber or your med is low health, stay below 285 hp by grinding or taking enemy fire. uber will build faster and your medic heals more rapidly.
- whip + rocket jump out the rollers so you don't get camped as hard.
- when you're low, ideally move in straight lines parallel to your medics line of sight or stand still. will make receiving bolts much easier.
- isolate the enemy combo via splitting up their positions and/or their spawn waves. if one of them wants to sit on the floor without his teammate and not kill bind; let him fester. if the enemy sacks you, forces and doesn't want to kill bind; you can just keep them low and stare at them until your uber is almost over.
- be cautious about not allowing enemy soldiers to surf your rockets into your med to kill or force him. many experienced soldiers will try and do this.
- after winning a big fight with the shotgun, reload it first before reloading rockets. when it comes to reloading post-fight you want to minimize switching so you can spend more time reloading consecutive shots and have the rocket launcher deployed for the enemy spawns.
- shotty stalling is based and redpilled.
- rocket jump into the enemy soldiers face while shotgunning him will award you bonus points.
- ammomod is good practice.


- stand behind and slightly to the side of your pocket so you don't eat collateral and can see shit coming.
- if your soldier is 160 hp or below, it's probably worth bolting him rather than trying to beam.
- preemptively bolt your pocket so you hit him just as an enemy shot brings him below 200 hp.
- don't get bolted when exiting, capping, climbing or holding. hide behind your pocket when you're low and the enemy pocket hasn't spawned.
- help hold doors. once you've buffed your pocket to 300, sent bolts into the enemy as they try and exit. abuse this weapons passive reload by switching back to the medibeam in between shots. call if you hit them.
- if you get forced by a kill binding sack wave and are low hp, do not keep your pocket ubered on 300 hp. let him grind slightly so you can self heal faster during the uber and be more healthy for the upcoming post uber fight.
- try and take bolts on enemies when free to do so, especially low hp medics that have or are close to uber.
- do retain forced uber percentages by quickly picking up enemy mediguns and then immediately picking up your own.
- in the same vein, don't kill bind with your medigun out: bind k "slot3; kill"
- if you have uber + cap and the enemy isn't close to uber, it is often worth not ubering to save your pocket if the enemy is desperately trying to kill him (i.e the enemy pocket is low hp/ammo). instead, you can just run away and milk uber. if they chase you, you can pop and then have your spawning pocket clean up. if they try and cap, just block it with uber, flash your pocket as he spawns and then kill the cappers.
- tank shotguns for your pocket when he's raped by strafing in front of him while healing him or attacking the enemy.
- practice knowing when to go melee enemies (enemy players are desperate/your team is desperate)
- juke and surf around obstacles as best you can when the enemy is sacking your uber. hitting the enemy pocket with bolts while he's jumping will stop him like a freight train.

have fun!

posted about a year ago
#2 How to record depth in Videos

I was just lamenting about not being able to engine record w/ reshade in lawena a few days ago due to the former being a post process and then you make this guide

what a fucking legend

posted about a year ago
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