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#5 amppis tf2 guides in Videos

Very nice ams. This trend of more competitive content appearing on youtube can only benefit the scene. Reaching out to the youtube space of TF2 is a good way for newer players to get invested in competitive tf2 as seen in videos like the nuze/seagull one which im pretty sure garnered over 100k views or something like that. If you're reading this nuze, please make more...

posted 3 days ago
#3 6v6 maps tier list in TF2 General Discussion

logjam in S tier because we no one likes playing it? basing it off your process placement

posted 3 days ago
#5 State of TFTV in Off Topic

Suggestion: add a [Serious] tag and permit admins to delete comments that derail/dont contribute to the thread.

posted 3 days ago
#9883 stream highlights in Videos


posted 3 days ago
#15 question about LAN-streams. in TF2 General Discussion
DrHappinessMultiple orgs encourage competition

This is true but does it really matter when there isn't any real monetary gain to compete over? I don't think the quality of production would stagnate because of fewer streaming platforms.

posted 5 days ago
#1 question about LAN-streams. in TF2 General Discussion

Why is it that we as a community have 4+ different streams for competitive events (both online and offline) when we are so small? If theres no issue in promoting RGL, Essentials or KritzKast on tftv then why is there a need for different channels? Is the need for a variety of streams really necessary for our scene? Teamfortresstv is the biggest of all the streams but has completely stopped casting at LAN-events and is only really the "online-tournament-channel" nowadays. If anything wouldn't it make sense to use the biggest brand in an effort to attract new viewers?

Lastly I want to add that Copenhagen Games is probably turning out to be a good home for 6s TF2 but the fact that it's been casted 2 times in a row now on Kritzkast, a channel that is being used on the side for personal streams like this just seems off-putting in a sense.

posted 6 days ago
#53 frag videos that inspired you to play competitive in Videos

this is prime gink

posted 1 week ago
#62 TF2 player nationalities by toxicity in Off Topic
_KermitNetherlands is 100% S-tier, I think I've only ever met one toxic dutchie in the 7 years I've played ETF2L.

you can name drop kaptain dont worry kermit

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 TF2 player nationalities by toxicity in Off Topic

pretty sure thalash brings denmark down to D tier

posted 2 weeks ago
#62 Why crossbow is bad for TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
sageif people take longer to kill it slows down gameplay, thats my point.

i think you're confusing longer teamfights with stalemates, if anything removing the crossbow will most likely make players play more baity and incentivize leaving fights to re-heal as unrav mentioned earlier.

posted 2 weeks ago
#155 98 dpm in TF2 General Discussion

omg matt ur so bad!!

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 Gamma issues when playing on lower resolutions in Customization

EDIT: i fixed the issue, all it took was just a clean reinstallment of my graphics drivers

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 Gamma issues when playing on lower resolutions in Customization

didnt do any difference sadly, ive tried configuring monitor settings and playing around with nvidia stuff but nothing seems to make a difference

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 Gamma issues when playing on lower resolutions in Customization

Whenever i switch my TF2 to 1280x720 or any res that isnt native, the gamma seems to be raised and my crosshair and game overall looks very bright and super vibrant to the point that the crosshair gets almost 2x as thick. I would show you what i mean with screenshots but when i take a steam screenshot ingame it comes out looking normal. Does anyone else have a similar experience and by any chance know how to fix it? Thanks for answers i wanna play on low res plz ty

posted 2 weeks ago
#13 The Pugchamp Adventurer - An interactive story in Off Topic

"A new picking of champions had commenced; Copper against Thaigrr. David against Goliath. Only silence echoed throughout the mumble, with the exception of the moaning and wailing from the middies as they had yet again been struck down from the chance of being captain. It mattered not if Eemes were to participate in the battle, he still found enjoyment in trampling the weak with his divine powers. As the draft begun, a cruel twist of fate rewarded Copper with the first pick. A smile crept up on his lips as he knew exactly who his first champion would be..."

posted 2 weeks ago
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