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#19 Med Surfs Thread in TF2 General Discussion


posted about a year ago
#5 How long did it take to realize Scout's power? in TF2 General Discussion

2016 thaigrr scout pugs

posted about a year ago
#6 Looking for some movie guys :) in Off Topic

I got 2 Swedish and 2 French ones I really enjoyed this last year, I'll include a pic from each film.

Flickorna (The Girls) directed by Mai Zetterling (1968)

A very interesting movie that walks seamlessly between reality and dreams while addressing themes of Marriage, Feminism and Men/Women. When 3 theatre actresses are touring the country performing the ancient greek play "Lysistrate" they find themselves more and more absorbed by the motivations of the characters they portray.


Tystnaden (The Silence) directed by Ingmar Bergman (1963)

A mother, her sister and son find themselves travelling through a war-torn country when they are forced to stop as one of them falls ill, we then get to witness how these 3 characters deal with the environment they find themselves in. A beautiful movie (mainly thanks to one of the greatest cinematographers in history: Sven Nykvist) that touches on subjects such as Family, Isolation and Faith.


Une Femme est Une Femme (A Woman is a Woman) directed by Jean-Luc Godard (1961)

A woman wants a baby. Her husband wants one later. If you haven't watched any Godard yet, this and the other film below are great starters. Godard's movies are very different. You might fall in love with them or you might turn them off 10 minutes in. Using his "muse" Anna Karina (with great help from Jean-Claude Brialy and Jean-Paul Belmondo) Godard seeks to dissect and criticize the medium that is film. This movie is funny, pretty and a great intro to the French New Wave along with Pierrot Le Fou.


Pierrot Le Fou directed by Jean-Luc Godard (1965)

A man is tired of his boring, contemporary lifestyle and opts to run away with a young woman. Another film starring Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo with vibrant colors, breathtaking shots and clever dialogue. Like in most of his movies, Godard is trying to visually deliver to the audience, his critique of cinema while also side-tracking into themes of War, Aristocracy and Love. This is probably my favorite Godard movie that I've seen so far.


This is my letterboxd but it has nothing to see rn: https://letterboxd.com/klass/

posted about a year ago
#44 ETF2L Season 38 and Preseason Cup announced in News
Collaideshould we adjust the map pool and balance maps for the benefit of the top 3 prem teams only?


posted about a year ago
#1567 PugChamp in Projects

sniper and engi on reckoner last is incredibly powerful please let me go spy

posted about a year ago
#25 Enter The Dojo in News


posted about a year ago
#11422 stream highlights in Videos


posted about a year ago
#3 Enough is enough. It's 2021 now. in The Dumpster

looks like everyone did grow up

posted about a year ago
#11276 stream highlights in Videos


posted about a year ago
#1523 PugChamp in Projects
Collaidehowever no third party reported deca in order for admins to take action. thus demonstrating an instance of favoritism.

are you referring to the pug that I played in myself, or something else? As I mentioned previously; if I'm in the pug and I see someone using a slur, depending on the context, I decide whether to ban them or not. Regarding the tomas thing again, with 100% honesty can i not recall having witnessed tomas saying slurs in a pug since I became an admin sometime in 2019 nor has it been reported to me.

posted about a year ago
#1514 PugChamp in Projects
CollaideThat''s a fair response.

Not trying to dig up dirt really, but if I wanted I could find instances in the last year of all types of players saying slurs in pugs. (And let's not even talk about the ones being said in mumble with no permanent record.)

It's just interesting to see that the people that are your friends or other admin's friends tend to get banned less, like tomas who I know for a fact has said the n word with a hard r like 10+ times in the past year, and his mumble name in pugs still being "n-word".

Just for pure transparency, I'll walk you through the process of which I give out restrictions in pugs: Like I mentioned earlier in this thread, I am very liberal about most bans in general and I really only ban people for using slurs maliciously. For example, If a 3AM pug turns into an offclass shitshow I don't really deem it worth banning the 8/12 people that offclassed in that game.

People love to talk about how alot of players extend offclass limits and don't get banned but in my experience, I rarely have anyone come to me and actually report someone for offclassing. One thing that is relevant to this though is that I deem context very important in every ban so usually I will hold off on banning someone if they haven't been reported for it unless in the case of offclassing where I'm in the actual game and witness someone offclassing over the allowed time.

I'm not trying to dispute the claim that tomas has said the hard r in pugs but like I said before, if someone reports it, and sends me a screencap/video/etc I won't hesitate to give out a ban for it. The problem is that NO ONE reports anything. Maybe it all goes to counou or nasboii, maybe it doesn't but I can only speak for myself and say that the less you report, the less people get banned. About tomas' name in mumble, he's been registered in the pug mumble for over 2 years and I'm unable to change it because I don't have mumble admin and getting it changed hasn't been my top priority but ofcourse I could've been pushing for it more.

If you want to consider the tomas' case (even with provided context) an outliar when it comes to my friends being banned less I can give you that but I still don't agree that I cherrypick who gets banned or not. If anything my friends get banned MORE on the site and the same goes for counou, ask nubbi, gaz or nasboii and they can all tell you the amount of times in the last month that counou has banned any of them.

posted about a year ago
#1511 PugChamp in Projects
AubriacBut I klassy, not that long ago I said the word fag (not with pride, I'm very sorry) in a pug we both played in. How come you didn't ban me?

Okay, I'm assuming that you want a legit response so I'll compare your case with deca's:

Aubriac: During a pug you get pushed and killed by a player on the other team, you call the player a "Fag" in mumble and everyone in mumble reacts poorly. Straight after the pug you apologize for blurting out the slur in mumble and deeming you a genuine guy I decided to believe that it was purely a mishap on your part and not worth banning for.

Deca: During a pug, deca gets killed by someone (I don't remember who it was but I'm sure I can find the log of the game if people are adamant), deca decides to type "faggot" in game chat to which i respond "deca no slurs" or something along those lines. A few minutes later, he does the same thing again. When someone is using slurs and doesn't seem to show any real regret about it, I believe it warrants a ban.

Collaidehey klassy, mind telling me what's so fun about being called jamal and joking about being black?

Yes many people are aware I used jamal as a steam nick almost 3 years ago, joking about being black I'm not sure about but I definitely used jamal as a steam nick and it was a pretty immature an insensitive joke which I've grown out of by now. Unlike some people in this thread I'm not afraid to be held accountable to it and if anyone took offense to it then I apologize!

EDIT: To make it easier for the people that are trying to dig up dirt on me I'll just tell you in this thread that yes, I've most likely used slurs in the past if you check old logs from 2017-18 which I've grown out of and no, I won't try and defend it.

posted about a year ago
#1503 PugChamp in Projects

Since you seem to have given up I’ll gladly stop posting in this funny thread :^)

posted about a year ago
#1501 PugChamp in Projects

Okay, to start of my little response, since it doesn't seem obvious; In no way am I defending Nas unfairly banning anyone from chat/captain/drafts etc. What is so fucking hilarious to me is that you come onto this thread, providing evidence of back and forth shittalk between you and NasBoii as a means to justify removing his admin, when you have a history of harrassing admins over bans in the past, using excuses like "grow thicker skin" to hide behind. To dispute your funny claim that admins look out for their own I'll say right now that:
If Erynn deems it appropriate to remove Nas' admin over actions that both me and counou have talked to him about in the past, then I will not object to the decision whatsoever.

decaYou got way too much time on your hand nerd..

You keep responding buddy but that's okay.

decaBut yes, I'm sure you never said a bad word.

There is a difference between bullying/threatening/harrassing someone and lightheartedly having back and forth banter with someone that you know won't take offense to it. Ofcourse I'm aware that I'm not without wrong, check any of my official or scrim logs I'll shittalk relentlessly (maybe not calling people faggots but I hope you get my point.)

decaAlso cmon brah "baseless"? Im not talking about you but do you really think anyone needs solid proof for that? LOL. Spend a day on pugchamp and tell me about baseless..

le "it's obvious" argument when asked for any form of real evidence of admins abusing power.

decaAlright. So, lets keep it clean and talk about what happened today.

Nas insults me after I talk some shit chat to him, he then deletes my part when I return the favor and bans me and threatens/insults me when I rewrite what he deleted. Besides the other things that people already posted in this thread, it should just give you a pretty good idea about why Nas' is abusing his power and why his admin should be removed. Thats my original point.

All the other shit that you brought up, attacking me, trying to connect my beef with you to this situation etc., in the end is you defending and looking out for Nas. Which is exactly what you claim not to do. How do the things that happened in the past between us make my point from today any less valid? Its not like I'm the only person experiencing what I just described, you and your phenomenal memory will be able to confirm that.

I love how when quoting my comment which literally starts with "I'm not trying to defend anything Nas has done" you proceed to make the huge jump from me calling you a lousy hypocrite who comes on the forums angry about an admin being rude to you to me defending Nas' actions when I'm directly telling you that I'm not. I can call you out on your awful behaviour and still not defend Nas I'm not tied to a fucking basket of opinions on this.

Also your call to remove Nas' admin wasn't the only thing you posted about and if you look back you can see the original comment that I responded to, so stop making the claim that this is all about Nas when you did a general complaint directed at the whole admin-group:

decaThe thing before that was another great example of eu pug admin incompetence.. I started a conversation with erynn about it but she never thought that responding was necessary

What you have been talking about in this thread isn't only directed towards Nas' actions so you can stop trying to fall back on him to try and boost ur talking points. You directed your complaints at all of us and STRONGLY twisted the narrative of a previous event where you called someone a faggot during a pug, got banned and added me on steam to harrass me over it into: a great example of eu pug admin incompetence where you're the victim and tried to reach out to erynn but for SOME crazy reason she chose to ignore you?

posted about a year ago
#1491 PugChamp in Projects
decacool bro, what about the times you or other admins troll and ruin pugs, bully middies, let their friends troll pugs their without giving a shit, threaten people if they speak up or maybe even straight up insult people etc. etc...? U think the shit Nas does is alright for an admin?

If I were to let you have the claim that I bully and threaten players (which is completely baseless) then what is your point? Are the things you say and do on the site not as bad because admins do it or are they just as bad (which would make you a massive hypocrite, which was my original point)?

Now I'm not trying to defend anything Nas has done and you can look through this thread if your memory is poor. I simply recounted events were you haven't acted in the best way (And unlike you, I can back it up because I provided screenshots to erynn and counou, amongst other people because it's funny laughing at someone for coming after me so hard after getting banned for saying slurs) so maybe you aren't the best person to be taken seriously when calling for admins to be removed. You recounting our little engagement as a "great example of eu pug admin incompetence" maybe wasn't as accurate as you've deluded yourself into thinking and you responding with this

decacool bro

it just screams that you know you're in the wrong because you so seemlessly glossed over the events i recalled and started blathering about "b-but what about Nas??" when I was never defending anything he did, I'm simply calling you out on the bullshit one-sided claim that admins are incompetent and only look out for their own.

posted about a year ago
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