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#20 RGL S9 IM/AM/NC Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Double Header Completed . . .
GGs AK Apes & 30 lb Dumbbell!!

posted 1 week ago
#85 free sheem in TF2 General Discussion

banger thread boys and girls. really showing sigafoo who's boss with this one

posted 3 weeks ago
#16 RGL S9 IM/AM/NC Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

ggs hoboleague! Rhythm is simply built to a different specification. dude's nutty!!

posted 3 weeks ago
#30 #savetf2 in TF2 General Discussion

sticky det bug ?

posted 1 month ago
#3 Uber tracking with dyscalculia? in TF2 General Discussion

I haven't looked closely but i'm pretty sure this should be able to be dropped into any hud fairly easily, or you could change to a hud that already has it built in if you're not attached to your hud very much. And I'm pretty confident that RGL would still allow this but I'm not 100%, so it might be worth asking an admin.

posted 1 month ago
#9 WHATS THE MAP POOL in TF2 General Discussion

hello i too would like to know if i need to learn how to play reckoner please thanks

posted 1 month ago
#89 exodus/ang/carrot rgl ban issue in TF2 General Discussion

holy shit lock this thread

posted 1 month ago
#32 FACEIT Competitive Sixes Beta Test Weekend in TF2 General Discussion

idk about it killing 6s but prolander as RGL is running it rn is an embarrassment. I played the last season with a friend team of adv/inv HL players and we:
1.) got restrictions less than a week before the 1st match of the season that complicated our roster a lot
2.) got more restrictions literally hours before the 1st match of the season that complicated our roster even more
3.) were not allowed to move up a division (from adv to invite) after receiving either of these waves of restrictions
4.) were asked to vote after the 1st match of the season on whether we wanted to play a 5 week round robin or a 3 week swiss + 2 weeks of playoffs

I couldn't even tell you if the format itself is good or bad because almost every match we played was a complete mismatch. One of the five matches we played in the season felt like both we and the other team had a chance at winning, and that was on cp_fucking_steel against 6s players. And to top it off, the final match we played was against a team of comparable HL experience with remarkably fewer restrictions that coincidentally had a Prolander division admin on the team (not of the div we were playing, but a wild coincidence nonetheless).

I say all of this only to point out that if RGL or Sigafoo or whoever wants Prolander to be something that the competitive scene will see as anything other than a pointed insult, maybe RGL should take the format more seriously than the absolute joke that it is right now.

posted 2 months ago
#8 ltg quote in TF2 General Discussion

sick of this cook on the George Foreman grill just so you can drink out the drip tray mother fucker

posted 2 months ago
#9 PSA: Nominate TF2 for the Steam Awards in TF2 General Discussion

I voted for No Man's Sky

posted 6 months ago
#24 The b4nny isekai in The Dumpster

based AIAD necroing the banny isekai thread again

posted 6 months ago
#31 NA LAN in Los Angeles February 2022, thoughts? in LAN Discussion

cu@ road trip time babyy

posted 7 months ago
#15 Ask Delphi in TF2 General Discussion

posted 8 months ago
#80 May I ask talk about the current pandemic? in World Events

this is what being 'terminally online' looks like

posted 8 months ago
#1 LFP billdozer cup in Recruitment (looking for players)

nvm we good

posted 11 months ago
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