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#10 Egg scrambles the competition in News
Brimstoneuneggceptable puns


posted 2 days ago
#14 Updated ETF2L S35 rules in TF2 General Discussion
highlander rules shouldn't carry over to 6s, maybe I'm alone in thinking this but I think 5cp GC points is contentious enough. There is actually 0 reason for there to be GC points for a 3-2 loss in 6s KoTH.
Yeah? And there's no difference between a 5-0 loss and a 5-4 loss on a 5cp map, what's their point?

seems a good change to me - you need GC points in the first place as rounds won is awkward for tiebreakers as we have two different gamemodes with completely different concepts of rounds. teams that practice koth would be at a disadvantage in tiebreakers. it's particularly noticeable in formats where you can ban maps in a round robin/swiss. this change makes it a lot easier for lans to offer map bans in the group stages, which I think everyone likes

posted 3 days ago
#5 Windows 10 MAJOR UPDATE TODAY in World Events

posted 1 week ago
#5 Guys where is rocket king?? in The Dumpster

nice find

posted 1 week ago
#3 Most aim intensive game in Other Games

k r u n k e r

posted 1 week ago
#7 Is TF2 still worth it? in TF2 General Discussion

for anything more than pubs with friends, no of course not

posted 2 weeks ago
#60 An friend in need in Off Topic

you're not quite doughy yet dw

posted 3 weeks ago
#2 any activity on 2nd monitor kills fps in tf2 in Hardware

It's because you're using different refresh rates on a 9xx series gpu, it's a hidden issue courtesy of Nvidia

I found this thread but I know there's others on here about it

You can disable hardware acceleration for any app on your other monitor to "fix" it, and setting your main one to 120hz should reduce the effects quite a bit

posted 3 weeks ago
#26 who do you want gone from tf2 competitive? in TF2 General Discussion

you, for your own sake

posted 3 weeks ago
#10 Community attitudes in TF2 General Discussion

what on earth makes you think tf2 was a failed game

posted 3 weeks ago
#6 i65 VODs in Videos

it's like it never happened

posted 1 month ago
#9 question about LAN-streams. in TF2 General Discussion

to be overly brief, the euro production silos were kinda formed due to personal friction between organisers (x won't work with y etc), and partly due to different aims (essentials wanted to do more out-of-the-box stuff and actively try to attract sponsors, Kritzkast wanted CPG to fill in a void left by Deutschlan and be a HL hub). Phoenix red (cpg production)/essentials seem largely compatible at the moment but neither understandably wants to relinquish control over each of their respective events.

it's easy to say that everyone should work together and combine the reach of TFTV with the tech of phoenix red with the prestige of insomnia but I don't see that working out any time soon.

RGL is kinda different because they're a league - owning both a league and coverage of the league gives them much more weight with sponsors and is more typical in esports.

BumFreezeMitchAt the same time, I like that it's creating healthy competition for casting organisations (RGL vs. TFTV, TFLIVE vs. cpTV, ETF vs. KK)there is like a 95% overlap on people working on each of these channels. its all the same people but a different name. there is basically no competition at all

there's still some 'competition', because multiple orgs have different tech despite the same people helping develop each one, and a bunch of work is duplicated several times each year which stifles each event. it's not real competition because each event struggles to focus on its own shit without trying to overtake other events.

Also, why are there only 3 6s games from CPH 2019 (and none from 2018 ?) uploaded to the channel when I'm pretty sure much more were streamed (like the Grand Final for instance).

you should go looking for i65 vods :)

posted 1 month ago
#13 PSA - Jordy's Steam Account Hijacked in TF2 General Discussion
BrockAir_Brockfor the record, Ive had a few phishers add me asking if I wanted to be on their team for some made up league, they send you the link to the site. I've seen a few variations, but that's normally how it goes.
wow awesome dude, its good we have that on the record now.

People are actually falling for that stuff man it isn’t funny, younger players don’t know what’s what, I keep bumping into 12 year olds on tf2 center who are learning 6s and shit because they like it instead of overwatch, or they don’t like the art style or they can’t run a GPU intensive game. I would like them to feel that they know what’s up. They look on this site, they read what we post. I’m tired of the negative crap that keeps new players away from another year of tf2.

dude we're trying to warn them, stop trying to entice kids into a dead 12 year old time-sink

posted 1 month ago
#223 BTS 2020 LAN cancelled in News

wasn't really my main point but ok

Shooshgemm1 - they promised a 100% success rate - as this WOULD be "cancelling again"

tino's message said "has now been cancelled for a third time," that's where i got that word from. i know nothing was really promised so it's not really cancelling, hence why i put it in quotes

Shoosh2 - People had the opportunity or possibility to refund their tickets etc a week or two ago but because of the chance of revival they didn't and now they cant refund tickets.

that was my main worry when people started posting about attempting to salvage the lan (of their own accord and without any actual deliverables at that point other than a vague idea of "lets do lan").

drshdwpuppetThis re-"cancel" comes from the people who were most likely to be able to do it so I can feel pretty comfortable (and it helps that I'm in the discord where they were organising it so I have direct affirmative knowledge of this) that if they could not do it, it could not be done.

again this isn't really my main point and i dont wanna put people down who are making the effort, but im in this discord too and got the exact opposite view.

posted 1 month ago
#220 BTS 2020 LAN cancelled in News
drshdwpuppetBut even after all that fuckery and dumb shit, no plug needed to be pulled. There were 6-7 people, all of whom have event running experience (many of them more than the original leaders) all of whom were willing to take over. A transition team could have been established, BTS could have been told that a personal matter came up with the head organizer but a competent and trusted replacement had been chosen and brought up to speed, and the whole FUCKING EVENT could have been saved. Or at least a better attempt at it.

sexual assault allegations from one production member against the lead production member was enough to kill the event. everything an established company of that size does with our ragtag band of volunteers is going to be to minimise risk, and as you can from Richard Lewis' articles the BTS brand has already been mentioned in connection a few times. couple that with the fact they were expecting to make a small loss and we're dropped just like that.

and at that point, there's next to 0 chance of reviving the event. only 2-3 months left to rearrange a venue for one specific weekend, which was already incredibly difficult to secure with double the time and way more flexibility. even if one was found and the stars aligned to let us use it, it would lead to way more work on our part and a worse end product anyway

personally, and probably controversially, im annoyed at the people who stepped in with good intentions but 0 organisation and still blinded by hopes of an LA lan, completely unaware of how impossible the lan is to salvage, and continued to get people's hopes up, only to 'cancel' again a few weeks later.

posted 1 month ago
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