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#16 Fastest way to improve in TF2 General Discussion

definitely dont play lobbies for 3000 hours bc trust me youll still be low open 3 years later

posted about 3 years ago
#590 Donald Trump in World Events

idk dude your whole post is just a bunch of factually untrue stuff that the media repeats, there's not really much I can say tbh. There are tens/hundreds(?) of testimonies from different women over a very long time period accusing Bill Clinton of being a rapist but these Trump allegations just appear a month before the election after him being in the public eye for so long? (edit: also raping a 13 yr old is way more moral than what clinton has done imo but that's personal opinion) Seems unlikely to me (it's also entirely possible only a few of the people are telling the truth, but that sort of makes the fact that the Clinton campaign planted rape allegations even worse imo).
Here is my evidence, if you're just going to keep saying the leaks aren't important when everybody else knows they are you're free to do that. Also if you think using power/money to get women is sexual assault you're entitled to your opinion but I (along with most men I know) would disagree. (ik fox news xD but there seem to be quite a few ppl reporting on this? idk whether to believe this one tbh but it would make sense esp considering how comey acts in the testimony I linked above)

I don't really care enough to list any more sources but it is quite easy to find whatever you want to know about with wikileaks search. There are incriminating emails on almost every topic (how nice of podesta!).

Additionally, if you don't like how democracy works you're free to argue it but the fact that idiots are allowed to vote has nothing to do with this particular election or the candidates (also consider the fact that you are preaching your intelligence on a tf2 forum probably means you wouldn't be allowed to vote in this system Xd). Idiots have been choosing who leads forever, how else do you think Obama and Bush both had 2 terms xD

About the Canada thing I agree, I wish I was somewhere on another continent because we are one of the only countries to have an even worse leader than whoever you're about to elect xD. I guess at least we have cheap dope.

posted about 3 years ago
#574 Donald Trump in World Events
eee>if I only listened to the Mainstream Media and

Why exactly do you assume that the mainstream media is biased but your alternative sources aren't?

If you think that the mainstream media isn't biased you're just ignoring facts. Read the wikileaks links (which are obviously real on reputation and content, but Clinton even confirmed it at debate 2) and it becomes apparent very quickly that the majority of mainstream media has become an extension of the Clinton campaign. Wikileaks isn't biased because it's direct communication between individuals in the Clinton campaign. I don't understand how you could possibly ever thing that emails between two parties could somehow be biased because of where they are released.
Also you have spent so many posts attacking Trump supporters but you never actually make any arguments for voting for Clinton over him. Calling the people you disagree with stupid isn't really an argument regardless of what your experience shitposting on forums has taught you. Arguing policy is a waste of time at this point because you aren't going to convince anybody of anything; If they agree with you then they agree with you and if they don't then they don't. People aren't changing their opinions of stuff like immigration policy or TPP over a shitpost on a forum.
Sure Trump is a moron but at least you know what he stands for and at least he isn't corrupted completely. Clinton has left thousands of people to die for personal vendettas, rigged elections (which in all honesty probably didn't even need to be rigged), used a nonprofit as a front for taking bribes and campaign funding, planted members at opposing rallies to incite violence, helped try to downplay her husbands many sexual assaults, and broke every law in the book regarding handling of classified information many times over. Trump said he was going to grab a woman by the pussy (xD) and called rosie odonnell a pig (she is). I think Trump is a more responsible vote because he'll probably just sit there for 4 years doing basically nothing whereas Clinton will undoubtedly do everything in her power to further her personal wealth and career regardless of the law. Really even if you completely disagree with Trump's policy and hate his personality it's not worth voting for somebody more corrupt than Nixon imo.

Reading this thread all I see is a bunch of Trump supporters giving evidence and a bunch of Clinton supporters saying they're wrong with no evidence. SeemsGood. Also what's the point of all this arguing when Clinton basically owns the voting machine industry and that's all you need (and lack of morals I guess but we already know she has that xD).

posted about 3 years ago
#5 Anyone noticing mass downfrags? in The Dumpster

if u make retarded posts u get -fragged happens to everybody except (good) invite players

posted about 3 years ago
#75 Leaked Donald Trump Comments in World Events
rocketslaycan anyone do an eli5 on why i shouldn't vote for hillary/shouldn't vote for trump?

thanks :)

I don't really follow trump much but to me the issue with Hillary is just that she never tells the truth about anything and only cares about advancing her own "private" agenda. That's a lot more dangerous than an idiot/racist/whatever, and trump has proven he can at least hire people to somewhat make up for his own stupidity (eg pence).

SearchlightdeetrThe truth is just a few searches away for people who can actually be bothered to find it
'I totally have credible sources for my claims (which I'm not going to name, but they definitely are out there) and despite the huge conspiracy that worked together to keep Hillary from going to jail for multiple felonies these sources are easy to find using the very site I just claimed is in on aforementioned conspiracy. By the way, unlike all those other media organizations, the site whose chairman is the head of the Trump campaign is definitely unbiased, honest'

The sources are her own emails lmao. Her denying them being real doesn't prove shit, I bet 90% of the people in jail would tell you they didn't do it. As for the bill clinton rape and the classified info on a private server issues, those are pretty well common knowledge at this point but there are hundreds of articles about all of that. Here are a few of the most damning things against clinton imo

posted about 3 years ago
#70 Leaked Donald Trump Comments in World Events
Searchlightexactly zero of the made up charges against Clinton (Foundation, emails, Benghazi, BILL IS A RAPIST!!!11!) have turned up anything substantial

When you have the fbi director, potus, google, and media in your pocket it's pretty easy to make it seem like nothing substantial has turned up to those who only take a passing interest and those who are willfully ignorant. The truth is just a few searches away for people who can actually be bothered to find it.

posted about 3 years ago
#55 Leaked Donald Trump Comments in World Events
eeeReerosolahillary flip flops enough and nobody bats an eye, but if trump does something 11 years ago its big news
Don't forget the part when she rigged the nomination against Bernie Sanders literally months ago
feel free to link any actual proof that she did that :)

I hate Bernie as much as the next guy (I think he would have lost even if she didn't rig it tbh) but when top dnc officials are having lunch with top hrc campaign officials and the dnc chair who clinton got appointed is later fired it looks pretty sketchy. Also she pretty clearly has everybody in the mainstream media coordinating with and covering up for her so regardless of the evidence her supporters will always dismiss it because it can never come from one of their "trusted" (read: Clinton owned) sources.

posted about 3 years ago
#47 Leaked Donald Trump Comments in World Events
I did. You can't claim you stand for women's rights and smear someone to this level in a sworn affidavit. It's simply yet another example of double standards from Clinton. If this insistence from the judge that a woman represents the defendant is actually true, it was still a choice to take the case, and she chose her career - just like her stance on same-sex marriage. It's all about the vote now.
it literally says in the article you linked she didn't have a choice taking the case? like do you think people don't deserve to have lawyers if they're accused of rape? do you think lawyers shouldn't try to defend their defendant? do you think lawyers shouldn't be president?

what exactly are you trying to say?

(what does it have to do with trump?)

I agree with you there but you can't pretend that Clinton cares at all about women's rights when she helped cover up her husband being a rapist

posted about 3 years ago
#11 Leaked Donald Trump Comments in World Events
eeeis this the END of the trump train?

That implies Trump ever had any chance of winning the election. Also who cares what he said 10 years ago, I'd be more concerned that Clinton has been proven to have broken the law many times and is going to be the next president

posted about 3 years ago
#492 Donald Trump in World Events

To be fair the Canadian media is somehow even more anti-trump than the US media and I'm sure that's had some effect on it. When I ask people about Trump here almost nobody knows any of his policies but they can all list off all the conspiracies about him not paying taxes or being racist/sexist/islamaphobic/whatever whereas in the US I'm sure more people care at least somewhat about the policy of their presidential candidates so there's a more even divide.

posted about 3 years ago
#18 your go to songs for concentrating/studying? in Music, Movies, TV

posted about 3 years ago
#2 why is my fucking ammo gone? in Q/A Help

Did you try removing your hud

posted about 3 years ago
#8 remixes of songs in Off Topic

posted about 3 years ago
#2 Need more FPS in Customization

posted about 3 years ago
#20 Twitch Prime in TF2 General Discussion
flatlinei'm on the (student) free trial and i got it

must just be in canada

posted about 3 years ago
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