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#10 How can I practice Scout offline? in TF2 General Discussion

120hz/144hz monitor

watch demos like Rhettro said

use low sensitivity

play calm.

focus on your movement in matches. A lot of times you're just rushing your aim and overstrafing when you can instead just stand still or strafe outside of them a little for really easy shots.

Also, I put an emphasis on not rushing your aim. You shouldn't be flicking immediately to your every target. Yes, there are times when you just have to flick in order to get a quick shot off, but a lot of times you can track your crosshair onto your target at a slower speed, rather than flicking immediately.

Again, it's good to keep your crosshair at the center of your screen at rest, aim and shoot your target, then bring your crosshair back to the center of the screen when you're done. This will become a normal habit once you practice on enough.

hold your mouse lightly

I don't recommend tr_newbots. The scout bots only strafe sideways. Most of your 1v1s and engages don't look like this in real matches. Usually it's all about prior positioning, or whichever scout is able to strafe outside of the other first to land the easy meatshot on their side ( The side of a player model is the easiest place to land a good meatshot when you're up close.

warm up with I recommend starting off with training>doubleshot and then with challenge for like 10 minutes or so.

stop flinching when you get shot at. Be aware of the fact that, most of the time, whether you're dueling a scout, or at a mid fight, you're going to get hit. It's normal, it's always going to happen, don't freak out about it.
Personally, I like to just pretend that I'm invincible; that immediately gets rid of my nerves and prevents me from playing like a scared little bitch.

Before I realized the importance of not flinching when I get shot at, my 1v1s were quite inconsistent. Specifically, I would usually be able to hit my first couple of shots, but as soon as I take a 75 dmg meatshot, for example, i'd freak out and start flicking desperately, which would result in my death.

Edit: added more info

Edit2: shoutout to whoever downvoted me

posted about 5 years ago
#375 Lmaobox premium detected. in TF2 General Discussion

************************************************full list**************************************************

posted about 6 years ago
#372 Lmaobox premium detected. in TF2 General Discussion

_LKB has an alt that wasn't banned

posted about 6 years ago
#362 Lmaobox premium detected. in TF2 General Discussion

idiot down boyz

about fucking time.

reported this idiot on center months ago and got no response

posted about 6 years ago
#358 b4nny v thalash in TF2 General Discussion

b4nny tried to start an argument with me because he saw the post I made in this thread.

good lord.

dude, he kept asking you what the problem was and your only two responses were "you're delusional" and/or "you're arrogant"

edit: downfragged for pointing that out? ok

posted about 6 years ago
#120 tf2 guilty pleasures in TF2 General Discussion

changing my name to clockwork on matchmaking until the other team realizes I'm not him and I actually suck

posted about 6 years ago
#17 Loss of fps in matchmaking in TF2 General Discussion
sheepy_dogs_handEvery time i join a game my shadows and something else get set to high and i lose a lot of fps. Should i disable my fps config and use low settings or does the matchmaking just force the high quality settings anyway?

Pretty sure it forces high quality settings anyways. I tried disabling my config and using low settings, but it just booted everything up to high when I started playing. It's fucking stupid.

posted about 6 years ago
#169 Stabby talks class balance in TF2 General Discussion
gatsanI personally think that the 6s set up is just fun every time. IMO what wouldn't be fun is engineers, heavies, snipers, pyros being run all the time.


posted about 6 years ago
#9 New pc, new issues :( in TF2 General Discussion

this is besides the problem, but type
-windowed -noborder -x 0000 -y 0000 into your launch options.
(insert your resolution in the "0000" space, for example, -x 1680 y-1050).

It'll make alt-tabbing more efficient than it was in fullscreen mode.

posted about 6 years ago
#42 will TF2 have the same rebound as Smash Bros Melee in TF2 General Discussion

A first timer's perspective of competitive TF2 (watch until 1:46:48):

Also, another thing- competitive TF2 has a pretty high skill curve, similar to quake, which is a legit reason for why it isn't that popular.

posted about 6 years ago
#17 Looking for feedback on my casting in TF2 General Discussion

Sounded pretty good to me.

Duckylove_Have a glass of water or something with you next time Bren...

Make that warm water too, cold water won't help.

posted about 6 years ago
#66 favorite player of all time? in TF2 General Discussion

platinum, ruwin

posted about 6 years ago
#54 Your first matchmaking experience in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 6 years ago
#158 hype for this week in TF2 General Discussion

@4hp and the people that downvoted my posts, are you guys just not hype at all for match making?

Edit: Are you not hype about how match making will help the comp scene grow, in size?

posted about 6 years ago
#152 hype for this week in TF2 General Discussion
4hpguess no beliefs will be had today.

To be honest I'm starting to care very little about matchmaking itself, I just want the quality-of-life updates that hopefully will come with it. Performance, bugfixes, rebalancing, that's the real shiznit there.

Yeah, who even cares about matchmaking?

We just want need more standard bugfixes and rebalancing. That's what's really gonna help the TF2 comp setting take off.


posted about 6 years ago
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