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#16 Where I have been hiding this whole time in Off Topic

I like that you asked a lot of questions.

TwiggyI didnt even know canada had icy skateparks. I'll ask things once i've read it.

It doesn't exists, what you saw is a temporary setup by passionate people bringing their own modules on an ice surface.

TwiggyUFS is a brand? or a type of ..things?

No, UFS is not a brand, it's a standard, the acronym means Universal Frame System, it allows multiple skate brands and models to share different brand and models of wheel frames. I made a blade frame on that standard.

TwiggyDo you fully live off this activity?

I can't, revenue is very minimal right now and during the past 10 years it's mostly been capital investments and no revenues, I expect to make around 500$-1000$ of profits next year, it's impossible to live on such little revenue in Canada.

TwiggyWhat was your work background?

My main trade is software since I'm out of college but I'm a curious person and I like to make things that don't exists and are an improvement of something.

TwiggyYou seem to already have your connections in this before you started making this product. Were you some kind of professional freestyler?

I practice the sport since more than 15 years:

TwiggyYou mention a freestyle frame, so this is not your first product?

There's two model I make, one like a hockey skate type of blade and one that is for tricks on rails with a hole in the middle:

TwiggyWhy not simply using standard ice skates? Since you're canadian you probably have a pair

Yes I also own a pair of hockey skates but they are not as confortable and warm as my roller skates, some people who. Some people in this world probably own just a pair of UFS skates and love them very much, the hockey blade is for them. Those who want to do tricks on ice the freestyle blade is for them. The product is very targeted.

posted about a year ago
#13 Where I have been hiding this whole time in Off Topic
PeteHappy you're doing cool shit cinq.

Bring tf2mix back NA pugs are dead

I don't feel like it, it was pretty rough to chose to stop but I had my reasons. From what I remember, I was trying to make a better system that would still use IRC but had a web base user interface (something like Slack or Discord). I wanted to keep the experience on IRC while reaching more people. Sadly one day Gamesurge stopped supporting my experiment and it took them days to fix it. I couldn't trust their network anymore while nobody wanted to move to Quakenet, while at the same time other people wanted to start their own private IRC network and move the community to it. This is on top of the ESEA saga regarding PUGs and other alternatives that was all competing for the same small user base. I wanted to build something great, I even reached out to Valve a couple times and never got a single answer. I was also starting a new demanding job. I had to make a choice at one point, time and money was a limited ressource.

Do know though that anybody in this community can do it, my bot and pingu's version are both open source (sadly mine is undocumented and not easy to figure out):

I can give a hand explaining the setup and write some documentation if somebody want to do it but I won't be maintaining it or managing it.

TwiggyI didnt even know canada had icy skateparks. I'll ask things once i've read it.

I will answer to your 8 questions tomorrow or as soon as I can.

posted about a year ago
#1 Where I have been hiding this whole time in Off Topic

Ctrl-f Team Fortress 2:

posted about a year ago
#1 Look who I finally met in Off Topic

@Twitch I finally got to meet in person pingu, tought you guys would enjoy the selfie:

Mr. Slin was there too:

posted about a year ago
#29 state of pugs in TF2 General Discussion
defysometimes you have to reach out to people that don't frequent forums, with mix on the decline i'm sure cinq could help if he has the time but he is someone you'd definitely have to try to get a hold of yourself

I will take a break before investing myself into making a better PUG system, I am still too busy with my other projects.

posted about 5 years ago
#35 PUG groups that are active? in TF2 General Discussion

It looks like #tf2mix is dead. PUGs on IRC have been on a decline since the introduction of TF2 lobby. While TF2 lobby died, the alternative that came after it was even stronger.

I am still willing to give a shot to a modified version of #tf2mix, but it won't really happen on IRC. That medium is too hard for the users to use while too restrictive to scale properly. Thanks to everybody who played on and #tf2mix, it was a good run while it lasted.

posted about 5 years ago
#1 New concept for #tf2mix in TF2 General Discussion

I figured out a new concept in my head and I really got to share to get as much feedback as possible. I hope I will be able to explain it clearly with words.

The system will be a bit like the actual #tf2mix, there will still be protected player games and unprotected. But instead, the player limit for protected games will be gone. Which means that you won't always be guaranteed to play the protected games. But if you don't get to play a protected game the system will remember it and protect you for the next protected games you will add up.

It won't do that for the unprotected games. Which means that the guarantee to play a game will be 1 out of 3. Right now it's one out of 2. Keep in mind that 1 out of 3 is the worst possible scenario.

This leaves a lot of room for a self management system. Players with low ratings or restricted by admins would get that right removed. Players with higher ratings would be selected first when games don't have captains in time.

I doubt I can code it in the next couple weeks since I am still overloaded with my other project and work. But if somebody has the free time and knowledge to code it in our actual system then I am willing to pay forward the service. I will pay a minimum of 50$ and match up what the community is willing to give for such system up to a 100$ of my pocket. This is a great opportunity if you like to code and you are seeking something tangible to work on.

Here's our Github repository:

posted about 5 years ago
#8 BUICK's response to b4nny's reaction to Lange in TF2 General Discussion

snap, i thought i was going to find out by this video if keith is using a mouse or not

posted about 5 years ago
#62 congrats to cinq and #tf2mix in TF2 General Discussion

Sorry for the late post but I couldn't respond quickly and I wanted to take some time to write a thought post.

#tf2mix was doing more games per day than since the first weeks of creating it. Having a thread now that states that #tf2mix won the PUG bot war is kind of weird.

I know nobody said I was responsible for the GeeksIRC move but just want to make sure nobody is associating myself with that decision because this #tf2mix thread really derailed towards GeeksIRC. Just to make sure things are clear, I was opposed to move to GeeksIRC.

I agree with what some said that the future of PUGs is web based. This is where I was heading with and it's also what Megawac was doing by contributing to it. But we can't pull it off on a network that doesn't support us. Hence why the network move.

Should I care about keeping the service on an open and active network? I think so, I always did my things as open as possible. Code for the whole PUG system was open source since day one.

I went through a lot over the years, it started when I tried to get my bot in, then I started followed by #tf2pug (quickly after TF2 lobby killed it), then I tried to help ESEA with their PUG system, followed by #tf2mix. So much things happened, it would take me more time than I want to explain how I see what went wrong. Anyway, I am still proud of what came out of it and what I learned.

It's never been my style to promise great things because I know ideas are cheap but I still whish I will someday come out with something great for pickup games.

posted about 5 years ago
#20 5 Chariot Steam keys to give in Other Games

The game is officially being released today for those who would be interested:

posted about 5 years ago
#17 5 Chariot Steam keys to give in Other Games

I haven't worked on this project but I knew that getting keys to give away would be a nice thing. I work for a studio that does a lot of things, mostly small to average projects for other companies that want video games but don't know how to make them. The project I just completed is the Monster Maker printer for Mattel. I doubt playing with dolls is your thing but the toy is pretty cool nonetheless. You can have a look at this here:

posted about 5 years ago
#9 5 Chariot Steam keys to give in Other Games

Keys have been given. It's not cyz. :(

posted about 5 years ago
#1 5 Chariot Steam keys to give in Other Games

*Keys have been given.

I work at a game studio and we are launching a game on Steam. I tough that it would be a good idea to beg the team that made the game a few keys to give away to the community I love.

The game is a coop platformer that includes some cool physics. The concept is nice and the graphics are amazing. But the best part is that the game is fun to play, especially with a friend.

Just reply in this thread and I will PM you a key. Ideally I would like to give the keys to players who like the genre, so if you just want a freebee, think about those who want it please.

Game is still in beta on Steam, feedback would be appreciated but not necessary. For more information visit:

posted about 5 years ago
#150 TF2GAMES in The Dumpster

5000 game servers, that's a nice, big, round number you have there!

Seriously, this thing is a joke.

posted about 5 years ago
#47 buying a car, help! in Off Topic

I don't recommend you to buy a brand new car but go try a few of them to get you a feel of how they drive. It's easy to test drive a car from a dealer.

I own a VW and I really like how it drives. If you can find a 2-3 years old TDI you will have a car that is cheap on gas, is fun to drive and can last 300,000 miles.

posted about 6 years ago
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