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#36 faceit is killing na tf2 pugs in TF2 General Discussion

it actually blows my mind how so many people have problems with optimization/framerate in this game, but are totally okay with using a site that takes up 3x-4x more system resources than pugchamp while also offering half as many features

posted about a year ago
#6 Linux 4:3 black bars in Q/A Help
sagechanging the resolution in source games doesn't actually change the desktop resolution in my experience

the trick is making a script that manually changes the resolution of your desktop when you open the game, and returns back to your normal desktop resolution when you close it
1.- figure out the xrandr name assigned to your screen by typing "xrandr" on a terminal (for example VGA-1 or LVDS-1)
2.- open in your Team Fortress 2 folder and right under #1/bin/bash create a line and put "xrandr --output LVDSS-1 --mode 1024x768" (replace LVDS-1 with your screen name)
3.- at the end of the file, between "done" and "exit", create a line saying xrandr --output LVDS-1 --mode 1920x1080 (again, replace with your actual screen name, and your native monitor resolution of course). This will execute when you exit the game.
this works on my laptop

Well after a whole afternoon of searching, I found a combination of these instructions & ViewPortOut to be the answer to my problems!

Basically I just replaced "xrandr --output [display] --mode [resolution]" with "nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="_______________" and filled the blank space with the normal settings I use for my dual monitor setup (from /etc/X11/xorg.conf), edited my viewport settings to {viewportin=1920x1080, viewportout=1440x1080+240+0} to make a cramped 4:3 desktop (while still being recognized as 1920x1080@144hz), and then made it change back to the original viewport settings at the end of the file.

Obviously I'd still like the old flat panel scaling functionality back but this will do for the time being, I guess I can always make a separate global bind/shortcut for restoring my viewport settings if I ever need to tab out of the game to do something. Thank you very much for your help!

And my


nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="DVI-I-1: 1920x1080_144 +0+267 {viewportin=1920x1080, viewportout=1440x1080+240+0}, HDMI-0: nvidia-auto-select +1920+0 {rotation=left}"

# figure out the absolute path to the script being run a bit
# non-obvious, the ${0%/*} pulls the path out of $0, cd's into the
# specified directory, then uses $PWD to figure out where that
# directory lives - and all this in a subshell, so we don't affect
# $PWD

GAMEROOT=$(cd "${0%/*}" && echo $PWD)

#determine platform
if [ "$UNAME" == "Darwin" ]; then
   # Workaround OS X El Capitan 10.11 System Integrity Protection (SIP) which does not allow
   # DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES to be set for system processes.
   if [ "$STEAM_DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES" != "" ] && [ "$DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES" == "" ]; then
   # prepend our lib path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
elif [ "$UNAME" == "Linux" ]; then
   # prepend our lib path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH

if [ -z $GAMEEXE ]; then
	if [ "$UNAME" == "Darwin" ]; then
	elif [ "$UNAME" == "Linux" ]; then

ulimit -n 2048

# enable nVidia threaded optimizations

# and launch the game

# Enable path match if we are running with loose files
if [ -f pathmatch.inf ]; then

# Do the following for strace:
# 	GAME_DEBUGGER="strace -f -o strace.log"
# Do the following for tcmalloc
#   LD_PRELOAD=../src/thirdparty/gperftools-2.0/.libs/$LD_PRELOAD

while [ $STATUS -eq 42 ]; do
	if [ "${GAME_DEBUGGER}" == "gdb" ] || [ "${GAME_DEBUGGER}" == "cgdb" ]; then
		ARGSFILE=$(mktemp $USER.hl2.gdb.XXXX)
		echo b main > "$ARGSFILE"

		# Set the LD_PRELOAD varname in the debugger, and unset the global version. This makes it so that
		# and the other preload objects aren't loaded in our debugger's process.
		echo set env LD_PRELOAD=$LD_PRELOAD >> "$ARGSFILE"
		echo show env LD_PRELOAD >> "$ARGSFILE"
		unset LD_PRELOAD

		echo run $@ >> "$ARGSFILE"
		echo show args >> "$ARGSFILE"
		rm "$ARGSFILE"
nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="DVI-I-1: 1920x1080_144 +0+267 {viewportin=1920x1080, viewportout=1920x1080+0+0}, HDMI-0: nvidia-auto-select +1920+0 {rotation=left}"
exit $STATUS
posted about a year ago
#4 Linux 4:3 black bars in Q/A Help

try the commands in the last post (run xrandr and replace DFP-0 with your output)

nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="DFP-0: 1024x768 { ViewPortIn=1024x768, ViewPortOut=804x768+110+0 }"

if you need to figure out other resolutions it's documented here

I tried all of this already too. Closest I could get to what I want was using ViewPortOut=1440x1080+240+0 to make my desktop in 4:3 with the black bars. That almost works, but when I go into TF2/CS:S all of the menu items and their clickable space gets misaligned (e.g. I have to put my cursor near the center of the screen to select the Scout image/class on the left side). None of the panning options (both "Panning" in the NVIDIA X Server Settings interface and the PanningTrackingArea option listed in the updated documentation for my driver version) did anything to help that, either.

Even if I could get that option to work, I'm not really interested in having that much wasted space on my primary monitor at all times, I just want my 4:3 aspect ratio to show up properly in-game while still making full use of my 16:9 monitor space in every other window. It's clearly possible with other games (CS1.6 in OP) so why can't I get it to work like that with Source Engine/TF2?

posted about a year ago
#1 Linux 4:3 black bars in Q/A Help

Does anyone know how to make 4:3 resolutions set in-game use their correct aspect ratio (black bars) on Linux, as opposed to just stretching the game to fit my monitor? When I used Windows 7 there was a setting like that in the NVIDIA Control Panel, but I can't find anything like that when I check NVIDIA X Server Settings. There is a scaling option on my physical monitor settings menu but it's greyed out and not usable unless it detects that you're using a 4:3 desktop resolution, and I can't even try that because I have an LCD that won't let me use 144hz refresh rate (just 60hz-75hz) if I'm not on the native 1920x1080.

When I play Goldsrc games like Counter-Strike or Half-Life: Opposing Force, those automatically maintain their aspect ratio without stretching and have no problems at all. Any Source Engine game just stretches the picture out to fit my monitor, though.

I've spent the past couple days searching all over Google for how to fix this problem but all I seem to get are suggestions for deprecated xrandr commands (things like --set "scaling mode" "Full aspect") which do nothing but give me a bunch of errors. I'm not very Linux-savvy when it comes to all the terminal stuff so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Some system information:

OS: Manjaro 17.1.10 Hakoila
Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.14.39-1-MANJARO
Uptime: 10h 29m
Packages: 1182
DE: KDE 5.45.0 / Plasma 5.12.5
WM: KWin
CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K @ 4x 3.8GHz
GPU: GeForce GTX 980
RAM: 4029MiB / 15989MiB

NVIDIA Driver Version: 390.48
posted about a year ago
#20 worst map in TF2 General Discussion




posted about a year ago
#330 AS MGE feedback in TF2 General Discussion

please disable spy, hate waiting in a queue for 5 minutes to practice my scout aim only to find all my favorite arenas taken by multiple pairs of idiots poking each other with knives and trying to play CS:GO with ambassadors

afaik the server disables invis watch functionality anyway so there's really not much point in having the class at all

posted about a year ago
#47 best b4nny quotes in TF2 General Discussion

from habib's stream

posted about a year ago
#125 bring back pugchamp in TF2 General Discussion
gbjWhy do free video game players keep complaining about free things that get given to them [...] even discord to an extent.

Mumble was already free to users and it offered voice overlays that worked, didn't constantly ruin pugs from being affected by server downtime like Discord does, etc.

b4nny says that he doesn't minimize or discard any valid feedback from this community but every time the VoIP discussion has come up he either ignores it or just brushes any Discord-naysayers in his stream chat aside with "circlejerk", "vocal minority" and other nonsense

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posted about a year ago
#24 mumble or discord in Off Topic

mumble has properly working game overlays and doesn't sell your messages/data to chinese conglomerate companies

posted about a year ago
#3 I Would Like To Apologize in TF2 General Discussion

stop running syringes in faceit pugs

posted about a year ago
#12 Team Fortress TV emote suggestion thread in TF2 General Discussion

pogchamp but with a little engineer hat

posted about a year ago
#185 TF2 Pro League in Projects

is there any way to enable voice overlays on linux discord?

posted about a year ago
#10 Dan Schneider Leaves Nickelodeon in World Events

posted about a year ago
#239 nerf pyro in TF2 General Discussion

posted about a year ago
#6 CS:GO PRERELEASE update for 3/20/18 ( in CSGO General Discussion

"valve please nerf the cz75 like we've been requesting for months"
"what? buff the negev again? sure!"

posted about a year ago
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