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#30 Favourite Porn category? in The Dumpster


posted 5 days ago
#3 farting in the shower sounds like an earthquake in The Dumpster


posted 6 days ago
#2 what do goated mean?? in The Dumpster

it mean someone doing the wall bug because they are like goat, goat do wall bug in real walk on side of mountain.

posted 6 days ago
#6 Junge Inferno in TF2 General Discussion



posted 1 week ago
#141 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
funhaver1998this agro guy coming onto fully charged and talking to us like hes talking on a childrens television program as well as they only seemd to stream HL

Yeah seems like some of the stuff this guy has done is pretty petty but u have to admit he knows his audience.

posted 1 week ago
#94 ETF2L S37 plugins in TF2 General Discussion
MakPipes still have variance in their accuracy from when they're shottwiikuu[
The variance you're seeing is the random spread that pipes have. (Yes, that's a thing)

Yeah in addition to random spin, pipes also have a random velocity added (including left/right and up/down velocity), I think it's this that causes the spread right?

posted 1 week ago
#3 why do b4nny have the hitler youth haircut now? in The Dumpster

He is preparing for the ritual

posted 1 week ago
#63 ETF2L S37 plugins in TF2 General Discussion
sdfgjdfgkhklfgdjfk#55 So why is half committing bad?

With the ability for one team to be able to get out really quickly, small advantages apply more pressure but only for a small time because of a teams ability to melt away and blob. I think this generally leads to less time spent actually fighting, longer stalemates and more time spent on last which imo are the least interesting parts of the game. The aggression that you gain from the medic being able to move faster with his team I don't think enables you to do more with aggression unless you have significant player or uber ad most of the time. In an even fight I think the faster the combo moves it's going to make the aggressors lose more of the time unless the player they're aggressing on has made a big mistake with their positioning.

sdfgjdfgkhklfgdjfk If a team just sits and watches their soldiers bomb without taking any risk to support them then that team is just factually bad and they’ll never get anything done. If you’re looking to bait your team then you’re playing the game wrong

Oh absolutely this is not the optimal way to play but it's heavily incentivized because it's at least safe. This is true of a lot of things that have made the game significantly worse, they allow people to play in a non optimal way which is safe enough that they probably aren't going to lose immediately but also leads to them playing on their last for most of the game (see, vaccinator, overcommitting to last holds with multiple offclasses etc, maybe ESEA S14 quickfix too).

sdfgjdfgkhklfgdjfkIt really feels like the reasoning behind this plugin is just that players want everything for free. Why do you want to win an entire round off the back of one fight? Why do you want every solo soldier bomb to be effective without support?

I don't think either of these things will be the case if you do revert the speed change and if it really does change the meta so that this is always the case then I really think it shouldn't be implemented.

posted 1 week ago
#55 ETF2L S37 plugins in TF2 General Discussion
sdfgjdfgkhklfgdjfkMedic attach speed stuff

I think your argument centering around medic attach speed making the game more aggressive doesn't quite take into account a few things. The way attach speed currently works incentivizes something I call "half committing" where meds and scouts tend to play a lot safer in fights than they would pre attach speed which often ends up hurting coordinated aggression (this is particularly noticable on mids like process). This is because they know that with this positioning they have a guarantee of getting out and preserving uber if the fight goes poorly. I think this is more what fucks soldier in the current meta than "medics heal scouts more", it's just that it provides more of an incentive for their team to bait them and changes their class role to be more throwaway.

If you watch older TF2, you'll notice meds will bail on mid far earlier than they would now if they smell things going badly. You need to do this to have a guarantee of getting out when you don't have attach speed. You might think that this would make the game far more passive, but the thing is that having to bail this early means that you're almost certainly baiting your team for a loss, so it has much larger consequences. Also, you'd see meds and scouts commit a lot more in fights because there's no guarantee they're getting out otherwise, so it's optimal to get your team as healthy as possible. Basically, if you can't guarantee your medic living it's less optimal to play around doing so.

sdfgjdfgkhklfgdjfkslowing down the meta that we’ve been happy playing for 5 years and limiting our options for plays seems so pointless

I'd also just like to point out that I've not been happy playing the meta for almost exactly 5 years and that the 2015 meta was probably when TF2 felt the most fun both to watch and play. It's not just playing soldier either, I think scout and medic became far less fun after the change compared to soldier which only became moderately less fun. I will say that we're definitely in a better place than we were a couple of years after the change, but I still think what we're playing currently needs shaking up badly.

posted 1 week ago
#47 ETF2L S37 plugins in TF2 General Discussion

I really like the idea of using a season as a testing ground of some of these things. It would be good to be able to test some of these in isolation though as I think it might be hard to separate the effects of each change. Don't just judge this on whether all of these plugins together make the game better or worse.

posted 1 week ago
#19 Toxic 14 Y/O Team Leader in Q/A Help

Sorry to hear about your uncles UGC steel team bro, that shit sucks.

posted 2 weeks ago
#28 Discord LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

He gets six

posted 2 weeks ago
#76 Remove Iron Bomber from whitelist in TF2 General Discussion

So ur an unlocks fascist, noted.

posted 2 weeks ago
#73 Remove Iron Bomber from whitelist in TF2 General Discussion
mustardoverlord1. the weapon is overpowered/gamebreaking
2. the weapon makes the game significantly less fun
3. the weapon is a straight upgrade
4. the weapon doesn't 'add anything to the game'

Agree mostly with your category list and which categories should/shouldn't be banned here but I think the reason being cited for the ban here is that the Iron Bomber is a straight upgrade because of a bug which I think you could argue is a more legitimate reason for banning it.

I'm still not sure it should be banned because imo even though it's a bug, I'm not sure banning the Iron Bomber would improve the game in any significant way, but I wouldn't care hugely if it was.

posted 2 weeks ago
#21 post your ideal whitelist in TF2 General Discussion
MakI think all of these unlocks pervert the flow of the game. Banners slow shit down by taking too long to build and kinda have busted effects (beside conch). The reward for good spam/pressure is the immediate effects of it, with banners you can have 1 guy take a bit more risk and have everyone else play low-risk and you'll build an advantage eventually while exposing your team as a whole to less chance of a misplay.

I don't know if I completely agree with this. Obviously banners work best if you play around a stalemate but they don't make creating the stalemate any easier which I think is the main problem with other unlocks that deserve a ban. They also provide a resolution to their own stalemates and some of the best counterplay to them is to not let the game get slow enough that they can build it (by doing stuff like aggressing the flank with ur combo, sending players behind etc). In that way they feel more equivalent to stuff like offclassing to sniper and spy where you're going to do it when there's already a stalemate rather than planning for one with it. It does take longer to build than a pick class does to get a pick so there's something in that though.

MakZesty Beyond that, I think there's a few weapons that actually have good use cases that most people don't include on their lists (soldier backpacks, and either quickies or scottish resistance for getting stickies off a point).
I also don't think demo (or any class) should have access to projectiles that can destroy stickies, its rly obnoxiously strong in enabling cheese plays. Luckily no map in the map pool rewards it too much atm but yea.

I'm not sure that enabling cheese plays (where you're saccing for the point or deleting stickies to get through a choke) is inherently bad, it's just different. I do think that deleting stickies as they're coming out of a demo's gun so you can do damage to him and deny him from doing any is a pretty stupid mechanic though.

I think my general point is I kind of worry that we have a very fixed idea of exactly what the game should be. At this point everyone has figured out how that version of tf2 should be played and it's purely about execution which imo makes the game far less interesting than it has been in the past (along with certain balance changes that threw off the initial flow the game was designed around in the first place). It really hits home watching the streams of the old ESEA finals where they're still working out how to do all this stuff. I don't think unlocks in general really affect much at all, but I do think that wanting to ban stuff when you won't see it used in 95% of games and it's effect on gameplay is minimal or for one specific play is very much a symptom of that.

posted 2 weeks ago
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