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#30 CoLLeGe in Off Topic

university of california irvine, attempting biomedical engineering

posted about a year ago
#35 III in LAN Discussion


posted about a year ago
#1 HELSINKI - A TF2 Community Frag Movie in Videos

"helsinki," a community frag movie created by weatherspoon.

This project took me about 2 months of consistent work. Shout out to all of the people who hopped into my streams during the creation of this project. You all really helped motivate me to finish this video, and helped me to create something special.

but anyways, this is an ode to tf2.

created nearly entirely on stream @

posted about a year ago
#32 community fragmovie democall - weatherspoon in Videos

Update: The frag movie is on its way to being finished. Unfortunately, not all frags were used (especially the ones sent in the last 24 hrs), but everyone will definitely get a shout-out. Thank you for submitting your frags.

posted about a year ago
#1 Stream Request in Requests

Name: weatherspoon

editing tf2 stuff + playing

posted about a year ago
#22 community fragmovie democall - weatherspoon in Videos

just posting to bookmark what demos i've downloaded so far-- thanks for the current submissions and keep submitting frags!

posted about a year ago
#12 Help me making my edit not look boring in Videos
BadjaNo, sorry, but I'm giving up. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the feedback I get, but I didn't expect this video to be so flawed and I don't have the motivation to change up three quarters of the video. I originally put my soul into this, hoping that this would become my best video ever.

buddy, we all start somewhere.

two of my earliest projects i still have on public... they were p bad

At the time, these were my best videos ever. After I finished each, I vividly remember believing that they were the pinnacle of my editing career. I poured my soul into each and was often met with pretty rude and abrasive "criticism."

Just like almost every other skill, editing takes time, dedication, and motivation to see improvements. No matter how good you get, you are your biggest critic. You'll likely never be completely happy with a project you've done and will always find some detail, regardless of its size, that upsets you. You can give up now if you like, but realize that you'll never be able to truly grow and improve in something if you aren't willing to continuously put in the effort to get better.

Also, don't attempt to remake the video. No matter how bad any of my projects have been I have never attempted to remake or go back and modify any significant portions at all. You take the suggestions and criticism from the last and incorporate it into the new. With that said, best of luck.

posted about a year ago
#14 community fragmovie democall - weatherspoon in Videos
-protoare you gonna give credit to players? in some of your other videos you even disabled the kill feed...

the other videos are mainly focused on editing rather than actual frags, which is why you often see the killfeed disabled and other style choices. I'll probably be including fragger names in the corner of the screen, but i'll decide on that once I begin editing. Regardless, i'll make sure to make it apparent whose frag is whose, just like you see in traditional frag movies.

posted about a year ago
#2 lawena hud recording/rendered at a low bitrate in Q/A Help

the problem should lie in your render settings. What program are you using and what are your render settings?

posted about a year ago
#1 community fragmovie democall - weatherspoon in Videos

It's been quite a while since there was a community democall. I thought I'd change that.

If you'd like to be a part of this project, please title your demos according to the following example:
alias_map_class_whathappened_tick (e.g. rise_gullywash_soldier_doubleairshot_19000)
please follow the format

STV is heavily preferred. POV makes creating cinematics difficult but if it's an insane frag with only POV, send it along anyway. Frags can be from matches, pugs, or scrims. This video will be featuring the frags of the community, so any killstreak, airshot, or impressive plays from both 6s and highlander (as well as any class) are welcome. Just remember if you do send in demos there is no guarantee they will be in the final product.

my channel
relevant work

The outcome should look like somewhere in between my dual edit fastlane, the movie I created for heals for reals, and my casual edits for ascent.

The video will definitely be something special, so upload and send me your frags below!

posted about a year ago
#9 sushi - TF2 frag movie in Videos

my best tip would be to watch your favorite frag movies or edits and just study the aspects that make them so enjoyable to watch. Improvement takes time, but it will come.

And don't let the youtube negativity deter you from projects-- a lot of people here know when they see something they don't enjoy, but usually aren't too good in articulating why they dislike it. Just don't forget that were just making videos about video games, some negative votes shouldn't be the reason you stunt your creativity.

you got some mad potential though so keep it up-- hmu on steam if you got any tf2 recording or general editing questions.

posted about a year ago
#12 "FASTLANE" by SynciNG & Weatherspoon in Videos
Wandumat a certain point you have to ask yourself if its too much editing
for me its when i have to take a 5 min break half way through a two minute video cause it genuinely makes me seasick

It's definitely not for everyone. Think of it as merely an art form that uses video games as the base. You could exchange the footage and maintain the music/cuts/transitions, and you'll still be left with a cool piece-- just the cool thing about editing in general.

At the end of the day we're exposing tf2 to a larger audience (T3C has 118k subs). Who knows, maybe a few of them will pick up the game to play or edit, or at least a few will change their view on this cartoony game we've all sunken our hours into.

reecevideos uploaded to t3c are editing showcases and use game engines as a tool
also ya this is nuts good job boys

glad someone gets it & thanks!

Gritomai used to have a toaster laptop that i played 6s on and i can confirm frags this choppy can be performed in game

24-30 fps is ideal for edits, we chose 25. It's better to just ask the question instead of being toxic about it. We're all part of the same community.

posted about a year ago
#1 "FASTLANE" by SynciNG & Weatherspoon in Videos

[disclaimer] this is an edit (the primary focus is editing)

^^we also got uploaded to the biggest community videogame editing channel
also shoutout to all the fraggers (einsamstein, astie, vosiL, phoenix, coppyZ, and rivka)

our channels if you wanna check out our other videos
weatherspoon (me)

tf2 represent.

while this thread is up, if you have any sick STV FRAGS (airshots/killstreaks/headshots/etc) hmu on discord or steam
weatherspoon #4295

posted about a year ago
#1 Heals for Reals [Jump Movie] in Videos

Thank you to all that sent jumps, tuned in to the stream, and donated for a great cause.
See ya next time.

posted about a year ago
#1 Jump Movie Democall in Videos

how's it going gamers
my name is weatherspoon and im one of the editors for TF2RJweekly
I'm planning to make a jump movie for a charity stream taking place, and i'll be in need for some jumps to use for the movie

If you're interested in being featured, please follow the directions below -----------------------------
Send demos to
subject: risejumpmovie
MUST INCLUDE: pov demo, stv demo, player name in title, jump tick in title, map name in title
should look a bit like RISE_2100_cpdustbowlv2_POV or RISE_2100_cpdustbowlv2_STV

if you're a true gamer you could also give a desc of the jump in the title

Deadline: November 22

been editing tf2 for quite a while now, but if you're skeptical of my skill level here are some of my past projects 1 2 3

posted about 2 years ago
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