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#12455 stream highlights in Videos

posted 2 days ago
#31 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
MongYou're basically banned from competitive tf2 if the league admins (5 people) ban you

people who are banned can still play.
They can just dmix w their friends and any discords that dont mirror league bans.
You can even make a team that only scrims and never plays offis

I think you value offis as a metric for being competitive too highly.
Basically everyone plays way more mixes/pugs/scrims than offis.
They only lost access to 1 thing

posted 6 days ago
#7 Mother’s Day is tomorrow in Off Topic

Quick tip for people buying flowers tmrw

When you bring home the flowers
You get the vase, you fill it with water, you put in the flowers.
Otherwise you're gifting your mom a chore as part of the gift

posted 1 week ago
#6 What does this mean in my console? in Q/A Help

The rocket launcher explosion particle is called "ExplosionCore_wall".

Somewhere in the code a call is made to find an alternate particle file.
I'm lacking context but I'm guessing this has to do with the Rocket Jumper.

Could be a couple things.
Something unimplemented by Valve? some remnant code for a custom particle that was never added
A missing custom particle from a server plug-in? then it'd only be an issue on that community server though
You're missing a particle? verifying game files would fix this, but I doubt it's this

This shouldn't cause observable lag.
If it annoys you, use this to filter it out

consolecon_filter_enable 1
con_filter_text_out "ExplosionCore_Wall_Jumper"
posted 2 weeks ago
#3 Tob's VTF crosshair guides in Customization

New video:
Using to preview and edit VTFs
Saving VTFs
Reloading VTFs in-game

Sorry for audio issues (background noise and couple audio spikes). My mic is in need of replacement

I'm doing things in a rather strange order, but this video seemed most important to make.
Next video will probably be about editing weapon txt files, VMTs, etc

posted 4 weeks ago
#12438 stream highlights in Videos

posted 4 weeks ago
#12434 stream highlights in Videos

nubbi pov

mak pov

gazy pov

interesting quirk of ruleset

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if they cap before overtime they go back to mid, then have to win a round again to win the map.
So with the time left, delaying until overtime wins faster


posted 1 month ago
#13 Making a mix server sucks and I suck pls help in Off Topic
RahmedHonestly, at this point, I feel like more people hate me now than they did when I made the server
And this is not just from recent drama, this is ongoing

If people disliked you from the start then the server wouldn't have taken off as it has.

RahmedI feel like people have more beef with me for trying to make an all-inclusive chill place for people to play together

Part of the issue with trying to build an inclusive community is you'll eventually run into people who want to exclude others. Or just don't get along. It's a paradox. No solution is satisfactory. An inclusive community has to exclude people eventually to remain inclusive for those marginalized or to avoid conflict.


You're not enjoying the position you're in. Take a step back. This is a hobby. I wouldn't even stick with a job that would make me feel like this, but you're doing it for free.

Rahmixes don't need you to actively observe them. They'll keep going for a while without you

The feelings you're feeling have pushed away many many admins, devs, pug organizers, production, casters, etc.
Hopefully you find some comfort again and stick around. But for now clearly this isn't working for you and you're just going to burn out (you already have. let's be honest)

People don't dislike you. While I can't speak for everyone, to me you always appeared to be enthusiastic abt the comp scene and eager to help pubbers find out about it. You were keen to help with production etc. Clearly you found something that once gave you a lot of joy. Reminded me of Archrythm who started similarly only a couple years before you.
Right now it's not that anymore. So take a step back and take time to figure yourself out again

posted 1 month ago
#70 Why must you hate me :C in TF2 General Discussion
Young_Sanitylaundry list of improvements

I feel like part of the issue here is how you try to fit into groups.
You're a people pleaser. You are young and are still learning how to fit in.
And that's an angle you've found works for you right now

You've conditioned yourself to have the whole "loud/annoying = funny" going on because it "works".
Essentially an online class clown, looking for approval by saying dumb shit and yelling.
And that's fine. Everyone knows multiple people like you. Or has known in the past.

Over time you'll find new angles on how to approach friendships. It's part of growing up and it's not something you rush.
You're literally a child. You'll learn. I hope people don't see this thread and now expect you to be a "grown up". Because that's not what this is.
This list helps you way less than you think. It lacks the nuance that comes with experience. An experience you won't gain by asking others about it

You can't rush a process that takes most people decades.
You have burned some bridges. Everyone does at some point.
Over time you learn to understand where you messed up and become a better person out of it.
And you'll gain friendships in which you won't have to feel like you need to stand out just to fit in.

Ironically, this nerd essay also is very unhelpful. Just like the list you'll understand this entire thread in a couple years after having figured it out by yourself.

Don't be toxic, the rest will come eventually (see how unhelpful this actually is despite it being correct advice. it's something you can't teach someone else)

posted 1 month ago
#1 Tob's VTF crosshair guides in Customization

I'll be making a couple episodes about VTF crosshairs. Episodes will be made spontaneously and on no set schedule. Though I promise to not wait 2 years (this time)

Episode 1 is up. It explains the layout of the folders and how VTF crosshairs work in the first place.

Later episodes will delve into editing the folders (changes to scripts, changes to vmts, reloading VTFs whilst in-game, etc). And some episodes on my methods for making crosshairs and demonstrations.

posted 1 month ago
#9 Tob's Crosshairs in Customization

Small update


  • Crosshairs renamed. Names should be more clear now
  • Hopefully fixed a broken default rework crosshair. I don't remember which one was broken. So I reuploaded a bunch of them and hope it's one of those
  • Updated the preview. It's a bit messy but it does the trick

new crosshairs

  • highfive: scatter2_outline, but the dot has no outline. It was a request from someone based on an old Highfive VOD so I named it after him
  • rays: remake of a Seeker-like crosshair which Rays used to use. Thinner and smaller than regular Seeker.
  • tob_ crosshairs: The tob_ crosshairs on sometimes bleed color into the black brackets. These versions shouldn't have that issue? example

Not many new crosshairs.
While I do make a lot of crosshairs still, many are 90% the same as already popular crosshairs.
So most of them would just add clutter to the github.
I do take requests if people have ideas for crosshairs that are currently hard to come by

posted 1 month ago
#5 On the verge of uninstalling tf2 in TF2 General Discussion

videogames are supposed to be fun
if you're not enjoying it, find something else to occupy your free time
you can always reinstall later on if you regret the decision

posted 1 month ago
#12391 stream highlights in Videos

valorant. nukkye vs FNC

edit: wait i thought he got both kills I'm dumb LOL

posted 1 month ago
#7 anyone know how to get this crosshair? in Q/A Help

lmao I didn't notice there's a big green button that fills in all the weapons on with 1 crosshair. my bad

woodchiptob ur the crosshair goat i love u please make more crosshairs god bless

my TFTV tab redirects me to the tob crosshairs thread so im reminded daily to make more. But I'm a mess when it comes to putting in the time. I definitely have a couple new ones I can add soon(tm)

posted 1 month ago
#5 anyone know how to get this crosshair? in Q/A Help

made a tutorial
let me know if you have any questions
if you can't get it working i can give you a download for a finished pack with the crosshair

posted 1 month ago
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