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#2 help with vtf crosshair??? in Customization

looks like crosshair6OL to me. not sure what you're talking about

posted 3 days ago
#9478 stream highlights in Videos

posted 4 days ago
#9476 stream highlights in Videos

posted 5 days ago
#70 RGL Fee due date + more in TF2 General Discussion
jrodwtf is open prime

Character from the newest transformer reboot. The first transformer to be slightly mentally challenged. They want to be more inclusive

posted 5 days ago
#9472 stream highlights in Videos

posted 6 days ago
#9 worst haircut you've ever gotten in Off Topic

this is the only remaining image I have of it. 2013ish

posted 1 week ago
#34 TF2 Bans in TF2 General Discussion

got timed out by star_ (himself, not a mod) twice in twitch chat

once in ma3la's chat. I was so tired because I hadn't slept in like 30 hours to the point I was apparently writing gibberish in chat and he timed me out because though he couldn't translate it, he assumed I was talking shit

another time in truktruk's chat. Star hosted him causing the usual flood of tf2 cretins. I said "gl moderating this chat now steve" to one of my friends who was a mod. I then found out star's name is steven and he thought it was aimed at him

Not very impressive tbh, but it's quite rare for star to time people out himself afaik so it's kinda funny it happened twice, and both due to misunderstandings and I didn't mind either of them (the 1st time it encouraged me to get some sleep finally)

posted 1 week ago
#6 ETF2L S33 Mid GF: KNOPPERS vs уротцы eSports in Events


posted 2 weeks ago
#4 weird / guilty youtube pleasures in Off Topic

Magnus Archives Horror podcast. I recommend #30 if you want to check out any of this. 30 is definitely my favorite, however there is a story arc across all episodes in chronological order. #30 is a filler episode that won't spoil anything though so you'll be fine listening to that one first

Marc Rebillet Some songs are hit or miss, but I believe everyone can appreciate him in one way or another

Aunty Donna, an Australian stand up comedy group. Lots of content on the channel

posted 3 weeks ago
#82 CastingEssentials Spectator Plugin in Projects

here's my personal minor edit of CE for people to test. Lawena does not detect it as a HUD for me (only as Config).
If yours still thinks it's a HUD then i'm out of ideas

Also this edit contains a cfg folder with a file called useful.cfg. You can use "exec useful" in console to exec the commands before recording.
It's quite nice for recording STVs

useful.cfgce_killstreaks_enabled 1;ce_localplayer_enabled 1;ce_localplayer_track_spec_target 1;ce_hitevents_enabled 1;tf_use_min_viewmodels 0;cl_use_tournament_specgui 0;tf_spec_xray_disable 1
  • ce_killstreaks_enabled 1: Every weapon has killstreaks (and all weapons add up to a total instead of seperate counters)
  • ce_localplayer_enabled 1: STV killfeeds will highlight kills involving the person you're spectating
  • ce_localplayer_track_spec_target 1: see above, makes sure it's updated to whoever you're speccing
  • ce_hitevents_enabled 1: STV damage numbers
  • tf_use_min_viewmodels 0: Lawena doesn't have this in its own configs so this makes sure I record with normal viewmodels
  • cl_use_tournament_specgui 0: the spectator HUD that shows all hp/ubers. Good for casting, less so for frag videos imo so this turns it off
  • tf_spec_xray_disable 1: Turns off the STV wallhack health bars

example of what an STV will look like (gully sniper clip). You can also move the target ID down, but i forgot the command for it

posted 3 weeks ago
#7083 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 3 weeks ago
#323 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization

crosshair is CPMA_16 (available here or here)

No clue what the HUD is called but add hamaham if you really want it. I'm quite certain he is the only person in this game who uses it
cfg is probably the standard blocky textures + LOD bias + dx8 (ask hamaham)

posted 4 weeks ago
#263 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion
Veccrealistically, how do they fix this?

rollback is probably the most logical option right?

What'd the rollback be?

  • Resetting all inventories to prior to the update? I doubt that's a feature in TF2/Steam so that won't happen
  • Reverting all Steam Market transactions since the update? Once again I doubt that's a feature. It also wouldn't fix the problem
  • Removing all new unusuals? Apocalypse scenario. Solves nothing. All profit remains with those who unboxed and abused, those who bought the unusuals lose everything (heard something about a trade bot that wasn't updated and was scammed for 6000 dollars worth of keys)
  • Making them untradeable? Solves nothing. Profit remains with those who unboxed and abused because they've already sold most of them.

Maybe there's something I'm missing here but any scenario where the hats disappear from the market is one where the abusers profit or go even. (Feel free to prove me wrong though. I might be missing something obvious)
Only possible damage control that won't hurt the playerbase in my eyes is fixing the bug. The hats should be here to stay

edit: I've been proven wrong. ty

posted 4 weeks ago
#5 remove my nerdstars in Q/A Help

If you believe your nerd stars are the reason you shitpost here, you are wrong
If you believe removing them will stop you from shitposting or caring, you are wrong

If you're requesting this because you regret your internet presence on this website then there are more important issues you're facing that won't go away with your nerd stars. Get those issues sorted out first. This solves nothing. You'll just use this an excuse to ignore the issues.

posted 1 month ago
#8 "default" crosshair not bright enough? in Customization
vanitasThanks for this, is there a way to make the vtf crosshair scale to my in-game size? My cl_crosshair_scale is 38 and it makes the vtf crosshair huge, lowering it would make the other crosshairs without the weapon script smaller. I only want to use this for weapons that use the default wings crosshair. If that is not possible how could I lower down the size of the vtf crosshair?

Use this VTF file instead
It's the None crosshair used for the scattergun/pistol/etc. it's smaller than Default but needed to be touched up a bit because it also has the ugly grey color thing going on. Did not test in-game before uploading but should be fine

Basically your options if you want to stick with the version of Default (and not Brackets_fix) would be:

  • make a crosshair switcher script that changes the values of cl_crosshair_scale depending on the weapon (inefficient imo because it clutters your cfg and spamming commands can get you kicked from valve servers these days)
  • Learn how to edit VTF files so you can resize the files themselves (takes a couple hours to figure out)

edit: size comparison between Crosshair7, brackets, brackets_fix and default_fix

posted 1 month ago
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