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#10980 stream highlights in Videos

posted 6 days ago
#46 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
dempseyWhen plunk said "stomp on racists" it was actually a threat towards some of KK's staff, which is why it resulted in a ban

stomping on rapists actually
though I'm all for stomping racists and I'm certain plunk is too

Anyway if KK wants to keep him banned then oh well. Wiet is right about it being their channel and they can make that decision, regardless of it being a good or bad decision.

Trying to justify it by saying it's bad to joke about inciting violence towards sexual abusers is questionable. The goth one has been a joke he's been repeating for years

Also @wiethoofd I apologize if you took the uploading to youtube thing by heart since you commented on that. I meant no offence towards you or anyone else at KK in that regard. I know it's a lot of work and I appreciate the effort you put into that

posted 1 week ago
#27 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
agroDo so in this instance derailed the hype train a little and lost us some momentum

would've gotten 600 consistent viewers but plunk CORRUPTED the tftv readers' minds

I don't even remember last time I read the comments on tournament announcement pages so if this is a ban reason then lol

agroThis is a thing that has already been brought up in the forums and has been reasoned out. He "lost" that argument previously

No he didn't. People still think it's a bad decision. They just care less if it's uploaded to youtube in a reasonable time frame

Overall this is just a really bad decision on your end. Plunk's not a shining beacon of exemplary behaviour, but he's done nothing that actually crosses a line in this situation. Just unban him and be done with it so this thread can be locked and you both can move on. His post history on your twitch channel proves he's not being disruptive there. He starts being disruptive there? Ban him and you'll have the logs to back it up. ez

posted 1 week ago
#44 ETF2L S37 plugins in TF2 General Discussion

People freaking out because they think soldier just stopped being the weakest 6s class
Fear not
Soldiers will still get their shit pushed in by scouts
It is going to be okay

posted 1 week ago
#37 ETF2L S37 plugins in TF2 General Discussion
LUKASTANK@collaide please dont ruin every stickytrap on the map like someone did on badlands remake ty

for each patched stickytrap a new traffic cone should be added somewhere on the map.
It's only fair

posted 1 week ago
#8 Tob's Crosshairs in Customization
dong can you make the dot from this video

Looks extremely similar to Leth's crosshair5OL. It's available on

I'll use this opportunity to say I've made some more crosshairs, but I am bad at github and my naming/folders currently are quite shit. Also someone pointed out one of the default rework crosshairs is blurry because I messed up the VTF flags. oopsies.
It's a decent amount of work so I'm just looking for a day where I feel bored enough to remake the entire github/add the new ones/edit the old ones

posted 1 week ago
#7 MvM blacklist website in TF2 General Discussion

using the gas passer, an overpowered pyro unlock in mvm, is a reason to report/kick someone?
this is the mvm equivalent of "he's using stickytraps kick him" in pubs

also I read about 10 reports and 3 of them were "this dude was rude to me so I griefed and rejoined whenever they kicked me as an epic troll"

MvM players' skulls are void

posted 2 weeks ago
#11 Remove Iron Bomber from whitelist in TF2 General Discussion
BumFreezepic of hitboxes

off topic, but I'm surprised the loose cannon hitboxes are the same size as stock pipes. Always felt bigger to me

posted 2 weeks ago
#7800 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 3 weeks ago
#15 why dafuqwizat didn't cheat: in TF2 General Discussion

Well that clip its literally from his own yt , and im pretty sure its recorded from his own prespective. I might be wrong but on the rest of his videos they seems recorded while he was playing

true. thinking about it some if not all might not be demos. unless they actually took the time to record and find ticks in pub demos

posted 3 weeks ago
#13 why dafuqwizat didn't cheat: in TF2 General Discussion

I personally don't think that clip is all too sus considering how shit the TF2 demo system is. But that's just my opinion.
Multiple people way more experienced w anti-cheat than me took the decision after all.

Though I personally was never convinced of cheating I do not disagree with banning them considering they've always tried to exploit whatever wasn't in the rules (at the time)

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 Using nullmovement puts you at disadvantage in Customization
det-what is nullmovement?

with regular movement binds:
walk right, hold it down. now also hold down left. it cancels out and you stand still

walk right, hold it down. now also hold down left. it overrides and you start walking left

the theory is that if you misstime letting go off a key you won't stand still when you meant to switch directions.
I've used it for like half of my TF2 playtime. In practise it will not make a noticeable difference.

Nullmovement is achieved using a couple of command aliases that you bind WASD to

posted 3 weeks ago
#10921 stream highlights in Videos
Show Content

edit: clip gone. no point in clicking. it was a med airshot by AMS

here's a replacement

posted 4 weeks ago
#539 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization
cheetazRoLDoes anybody know how to fix this after the update broke it?things

or use

mod_load_anims_async 0
mod_load_mesh_async 0
mod_load_vcollide_async 0

(I never play casual so I've not tested that. though this works for Serveme servers)

posted 4 weeks ago
#5 Yttrium's Viewmodel Mod not working in TF2 General Discussion

mod_load_anims_async 0
mod_load_mesh_async 0
mod_load_vcollide_async 0

used it for years, stopped working with the most recent update. these settings fixed it again (credit to mastercomms? don't remember what post I yoinked these from). still need to preload ofcourse

posted 4 weeks ago
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