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#9 Copenhagen Games Demos Thread in TF2 General Discussion

posted 2 days ago
#3 My best LAN so far in LAN Discussion

good good good

posted 2 days ago
#22 Copenhagen Games Shoutouts in LAN Discussion

adding a couple more to #5

Shoutout to Credu for letting me leech 2 of his power cable spots
Shoutout to production. Wish I could've hung out with some of the production gang a bit more but they're always busy doing an awesome job

Shoutout to Row. During the grand finals he walked up to me and told me likes to watch my streams occasionally and it truly made my evening. I discovered that in this picture eXtine happened to capture the moment I am in absolute awe at the compliment when he told me this. I hold my hands on my chest asking "Me?!" in the back left corner

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posted 2 days ago
#5 Copenhagen Games Shoutouts in LAN Discussion

Shoutout to cryo finski twiikuu chriswalkertalker pie4life an_artichoke avvy dural and the many other friends I've made throughout the years. You're the reason I was there.

Shoutout to Doggo Black: Samiface Zolak JLEBS XO and 009EFF. I had a lot of fun
Shoutout to Alfie for reviving passtime mixes for at least 45 minutes
Shoutout to all the new people I met


posted 3 days ago
#26 Wandum copenhagen games AMA in LAN Discussion

burger truck is long line and doesnt accept cash. not worth.
Indian truck very epic for a filling meal. kebab truck good for quick snack and also quite filling tbh.
Thursday the burger truck had a 15 man line while indian truck had no line at all and it was better than a burger

Where you at at PCs? I'm trying to make it a thing to say hi to as many people as I can

posted 4 days ago
#6 who is interested in e-bf in The Dumpster

no, but thank you for the offer. if anyone shows up to LAN and finds me they can claim 1 (one) big hug from me though. cu@

posted 1 week ago
#6 ETF2L S32 Mid GF: not red doggo vs. ya nemnogo D R I P P Y in Events


posted 2 weeks ago
#9 Highest playable ping? in TF2 General Discussion

As the thread replies suggest so far, the limit is different for each person due to the differences in skill levels and their experience playing with high ping

Personally my limit lies around 140-150 ping from my experience playing NA inhouse pugs in the past. 110-120 felt comfortable, though noticeable. This ping was the one I had most experience playing with to NA servers so that's not too surprising. I have some experience playing on brazil servers with 280-300 ping but then it just gets ridiculous unless you go hitscan

posted 2 weeks ago
#161 Transparent Viewmodels in any HUD in Customization
Nyrderdoes it work on windows 7?


posted 2 weeks ago
#6862 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 3 weeks ago
#13 Surf's Up! 2019 in e-Sports

truktruk has made a playlist of the matches in case you guys'd be interested. event was really succesful, had around 2k viewers for the most part when I was watching


posted 3 weeks ago
#7 Delfy's crosshair in Customization
iodinedownload the hud, get the crosshair vmt and vtf from the hud, and then use those files to make a vtf crosshair.

to give some further info:
VTF is the crosshair image
VMT is a small text file so the game knows some properties the VTF will use

If you are unfamiliar with VTFs, here's probably the easiest way to do it that requires the least understanding of what you're doing (you don't need delfy's VMT file for this, just the VTF): go here
make a crosshair pack, all with the same crosshair on every weapon (example: crosshair1)
You have to go through the entire list manually for each weapon, like 3 minutes of work but tedious nonetheless

Once you have crosshair1 on each weapon, download the package and extract the main folder
put the folder in custom and open it. You'll see Materials, Scripts and Sound.
Open Materials > vgui > replay > thumbnails

There'll be a list of VTF and VMT files, find crosshair1.vtf (or whatever crosshair you chose on
Now remove crosshair1.vtf and instead put in delfy.vtf or whatever it is called
Now rename delfy.vtf to crosshair1.vtf

Open TF2, use the command cl_crosshair_file "" (double quotation marks, no space between)
Alternatively you can go to Options > Multiplayer and select the None crosshair

If you've done the steps correctly you'll now have Delfy's crosshair.
As far as getting the delfy's VTF file from the hud you're on your own, but if you have trouble with finding it send me a PM.
If you're at the final step but the crosshair is a purple checkers error texture you messed up a step. There probably is no crosshair1.vtf in the thumbnails folder
If you're at the final step and some weapons have the crosshair, but others don't, you probably missed a couple weapon files on when you were making the package

All in all you're just putting a folder in custom, removing one file and renaming a file so the individual steps aren't hard. Just a tedious process if you've never done it before

posted 1 month ago
#8520 stream highlights in Videos
edit: 3 seconds

posted 1 month ago
#8496 stream highlights in Videos

posted 1 month ago
#12 Surf's Up! 2019 in e-Sports

bump because it's going on atm and it's pretty epic

posted 1 month ago
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