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#470 age in Off Topic


posted about 2 years ago
#46 Female Snapchat Filter on players in Off Topic

I can't unsee it now

posted about 2 years ago
#71 favorite video game music in Off Topic

Every time I read something about music in games and so on, first thing that comes into my mind - "BASTION". I think they made a masterpiece. I didn't spent hundreds of hours in the game, but can't remember the game that left such a beautiful emotional memory for me.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZduC-OCXB8 one of the tracks. The story and music played so well in this game.

....And the second game I think : Saints Row:The Third, funny game and music was kinda funny good. I remember the game when the trailer just came out, it was so OP, was one of my most wanted games to play at the time.

And holy shit, how could I forget... Fallout 4!! Classic.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEzqndjwwIA my favorite. Diamond radio station.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MijW2PqR0S0 this one <3
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v39mXFVfDP4 all songs in station.

posted about 2 years ago
#8475 stream highlights in Videos


posted about 2 years ago
#32 How do you deal with stress? in Off Topic

Depends on a lot, first of all, why I am stressing?
If I'm stressing af because i need to do something, and I haven't done yet, I try to fix it and do it as fast as possible.
If I have stress because of something more emotional: music, fresh air outside (i love traveling, visiting unknown places helps me), long walks, talking to other people, joging, medicine helps (warm relaxing tea, herbs) and sleeping. Sometimes locking myself away from any social medias, including steam and shit, helps me as well. Watching motivational videos? Every situation has it's own metods.
So if you are stressing couse of exams, you need to understand why are you stressing. Are you not feeling ready for them? I would go study then.
If you studied enought, but you just have fear to fail, the hardest thing is to understand that what you are feeling is more than normal (you are human being with emotions), so i would offer exercising(joging, fast walking, just random exercises in home, weight lifting or some) and listening to music. Or talking with some friends, family, or if you dont have them, just people from the game.
Stress is a normal emotion as long as it wont control 100% of your mind and you can enjoy other things properly.
P.s. if you even fail, it's not end of the world. You can always fix things, redo it again next time. I know now, it seems exams is the most important thing, but trust me, it's not. Save your nerves and your health.

posted about 2 years ago
#9 PSA: Messages from people not on your friends list in Off Topic
ReeroEarlier today I got a steam message from someone (likely a bot) that I did NOT have on my friends list. They told me to click a link to go like their vid on youtube or some shit. Steam had an overlay over the message though that warned me that this person wasn't on my friends list, and it even had a button that said block communication, which I hit immediately. Has anyone else gotten this? Why the hell is this even possible, clearly steam knows its a thing because they have measures against it but I can't find any settings to disable it. Be careful cus idk if it can be manipulated to like impersonate friends or something..

This shit is really new thing. Now like almost every day I'm getting this kind of messages as well, I just instantly block it, thinking it's a scam bots. I knew long time ago, that You were able to write to someone who's not in the friendlist if you had common groups, so via group list you could pm'ed someone, but didn't tried it for a long time, dunno if it's still on.

DuMmTmi think its newish thing where people can start messaging you as long as they have added you to friends even if you havent accepted yet, but yeah i can see how that can lead to annoying shit like scams

I dunno, I got some random invites from people who seem a bit botish, but, the ones who actually send these messages, are not even the ones who sent invites, so I really doubt, that they need to ''invite you''. I think they can randomly send messages without even inviting/accepting. I did profile private, I think it's only one way to not get the messages? At least from the moment I made profile private, I don't get the messages.

posted about 2 years ago
#31 Here's Sherwood in Off Topic


posted about 2 years ago
#56 Crossbow is still dumb in TF2 General Discussion
Seinfeldidk how you guys think crossbow makes medic "more fun" when all you hear is "arrow me arrow me arrow me arrow me arrow me arrow me" for 30 minutes

And if you miss, "wtf u doing, wtf u doing, wtf u doing" for 30 minutes and never picked on pugs again.

But tbh, what me, as a med who played with needles and crossbow before, like I understand the game changes, new metas come and go, with crossbow sometimes the game is really really fast, u can push faster if u can hit everyone and so on, but the one thing, that bothers me to the bones.. if a player, teammate, is too close to you.. it flies through him, and doesn't heal. So all the time, you need to stand like one m away from him.

posted about 2 years ago
#2056 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

Fucking classic. I love it


posted about 3 years ago
#24 scariest video on the planet in Off Topic
Funsthat one was actually already posted around quite a bit so it prob won't go viral sorry lads

on the other hand I don't think many people saw this one yet

It happened first time with Thaigars stream clip.. second time on twitter with "YOUR AMAZING AIRSHOT"... not gonna happen again babes, never clicking your links again hahahah

posted about 3 years ago
#23 SVIFT EU in TF2 General Discussion

I said my, and only mine opinion of who I think SVIFT EU is for me. If they are making it as a brand with "hired" chain teams, I wish the best. When someone said "THE SVIFT BUS", everything cool. When I said MY opinion, people lost their minds.
I didn't said founder MUST BE IN THE TEAM. I said what people makes SVIFT for ME.
In conclusion, it's their brand, they choose what to do with it, cause every brand, has it's own ideas, their own character.
I love the guys, I can feel that they gonna put hard work and a lot of time in becoming the best. Peace.

posted about 3 years ago
#20 SVIFT EU in TF2 General Discussion

" The Svifted bus" or something like that would be a better name for the team, like add to the main team. No hate, but SVIFT for me is atleast Smzii in the team, as a founder of SVIFT? Not even talking about guys like Funs or Condawg..
Talking about players: LIT, and I expect a lot from boys, good luck!

posted about 3 years ago
#74 its back in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 3 years ago
#36 i63 pictures thread in TF2 General Discussion



posted about 3 years ago
#25 i63 LAN Thanks/shout-outs thread in TF2 General Discussion

First of all, I would like to say that I am more than happy that I made it to the lan. And I'm truelly honestly hoping, that I'm gonna be able to come if not to cph/swe/dreamhacks, but to other year Insomnia. Last time I was at lan 3 years ago, and coming back to a community it's hard af, and I'm more than happy for the people who accepted my friendship. While sitting in hotel with lan depression and finaly packing my things:
Shoutout to staff who made this event happen.
Shoutout to teams like Froyo, Seven, Svift, TBC, Faint Gaming and many more for the interesting matches. Holly shit it was soo good!!
Big shoutout to SVIFT boys. I rooted for You from beggining. Funs and Condawg. You boys are beasts. Im more than happy that I met You. And I'm truelly proud of the games You played.
Shoutout to Alba, Scyper and Smirre. NOOBS.
Shoutout to everyone at lan that I smiled at, said hello or especially hugged. You guys don't even know, how much it meant to me.
I'm more than sad, that I didnt made that good contacts with some of the people that I was so hyped too. But. In general, gg.
From all my heart, Thank You All.

posted about 3 years ago
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