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#14 RGL Points System in TF2 General Discussion

To add to that, there could very well be an RPS situation among three teams, and if there is a playoff spot battle between two of those teams, the losing one should not be punished for being on the losing end of that specific matchup. This is one example of many cases, but I think that's where even having a points system shows its value, rather than replacing W/L.

posted 1 month ago
#6 RGL Points System in TF2 General Discussion

you missed the point: they earned the ability to do so, but now they can't. It has nothing to do with what they would choose to do

posted 1 month ago
#4 RGL Points System in TF2 General Discussion

They make the argument that it promotes teams to try their hardest every match, and maybe it does, but all it really does is make the objective of playing getting points instead of winning. Sure, there might be a bit of excitement around this last playoff spot, but it's completely manufactured by the points system. If a team knows they're making playoffs, they've earned the luxury of not trying their hardest in their subsequent matches. You see it all the time in the NBA, where top players rest instead of playing irrelevant matches. Maybe the players in H5 Demoman and Rat Jail want to take a breather from TF2 to rejuvenate before LAN, but now they can't completely arbitrarily.

posted 1 month ago
#7 Who will make playoffs in RGL Season 2? in News

KCREW making lan with a worse record than the 5th place team would be the worst. Like I was rooting for them to make playoffs, but to do so in this manner just doesn't make any sense. Even if they don't qualify, this is simply a joke of a ruleset.

posted 1 month ago
#181 98 dpm in TF2 General Discussion


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sorry bad joke
posted 1 month ago
#8 Kings Crew upgrade their ride for season 2 in News
cinbear looking like a dark haired blaze. swaggy


posted 2 months ago
#26 RGL S2 Playoffs LAN Info in LAN Discussion

does dodging lan mean saying you're gonna go and then dipping or does saying you're not gonna go in advance without baiting your team still count? because banning someone for the latter seems kinda scuffed it that's the case

posted 3 months ago
#28 sigafoo teasing RGL LAN in TF2 General Discussion

the one good thing about sigafoo banning froyo from prolander is that we know that if he says he's gonna do something, he'll actually do it

posted 3 months ago
#5 selling Zowie S1. will trade with EC1-B in Hardware


posted 4 months ago
#1 where do semi-shitters pug? in Q/A Help

where does someone who's definitely not good enough for pugchamp play? tf2center never has any meds, so i always end up having to go med, tf2pl was good for my skill level but then died, and in-houses are pretty unreliable. am i missing something here?

posted 4 months ago
#275 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion

I'm pretty sure everyone knew that this event was gonna go to shit within the first week of the announcement.

posted 4 months ago
#113 describe your tf2 career in 3 words or less. in TF2 General Discussion


posted 4 months ago
#15 Ford Gaming to go off road this January in News

imagine a paddie bear driving an f-150

posted 5 months ago
#7 Title TBD in News


posted 7 months ago
#16 worst haircut you've ever gotten in Off Topic


posted 7 months ago
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