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#1112 Donald Trump in World Events
dot_yooo i almost forgot about whiteracecadet


I legitimately don't understand why spacecadet gets all of this focus on him. I've actually never seen him say or do anything particularly racist. I see so many well known players who say racist things constantly and nobody comments on them, so I'm really confused. Did I miss him saying some horrible things or something?

posted about a year ago
#318 ESEA Season 29 Open Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
ComangliastarsuckerTery_PomeranianYou guys asked "do you mind" and I said yes, and even then it took your med around 30 min to get in the server not 10
if you don't wanna get ffw'd or 5v6'd get in the server ontime

Have some fucking dignity you child. You paid for this shit, play out matches.

First of all we did play, second of all people have things to do in the morning. 4 of us have morning classes, 2 of us have jobs.There is absolutely no reason for blaming our team if you were unable to get your players in on time. Not only that, but your medic was over 30 minutes late and even got a pause as soon as the game started. We paid to be able to play matches, but we're not staying up until 12am to finish a match because the other team was late

hmm... I highly doubt your guys schedule are that inflexible. Spacecadet, Tery, and I all have regular full-time jobs and I know Nick has classes too, not 100% on antecedent and sail but your situation is hardly unique to your team and not waiting the 10min requested especially when they already have 5 is just really fucking petty. Sure starting 30minutes after the 15 min ffw mark is really lame and I don't blame you for starting before that but 10:55 isn't that bad and your match would've almost certainly ended before midnight anyway.

finally I'm going to point this out
starsuckerbut we're not staying up until 12am to finish a match because the other team was late ~2:15am EST ~4am EST ~1:45am EST ~4am EST

4/6 players on your team didn't go offline on steam until about 3 hours or more after your match ended? man those morning classes must be rough.

To be fair steam offline/online times are kinda glitchy, and a lot of people leave their computer running all night, so I don't think you can really rely on those. This situation seems pretty dumb though, at least try rescheduling before FFWing someone even if you really have to go.

posted about a year ago
#50 what are ya READING? in Music, Movies, TV
3006Spamfest3006Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Hundred years of solitudMe too! I'm liking it a ton.
Do you use a genealogy tree ? I did one caus at some point it was really confusing.
If you like that kind of writing i'd suggest you
- Juan Rulfo - Pedro Paramo
And any book GGM did, they're all master pieces.

The version I have has a family tree at the start of it, I can't imagine I would be able to actually understand what was going on otherwise :p. I'll definitely have to check that stuff out though thanks for the recommendations!

posted about a year ago
#41 what are ya READING? in Music, Movies, TV
3006Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Hundred years of solitud

Me too! I'm liking it a ton.

I'm also reading Flour Water Salt Yeast and Worm which are respectively really useful/educational and really really good.

(plus a bunch of stuff for school but that's different, although I got to read A Child's Book of Sickness and Death which was really good but a really hard read)

posted about a year ago
#15 Hellbent/brae lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

good and nice!

posted about a year ago
#37 why is granary and badlands still in the pool?? in Q/A Help
mmrarktereminder the people asking for gravelpit back never actually played it competitively
want to know what's fun? constant engineers and snipers + gimmick strategies

I played gpit and I still want it back!

posted about a year ago
#21 ether lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

very nice and good

posted about a year ago
#10 SVIFT SA overhaul roster in News
rmSpamfestI get about 200, I've been having a ton of fun playing so far though!what language do you use to communicate?

the team's comms are done in portuguese

posted about a year ago
#7 SVIFT SA overhaul roster in News
zenmodeSpuUnexpected to say the least to see Spamfest playing in a South American team
I’m really curious as to what Spamfest’s ping is to SA servers. Then again, engineer is one of the more functional classes at high ping...

I get about 200, I've been having a ton of fun playing so far though!

posted about a year ago
#12 Scout in cp_steel in TF2 General Discussion

This is what I did when I played scout on steel but different playstyles work out better for everyone so you should experiment and just do what works best for you!

Pushing A: go to A and cap it. 99% of teams won't pressure it at all, just make sure to check for random hiding spots.

Pushing B: I almost always did the bonk strat to push their players off of the high ground balc thingie on B, what that is is just using bonk and then running up the stairs, body blocking spam in order to get your players space to walk up behind you, and then go into the cubby and kill the teleporter exit that is normally there. This gives your players who want to walk through main a ton of room and if you control that area after ubers fade you should be in a pretty good spot to win B (Credit to bv for thinking up of this strat which is now really common).

Pushing C: the #1 important thing about pushing C is taking control of wishbone, as that allows you to pressure E point, force their combo to rotate off of C, and then take C mostly for free. To help with this I like to bonk through wishbone to bait out sticky traps/demo spam/their sniper's shot, and then after we control that just pressure E cap until they rotate.

Pushing D/E (most teams just ignore D for pushing): I find that there isn't much you can do for these points besides just play with your combo and help teamfight and make sure to get captime any time you safely can.

Holding A: you can hide on A point and try to contest cap/get a random kill as you will spawn in time to help hold B 99% of the time, but it almost never really does much for your team, it just has very little downside. Usually I think just positioning yourself on E to watch for rotations or on B to help with any form of early sac wave is better.

Holding B: I think this mostly depends on how your spy wants to play it, if your spy doesn't want to just sit cloak and daggered on A doing nothing but call where their team goes (be it onto E, into dropdown, or back into spawn) then you're the best class to sit in the E spawn door and call where if they go into lobby/onto E. If they send their flank to pressure cap you're one of the best classes to rotate as you can just sit in the E spawn door and spam cleavers at their capping players. However unless they're committing players into E you really want to make sure you're in position to help with the teamfight that will happen on B.

Holding C: this point is kind of weird as scout, what I did was sit on cliff, calling anyone who tried to push that direction, and if they didn't send anyone I would flank into B from cliff and try to kill their teleporter exit/win a 1v1 vs a spawner as you should be able to 1v1 most classes on that open ground or just back out easily if it starts to go bad for you. The other big option is holding E/lobby, which I think is good but requires you play with your soldier/pyro (depending on which you commit to flank) because winning DM fights as scout in such a confined space is relatively hard.

Holding D/E: as soon as they cap C I try to be in position in spawn to call anyone pushing through death hallway, as if they're able to push that by surprise that can completely catch out and wipe your team. A lot of what I try to do is just be in a position to call where their players are and where they rotate, while being close enough to my combo to rotate for DM fights. Getting an early call on if their combo rotates wishbone is really helpful for your team, and can definitely make the difference to allow you to rotate your combo quick enough to stuff them in the choke. Also, if aren't in control of lobby it's important for you or your spy to be in position to rotate onto A and kill their sniper if he is in A window, as an uncontested sniper in A window can basically just win their team complete E control.

posted about a year ago
#34 Can someone explain the benefits of playing ESEA? in TF2 General Discussion
smitty_Half of your issues have to do with your own teammates and the other half have to do with expecting to place well in the division because you have a decent amount of highlander experience. (also who cares if their team complains because they failed to field 6 on 3 different occasions)

You're playing in a league now where you will do bad unless you are naturally good at shooting people, or actually try to improve. That means pugging, demo reviews and/or practicing DM. If you're fine with improving at the pace of a snail or just want to play in steel/silver forever without trying to get better, then ugc is probably better for you.

I don't see how two of the major 3 points of his complaints (that you're paying fees just to have a broken, useless client and a complete ban on ringers) have anything to do with his own teams or him expecting to do well in the division.

posted about a year ago
#7 dispensers give twice the meta from the top in TF2 General Discussion

You can get double metal without standing on top of your dispenser; I think just pressing against the dispenser and walking towards it works (or at least I get fairly consistent results doing this), but I haven't thoroughly tested enough to say for certain. I can't remember exactly when it was changed but it's been this way for at least all of spring.

I don't think it matters a ton, it makes you marginally more efficient in certain situations but those situations don't really even come up that often, and since the limiting factor is usually how much metal is in the dispenser total rather than how fast you can get that metal from the dispenser I don't see it coming up frequently outside of like holding badwater/borneo last.

posted about a year ago
#1 spamfest lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

Hi! I thought I wasn't going to be able to play this season, but it turned out I am able to after all, so I am lft. I don't have any real preference for class but my skill is probably along the lines of: scout >>> medic >>> rest.

I've played a lot of seasons, but most recently:

ESEA O s25: Scout for The Sparkle Gang
ESEA I s26: Scout for The Sparkle Gang
ESEA I s27: Scout for The Sparkle Gang

Won RGB lan 2 playing Scout for the Sparkle Gang.

I've also played a lot of seasons of highlander engineer, and most notably won the first season of ready steady pan (in the european division).

feel free to add me!

posted about a year ago
#3 mirrorman lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

very good at both pocket and roamer and fun/nice to play on a team with!

posted about 2 years ago
#43 exile lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

very nice and good and dedicated

posted about 2 years ago
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