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#7 a thing that i am doing in TF2 General Discussion

They are giving you free bandwidth?

posted about 8 years ago
#22 Ideas for a Competive FPS Game in Off Topic

posted about 8 years ago
#2 i46 results? in TF2 General Discussion

Teams -;sectionid=1067;compid=1126;event=i46

Fixtures -

Results -

Groups/Standings -

SourceTV Relays -

posted about 8 years ago
#8 Changing country in Site Discussion


posted about 8 years ago
#7 Multiplay Insomnia i46 LAN: August 24 - August 27 in News

Wow nice work!

posted about 8 years ago
#28 Getting out of NATF2 in TF2 General Discussion
heerolook guys let's get real here. tf2 is never going to be respected as a real competitive video game, despite the best efforts of everyone in the community. everyone has this idealistic notion that we can somehow raise this game into some reputable form of an e-sport, and one day we'll make it big - maybe not as big as sc2 or dota, but big enough. tf2 might grow, but in addition to its slow growth is also its slow death. i think you all think that tf2 will grow into something that it'll never be. you guys should just enjoy the game for what it is, and have your fun while you can, because this game's never going to go anywhere significant. that's why the vicious nature of our community is so intrinsic: everyone knows everyone else, which leads to shit like this happening because it's funny to publicly shame someone that everyone understands is retarded. it wouldn't be funny or notable in a community big enough that people actually didn't know everyone, but that's not the case with tf2.

This is almost the exact message I was trying to get across to the DoD community circa 04/05 when most of the players were hopeful to get DoD on the level of CS @ the CPL. You guys are facing an uphill battle in becoming a legit e-sport, but don't take for granted what you've already accomplished. The DoD community has found a way to survive going on 11 years with an ugly broken game by embracing just that fact.

I'm just a casual TF2 player at this point (TFC was my first serious e-sport, circa 2000), but I must say that I'm incredibly impressed with the TF2 community. You guys have your shit together as far as being passionate about your competitive scene, even though your community is still quite small in the grand scheme of things, and are currently spread out across multiple community sites. Those thing will all sort themselves out in time. It all makes me feel like actually taking the time to learn how to play comp TF2, and I imagine some of the other old school players from other games feel the same way when they see what you guys have going on here. Only good things can come from that.

Excellent job on the website btw, hope MLG doesn't pull a cease-and-desist order on you for copying gotfrag (lulz).

posted about 8 years ago