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#121 who was the best player at pointless gamemodes? in TF2 General Discussion
ZestyAlso back in the day there was a guy called BAT MAN! Who constantly played direct hit in pubs.

this guy was so good I was sure he cheated. I remember adding him when I made my first team ever to ask if he wanted to play

posted about 3 years ago
#594 2016 election live results in World Events
eeei may be a libtard but my dad was never on welfare cause he couldn't find work

because i'm not the descendant of a loser

how does it feel to genetically be inferior to other people because your father is too pathetic to market himself?

This is what democrats have degenerated into, folks. Poetry. What happened to being the workingclass's voice? I guess virtuesignalling is more important now. Congratulations, look where it got you. And feels really really good to be the son of a man who worked honestly for 50 years and raised a healthy family, thanks.

posted about 3 years ago
#591 2016 election live results in World Events
eeetho it really just sounds like yr dad is a loser who needs to pull himself up by the bootstraps. What pathetic fucking cuck can't even find work lmao

a "cuck" just like those who just absolutely BTFO you libtards in america. Funny how all the people who are not affected by this for some reason don't think it's a problem

posted about 3 years ago
#588 2016 election live results in World Events
eeeIllegal immigrants are nowhere near that damaging to the US economy, and some would argue they're a benefit.

Ofcourse they are not a problem for the business owners that can get their shit done for a fraction of the price, it's the people who should actually have had the jobs who are getting screwed. And people wonder why it's these exact people who voted for him

t. son of a man who has been struggling to have steady work for years because the EU let's in all these poles and lithuanians who do all the construction work illegally for a third of the price.

posted about 3 years ago
#585 2016 election live results in World Events
Okay can someone explain how he's going to get mexico to pay for this given that it's going to be built on american soil

Basically, he is going to prevent money transfers to mexico from the US from non-citizens. We are talking billions a year, so he will propose that mexico does the one-time payment for the wall, or he will prevent the transactions, which will ensure that billions of dollars a year don't leave the country, and that will help finance the wall. He also says it is in mexicos interest as the wall would be a blow to the drug cartels which make a lot of their money selling in the US, and have become too powerful in mexico. It's all on his website, if you actually bothered to seek out more information about what he actually stands for

posted about 3 years ago
#573 2016 election live results in World Events

laughing my ass off at these protests, just a bunch of women and cucks standing outside his towers shouting FUCK YOUUUU REEEEEEEE

posted about 3 years ago
#539 2016 election live results in World Events
eeeBecause people arent experts. Experts were close to unanimously against trump. G2g sry

Slave-mentality like this is so fucking pathetic. I am not surprised at all considering what else you have been saying. Hopefully one day you decide to actually think for yourself instead of letting "experts" decide what is best for you.

posted about 3 years ago
#537 2016 election live results in World Events
eeeThe economy as a whole has improved and the ACA was definitely a big boost for anyone in true poverty.

Even if he didnt deliver, he campaigned on issues that would help instead of hurt. Wouldnt that make him better than the GOP?

You can't seem to grasp that other people don't necessarily agree with you on what helps or hurts people. For me Donald Trump ran on the promise to undo the destruction globalism has brought upon the middle and lower-middle class. All politicians campaign on issues people believe will help, how the fuck could anyone win if they campaigned on issues people universally agreed would hurt? Come on now.

posted about 3 years ago
#482 2016 election live results in World Events
whymeoReading through this thread seeing all the Trump supporters trying to say it had nothing to do with race when the only major demographic trump did well with was white people.

So like every republican ever?

posted about 3 years ago
#475 2016 election live results in World Events
georgebaiiWon't be long before Mexico invades the US to try and install a democracy. Also i'd imagine people living a rock will be like "Since when did the Apprentice relocate their studio to the White House?" Alan Sugar for PM.

How the fuck is the candidate that the establishment and all the elites wanted so desperately to lose, winning, an indicator that there isn't democracy in the US? I honestly believed they would steal it from him, like I did with Brexit. I guess that no matter how rich and powerful the globalists are, it's impossible to rig such a huge event with so many third-parties involved.

posted about 3 years ago
#894 Donald Trump in World Events
dollarlayerScissorsI'm not going to pretend that I know much about the global warming issues or details. However, pointing out that "pollution of our air, water, oceans and deforestation" as major problems seems to be the same thing since they all contribute to Global Warming anyways? or am I wrong?

please don't quote me for other people's words, I never said this

posted about 3 years ago
#893 Donald Trump in World Events
mustardoverlordI want to dispel the myth that corporations fled the U.S. because of taxes and regulations. They fled because corporations are frankenstein entities designed to increase their profits no matter what, and so they naturally move to 3rd world countries where the labor laws and average wages are so shit that there is absolutely no way we could ever match them.

I was saying all along that this was the main reason

mustardoverlordAll tax cuts to the wealthy do is limit the spending money of the middle class, which is what actually powers our economy, and keep them in debt and unable to climb the economic ladder through higher education, sustainable home ownership, etc. Real wages have been suppressed in the U.S. for decades now.

It's not all it does, it also allows for more investment. He is also not only going to lower taxes for the wealthy, he is going to lower it for everyone.

mustardoverlordIf there is one element of Trump's platform that I agree with, it is certain aspects of his protectionism, such as opposing the TPP and being heavily critical of NAFTA. This is also true of almost all true progressive candidates, so I don't really see why that has to be bundled with his tax policy and deregulations (not to mention his ludicrous statements about forcing other countries to pay more for protection or whatever).

You are a fool if you believe Hillary will not pass TPP, she has called it the golden standard before the public opinion of it shifted towards the worse, and suddenly (like many of her other positions) she suddenly changed opinion about it. Leaked emails from Podesta even revealed that she was (obviously) going to pass it regardless. And what is so ludicrous about demanding countries to actually pay for their protection? This dependance on the US is not helping anyone other than the american arms industry. This is exactly the kind of stuff he is talking about when he is saying you guys are being ripped off.

mustardoverlordWhen Trump is anti-globalist, it is for the benefit of US corporations over their rivals, not because he actually seeks to bring jobs back. Everyone with any understanding of economics realizes that those jobs are gone, and assuring that the ones we still have provide people with a decent standard of living is more important.

How exactly does it benefit the corporations not to be able to outsource to 3rd world countries without consequences anymore? Seems like mental gymnastics to me, there is a reason all the big business hates Trump. If Trump get's this through, it will be a major blow for the big global corporations and a big win for the average working man.

mustardoverlordFirst of all, conservatives have created a rhetoric false dichotomy between employment and handouts. Most of the people on welfare, food stamps, living in public housing, etc. are fully or partially employed, but a minimum wage job is not a living wage in this country. I have never seen the assertion that raising the minimum wage would lead to greater unemployment actually borne out in reality, it's just a myth created to support the ability of corporations to do whatever they want, from the side of the aisle that believes that people in entry-level menial jobs don't really 'deserve' to live off of them without climbing the ladder, even if doing so is not possible.

I agree that there needs to be a living-wage. I work a minimum wage job while studying here, and I can barely say that it is worth my time with a straight face, and I make 17USD/hour. Doesn't change the fact that having a real job good job is vastly superior to receiving welfare. It makes you independant and you are no longer a burden for the taxpayer.

mustardoverlordThere is a reason why unemployment vastly decreased under the social programs of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and increased under both Bush administrations, and it has a lot to do with tax policy creating a surplus for everyone, because the middle class stimulates the economy much more efficiently than the wealthy.

The main reason unemployment "vastly decreased" under Obama, is because A: it could pretty much only go up after 2008 and B: just like the big scandal in Brazil and elsewhere, the definition of what it means to be fully employed has been watered down. The reality is that a large majority of the jobs created, are worthless part-time minimumwage jobs that only look good as a number in a statistic. It's the same everywhere.

mustardoverlordLastly, I resent the notion that 'handouts' are just some sort of meager, temporary respite from poverty on the level of a distraction like an iphone. Social programs benefit all of society in the long run, by bolstering the working poor and enabling social mobility in the next generations. When we cut such programs, we ensure that every cent that a working class person makes has to go towards food, clothing, rent, etc., rather than education or savings.

I suppose it is very different in your country and mine, but here we have a huge problem with people not working because they don't feel it's worth it, when they can get basically the same from the welfarestate doing nothing. Anyhow, surely everybody can agree that putting these people to work is a better solution for everybody.

No matter how this turns out, it wont be pretty. It seems like there is a huge divide like I have never seen before, it's just like back here in europe. I expect massive turmoil no matter who wins. 2 years ago, I thought it was all over, but the events of lately have given me hope for the west again. It's sad how divided everyone is though, 2017+ is going to be one hell of a ride

posted about 3 years ago
#889 Donald Trump in World Events
CollaideHe doesn't care about outsourced jobs, if he did, he wouldn't produce his own ties in china.

You don't get it, do you? It's just like how people were shocked when he said that not paying taxes made him smart. All throughout this campaign, he has been talking about you have to abuse cheap outsourced labour and have to abuse loopholes in the taxlaws in order to be competitive. It's a major part of his message, I can't believe people are oblivious to this. If Trump was pro-globalism, why would he constantly be talking about how bad it is for the average american, and how he wants to to end it by slapping taxes on companies who outsource?

posted about 3 years ago
#884 Donald Trump in World Events
mustardoverlordScissorsEven if you dislike or disagree with Trump, surely you can see that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rip out the entire corrupt and broken system by it's roots and start over? Trump is going to end career politicians and big money in politics, that alone makes him a better candidate than the Goldman Sachs puppet alternative in my mind.
As much as I despise money in politics, this is such an over-simplified way of looking at things that it's ridiculous.

I want to get rid of money in politics so that the rich and powerful's influence over policy is less disproportionate than it is now. Donald Trump is one of those rich and powerful people. From a policy standpoint, he would make Goldman Sachs happier than even the most puppet-like version of a Hillary Clinton administration.

Clinton is a pragmatist and compromiser which, in my opinion, leads her astray of the true progressives in her party. Nonetheless, she will make some concessions to them, particularly in areas of tax policy and social programs (and maybe a bit in regulations as well, though not nearly as much as she should). Donald Trump advances policies that help him and hurt the little guy, regardless of popular consensus.

I want to change the establishment as much as the next guy, and that's why I will put every Clinton policy decision under a microscope as soon as she is elected, and seek to primary her out in 2020. I will not sacrifice the poor and the minorities in our country for 4-8 years just to prove a point.

Trump being one of those people doesn't mean anything, look how they all turned their backs on him once he didn't behave like a good boy, his speech at the Al Smith dinner blew my mind, that man doesn't owe them shit anymore, and he is unchained. Trump is anti globalism, and his taxcuts and economic policies are there to make sure that outsourcing for cheap labour is a thing of the past, and that new factories and businesses will operate in america. The elites are pushing globalism because it benefits them and fucks everyone else over, but they have managed to convince a good chunk of the people that virtue-signalling is more important than jobs and national health. The poor and minorities will benefit tenfold from actually being employed over getting handouts or being able to buy a cheap iPhone made with slave-labour. Personally, the only legit reason I can see for being very anti-Trump, is his views on climate change.

posted about 3 years ago
#869 Donald Trump in World Events
DaggerScissorsEven if you dislike or disagree with Trump, surely you can see that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rip out the entire corrupt and broken system by it's roots and start over? Trump is going to end career politicians and big money in politics, that alone makes him a better candidate than the Goldman Sachs puppet alternative in my mind.too bad he's a sociopath

That's not the impression I get when listening to him, I think you are getting that impression because you are used to politicians walking on eggshells and reading off scripts. He sounds just like my dad, doesn't mean he is going to start the Holocaust 2.0 Electric boogaloo like so many people seem to think for some reason.

posted about 3 years ago
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