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#6896 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 10 hours ago
#5 best lamp in TF2 General Discussion

fuck no i hate lamps

posted 2 days ago
#1 reero lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

i want to play demoman in ~low playoffs IM. Would also be down to roam/scout at low im for the right group of gamers
s28 open: (13-3)(2-1) (3rd)
s27 open: (13-3)(0-1) (10th)
s23 open: (12-4)(0-1) (10th)

posted 3 days ago
#3 donovin lft s31 in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted 4 days ago
#2 donovin lft s31 in Recruitment (looking for team)

good soldier dm, 5 ping, good at spy, vocal player that doesn't really tilt that much. I've played with him for like 4 years hes a good guy.

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posted 4 days ago
#167 ESEA to drop tf2 after season 31??? in TF2 General Discussion

inb4 csgo players all sign up for open to get the esea badge on their profile

posted 4 days ago
#157 ESEA to drop tf2 after season 31??? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 4 days ago
#10 Notre Dame Cathedral Aflame in World Events

Years and years of history up in flames. Really tragic

posted 6 days ago
#17 unholy space 2019 in Off Topic

posted 1 week ago
m0e_tvBrimstoneor u could just spend less on other thingsExactly, allocate money where it's needed instead of throwing billions in the defense budget for pointless, never-ending wars.

little did you know that only city/state governments really fix the roads, not our federal government. unless ur talking highways

posted 1 week ago
#36 froyokiller dream team (for lan) in TF2 General Discussion
Nub_DanishmustardoverlordNub_Danishmustardoverlordtf2 would be a much more teamwork oriented game if standards were higher, ie coaches and gaming houses and giant prizepools

but thats just not how it is
Not to the degree of any of the major esports where characters have built in dependencies on each other

flashbangs, smokes etc
The dependency on teammates to use grenades in coordination with you only really comes into play at a high level, but it's still there.

The same can be said for tf2, even at relatively lower levels too

posted 1 week ago
#128 Harassment in this community: It needs to stop. in TF2 General Discussion

just for the record if you make more than one alt account on twitch (or any platform) within the span of 10 minutes to make fun of someone for any reason ur just a hyper degenerate. Im certain that mireal (or someone in his cjerk) made like fifty and started spamming zike/newjuls/aims/bears stream in a single fucking night and unrelented each time until followers only mode was turned on. This happened like a month ago and im pretty sure it was mireal because he messaged zike on steam making jokes about it as it was happening. like how is it possible to try so hard to do something so retarded

posted 2 weeks ago
#70 Harassment in this community: It needs to stop. in TF2 General Discussion

The sad truth about this situation is that there isn't a lot anyone can do about it. Sure, we can try to Foster a better environment with the people who contribute to this community but that doesn't stop the glue eating mireal/tt cjerk from the non stop harassment. You can't ban them or even ostracize them from the community because literally all they do to interact with the community is gang together to be assholes. When you get paint chip consumers like mireal who make literally hundreds of twitch alts named nigr_slayer to spam several peoples twitch accounts, or you have the tt degens spam gore in jumper streaming discords that aren't even used, you're dealing with people who don't care about any possible response from the community. So sure, some people like scratch here can maybe feel the effects of community backlash but the majority are people who don't even launch tf2 anymore but still use the vast amount of free time at their disposal to pull this shit. There comes a point where you have to just block ignore and move on.

posted 2 weeks ago
#14 sad albums in Music, Movies, TV

paging donovin

posted 2 weeks ago
#344 favorite b4nny tweet? in Off Topic come tune in hes live
this is the greatest b4nny stream of all time

posted 2 weeks ago
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