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#63 TF2 Repent Thread in TF2 General Discussion

some guy's sunbeams engineer hat on outpost was so ugly and he was asking so much for it i got mad at him and got banned i didnt even want to buy it

posted 4 minutes ago
#2 ozfortress announces Season 30 in News

great video!

posted 3 hours ago
#26 Addressing Racism/Anti-LGBTQ Speech Off-Platform in TF2 General Discussion
cryosisPotchkeep the game about the game
Double edge. The game is an FPS. It isn't a contest in shitslinging insults, so why should that be accepted?

The off-platform stuff they're throwing in that thread is not enforcable, but reinforcing their stance on the platform is good. It's transparent and predictable, unlike ETF2L's approach of dice-rolling each offense and assigning (or not!) a random ban length, and much unlike the groom-infested scandals that other lesser known leagues have had in the past.

It doesn't matter how much shit they sling, it's not going to win them the game, unless the other team takes it personally like a bunch of pansies and loses their mental. + If the instigators lose after throwing shade it's just more embarrassment and that kind of grudge creates something entertaining, like b4nny and thalash @ i58.

Where is the issue? When I read things like this It's like RGL is more interested looking to be the judicator on social interaction between players more than it's ensuring a competitive setting. As if those two things have any sort of similar level of importance.

posted 5 hours ago
#4 Low FPS after few maps in TF2 General Discussion

It may be tedious but I would run a few different cfgs through changelevel a few times and see if there's anything different. Specific solution to a specific problem right?

posted 10 hours ago
#11 MiG-21bis LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

awesome demo to play against, very reliable!

posted 10 hours ago
#18 Addressing Racism/Anti-LGBTQ Speech Off-Platform in TF2 General Discussion

keep the game about the game

posted 10 hours ago
#23 Just checking if anyone still remembers me in TF2 General Discussion

welcome back king! I hope you take this recommitment far!

posted 21 hours ago
#80 Regret in Off Topic

I regret overindulging in things I didn't fully understand, thinking I knew everything better than anyone else
I regret holding onto relationships that were detrimental to me because they were the only ones I had
and I regret never focusing on myself, only what other people think of me

posted 23 hours ago
#4 this is a funny gun in The Dumpster
phoroformake a video pls

yeah idk why i didnt do that in the first place, did a gif instead

posted 23 hours ago
#2 am i noob if use ironbomber in The Dumpster

you're modern

posted 1 day ago
#7 Enough is enough. It's 2021 now. in The Dumpster

Enough is enough. It's 2021 now. We've had our fun but it's time to grow up. Let's put an end to memes and this childish copy/paste culture.

posted 1 day ago
#1 this is a funny gun in The Dumpster


posted 1 day ago
#13 ObamiD LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

awesome gamer! awesome. just awesome.

posted 1 day ago
#32 What happened to the old STAR_? in Videos

I'm glad he sees himself before what he makes, but I also don't think he realizes how much he has been appreciated and cherished in people's childhood memories in spite of that. I don't blame him for his new life and ambitions though.

posted 1 day ago
#953 unpopular tf2 opinions in TF2 General Discussion

market gardening is annoying and distracting to good roamer play

posted 1 day ago
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