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#13 Lockdown Throwdown 2 democall in Videos

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 i65 demos thread in TF2 General Discussion
redcoatzygoteanyone know if there is a place to get the STVs? specifically the grand finals would be nice

Stv demos are in, fe.
just search for one of the players to find them

posted about a year ago
#12 [S33] Class Restrictions in TF2 General Discussion

I like the concept of this, but not the execution. Unless I've been misinformed, the teams did not know about this beforehand. Asking them to choose between these restrictions or being moved up would be an option, I guess.

posted about a year ago
#1 Interested in a bit more casual team/group? in TF2 General Discussion

Im not sure should I post it here, since my goal is to find players but Im also looking for a mentoring player, its its kinda not a team but a scrim group, and its kinda a project as well.
I also posted this in steam discussions. I've answered a few questions there too
at the moment I posted this, I got 1 scout, spy and demo.

Im creating tf2 group/team(or something in between). Its ment for those interested in competitive tf2 formats or just wanting to get into party que matchmaking(when it comes out).

There are 23 player spots, me being the 24th.
Having 100+ hours in TF2, a working mic(also must download the chosen free voice chat software after its been decided(mumble,TS3 or skype)), speaking decent english and playing in EU servers makes eligible to join.
Its also preferred for you to be 14+ years old and to meet some small class based requirements(fe. soldier basic rocket jumping).

!!-Add me for discussion-!!
My profile: "";(NO PRIVATE PROFILES for safety reasons)

At first we will be hosting insider tournaments/games in highlander and 6s(with 24 we can easily play 9vs9 and at best play 4 6s team tournament). And If things go well, we can start scrimming other teams and join a competitive league either in 6s, highlander or both. At minimum we be playing in party que when matchmaking comes out.
There will be 3 events a week. First 2 being more mandatory to the level that you'll need to let me know If your not coming(If anyway possible) and 3rd being completely voluntary.
1. Tuesday 20-22 CET practice
2. Tournament/practice games/scrims in weekends
3. Open event(pubs/MvM/TF2center) thursday or friday starting either in 19:00 or 20:00 CET.

Out of the 23 spots, 2 first for each HL position(also 6s positions might affect), who meet the requirements will be allowed to join and the rest will be reserved for people who(fe. have enough experience in competitive to teach map strategies, hosts a prober server, have experience in leading a group(Ill be the leader If needed, but Id rather be the creator and let someone experienced do the leading), etc.

posted about 4 years ago