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#1 Mallory LFT Demo (Low open) in Recruitment (looking for team)

Hello, I'm Mallory. I've played comp TF2 for a couple of years, mostly in HL, but I would like to make the transition to 6s and ESEA. I'm looking for a team of chill gamers who are just looking to play TF2 together and improve as individual players and as a team.

As far as actual 6s experience goes, I've played one season of silver 6s as the main demo and scrim scheduler. I learned a lot during that season but, let's just say, I was not the standout player on that team.

Some pros:
- I do not care about losing. Some of the best games of TF2 that I played have ended in a loss. I just want to play the best game I can play.
- I have fairly decent game sense and good self-control. I rarely over-commit or die to making a rash aggressive play or to chase a frag, unless it was to support a teammate.
- I have good comms. I tend to be pretty vocal about my plans, positioning, damage and what fights I'm picking or what I'm doing. I started learning to call more specific focuses based on my damage this season, but it's still something I'm working on. Sometimes I forget and just start calling damage again.
- I am really reliable. In the past two years of competitive I have missed two scrims, and one match. I will need a more set scrim schedule though as I schedule my own work and I need to know in advance which evenings are off-limits.
- I love demo and STV reviews way too much. I try to always have a mentor to go over stuff at least once on every map.

- My DM. Yeah it's not the best. I've made a lot of progress on it but.... yeah. I regularly try to play DM servers and the like but, really, even with that it needs a lot of work.
- Sometimes my RSI prevents me from being able to do really repetitive things like jump maps. It depends on my work load.
- I am not very confident and I tend to tilt if I personally feel that I am under-performing. I never take it out on teammates or anything of the sort, but it affects what kind of fights I pick or not pick.
- Because of this, I tend to be too passive.

Yeah. Anyways. I would like to try out, at the very least. Ideally I would like a team that plays no more than 4 days a week, as I would like some time to spend with my family and friends and not have to play video games. HMU:

posted about 4 years ago
#34 im dropping out of college in Off Topic

I was in your position a few years ago and honestly dude, if you don't have much left, just finish your BSc. Like someone else said even a BSc that you never end up using opens up a lot of opportunities. I also went to uni for biology looking to get into medical school and decided I didn't want to sometime around my second year. Did some work in research (many universities have programs specifically designed to help their students get jobs while they're in school - look into something like Co-op, which is a program that starts around 3rd year that basically helps you get hired into internships, with organizations that are specifically looking for college students looking to get experience that have special agreements with your university. Also a lot of labs hire part-time students to do some low-level stuff to give them experience and they tend to pay pretty well, so look into that). But I hated research. Well, hated is a strong word I suppose, I didn't mind it, but I couldn't see myself doing it for more than a couple years.

So I finished my degree and ended up getting a job at the library, who took interest in me because of my BSc. Now I'm looking to get a masters in library science to become a full-fledged librarian because it turned out I really like the sort of people you work with at the library, and the work is pretty satisfying and pays really well.

So... yeah. My recommendation is honestly, just finish what you started, that degree will do a lot for getting better and more interesting jobs.

ETA oh yeah also my grandparents took me on a vacation of Mexico when I finally told them that I wasn't going to med school and spent the whole week non-stop telling me how I should still go to med school because that's what they wanted. It's your life dude, you can make your own decisions about it.

posted about 4 years ago
#5 Mid Open Med LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

I've played with John as demo (in 6s) and med (in HL).

Mad saws and his crossbow aim makes me never want to play ultiduo against him again (but I still do anyways). John is extremely dedicated to improving his play (he'd ask for criticism or suggestions after every scrim) and he's a very smart gamer with good mechanics (and good heal priority on med, as well as level-headed main-calling). He's also a really reliable teammate (he has missed very few scrims, and when he did, he always gave advance notice). Don't be put off by him being a bit quiet in your first few tryouts, once he gets more familiar with his teammates he's a relaxed and talkative dude.

posted about 4 years ago
#110 What was your first experience in competitive TF2? in TF2 General Discussion

I was checking the teamfortress website for comic updates and saw an announcement about some streams of competitive casts, so I decided to check them out. It was the end of both UGC and ESEA seasons so it was gearing into LANs and grand finals and all that excitement, so I kind of got sucked in. A few weeks later some kid was proudly talking about his iron HL team in a pub and I was in a good mood so I started talking to him. He ended up convincing me to try out as a sub for his team. My "tryout" was on a community Hightower server (just keeping it really classy), and my sub status ended up translating into me playing nearly every scrim and match. It wasn't a very good team, but I had enough fun to keep going on to new teams.

posted about 4 years ago
#20 My Depression Story in Off Topic

Been struggling with depression for years. Never knew it, I never had any suicidal tendencies, just always felt like I was a shitty/lazy person. It got really bad in my last year in college, which is when I found TF2 and it kind of helped me stop thinking about how much I hated myself and everything I tried to do (all of my art projects and such), and gave me an outlet to get better at something I knew I was bad at and wasn't ashamed of being bad at.

Through TF2 I met another guy who was really unwell and suicidal. I accidentally ended up becoming his counselor and it hit me hard too but I kind of recognized a lot of my own thoughts in his 3 a.m. ramblings. I eventually went to see a doctor about my state because it was having a negative effect on my relationship with my fiance and I finally saw that it was really hard on him to have to care for me. Then I got sent to a psych and diagnosed with severe depression. He bypassed recommending alternative treatments (the reason I went to see this doctor in the first place) and immediately just said "you need meds". My mother flipped out and went on about how "depression is just a mind set" and blah blah blah I just need to get happier and I wouldn't need a pharmacological intervention.

I said "fuck that noise" and went and filled the prescription. Two months later I saw the sun rise for the first time, and spent 10 hours drawing again. I still have a lot of ups and downs but after years of slowly suffocating I can finally kind of breathe again. I got two organizations that I volunteer for now, and finally my first job/career that I enjoy. I've also since then spoken to two other guys I've played with who made me think of my own thoughts back when I was really under it and convinced them to go see their doctors and get treatment. They ended up quitting video games because I guess they realized they were using them for the same thing I do and went to go do other stuff with their life. But I'm still hanging around here.

So yeah I guess moral of the story is, if you feel like you haven't been happy in a long time and you keep saying to yourself that it's because you're "lazy" and if you could just get more motivated to do stuff, you'd totally be happy, go see a doctor. You don't need to feel suicidal to be seriously fucked up.

posted about 4 years ago
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