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#360 Global whitelist unveiled in News

Honestly scrims were pretty awful today (one of the things I came to enjoy about 6s was how non-cluttered it was, and with every soldier running the cowmang with its awful-looking lazor beems and off-classes it certainly felt a lot more cluttered and, well... a lot like HL, which I left, partially because it was so cluttered). But I imagine that after a while the lazor weapon meme is going to pass and people might start settling down.

I mean. I guess I don't want to act like it's the end of the world because there are pretty valid reasons for wanting to try this, but it just kind of blows that it's happening during my first real season of 6s when I was just beginning to feel comfortable on my new class. =/

Also lower-level 6s are going to be a total shit-show.

posted about 3 years ago
#106 What are your weird in game habits/behaviour? in TF2 General Discussion

I have a terrible absolutely-not-for-long-time-computer-use fancy designer chair so I always bring my leg up to rest my mouse hand on my knee like an arm rest. No that's not good for me.

swagmachineidk everyone probably had a phase when they just started playing where they'd get cold hands. thats why i always wore warm socks :>

I legit have "gamer socks" that I don't wear for any other purpose because I'm afraid I'll wear them out and then that comfort would be gone D:

posted about 3 years ago
#8 bleh lft any class in Recruitment (looking for team)

I played with bleh for two seasons of HL and one of 6s when he lead and kinda mentored our team of friends. I actually initially ended up picking him up on my old HL team because, after he added me for a tryout, we ended up accidentally running into each other in a pug and he was super chill and positive even though the teams were really unbalanced. So I knew that this was someone I absolutely needed on my team - you get a lot of tryouts who fake a nice personality in their tryout and then bring out their real negative attitude later on. But he's genuinely a really nice person - and on top of that he's a really smart gamer even though he loves to pretend that he's not. And he's a fragger on basically every class. Give him a tryout, he deserves a good team.

posted about 3 years ago
#102 Everyone thank the production team ITT in TF2 General Discussion

Thank you to everyone involved in this! This honestly felt like an incredibly unique experience, between the chemistry with the analysts and casters, as well as their knowledge of both the game and the players. The little ribs and jokes just kinda made it a really cool and personalized production.

And yes of course there were technical issues, there always are, but this was just... great. Really great.

posted about 3 years ago
#132 Crowns are gold at Insomnia58 in News
fiyahstormI think what we have here is another chance to explore a another type of player. Many people have describe that main calling was a key player skill that one player on a team had to develop. What we have done is taken that away and given it to someone else. This represents an opportunity for a new type of player to come onto the scene and join teams. A player that for whatever reason can't play or does not excel in technical skill, but is very good tactically. These people previously had no place to go where this gives them a place. It opens the game up to more people, it adds another dynamic for teams to consider.

I... am honestly not ok with that. I say this as someone who has extremely weak DM skills (for various reasons, which include RSI in both hands from work that prevents me from being able to play this game for more than two hours at a time without taking painkillers) and most of the reasons for why better teams played with me in the past was because of my calls and game sense, so I actually would fall into the category of someone who "doesn't excel in technical skill but is very good (well.... relatively) tactically".

I'm really really not ok with the implication that there's now an opportunity to get to the top by either being really good at DM or really good at calling, not both, as it currently is. I think the current limitation on what it takes to be at the top (being both smart and mechanically proficient) is good. I'm not saying that coaches are going to be like the brain of the whole team of braindead DM lords or whatever, I know it's not possible to think THAT hard for someone else, but it will still reduce the individual intelligence and decision-making required to play on a top team, and it will also devalue the intelligence aspect while elevating the importance of DM (which I think is the exact opposite of what you're hoping to achieve).

Coaches who can sit with their team and spectate the match through your plugin/listen to comms silently and provide input during pauses/half-times/whatever are totally fine though, and if someone wants to do that then all the power to them. Being involved in comms and real-time decision-making (as kaidus said he did) is I think where most of the community draws the line.

Disclaimer, I absolutely am not trying to make any statement about Crowns' victory, they just took advantage of an opportunity that was given to them and IMO being salty about how they won and saying shit like they "didn't deserve it" after it already happened is kinda dumb. Congrats to them on their hard-fought victory.

But I don't want to see this sort of coaching again in competitive TF2.

posted about 3 years ago
#7 Insane Paulsen transformation into a human in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 3 years ago
#89 The 4th place curse in LAN Discussion

[*] I went in not really caring who to cheer for at i58 but they were so, so entertaining to watch that I got transformed into a believer, hoping they could bring it all the way to a win.

posted about 3 years ago
#40 i58 UF: froyotech vs. Crowns eSports Club in Matches
XenWhats this weird shit where you can have a "coach" spectating and calling everything for your team?

It was the reason why dreamhack didn't have time to go into a 5th map, was an argument about allowing coaches or something like that. They made the announcement that coaches were going to be allowed at i58.

Kaidus is trying to compensate for his physical inability to play the game. I mean on the one hand I feel for the guy, I have RSI too from work and I'm starting to consider how I'm going to feel where I can't play anymore. But on the other hand it's kind of a huge advantage to have a 7th player who's over-seeing your whole team, who can stabilize the team around that perspective rather than having to piece together 6 players' perspectives. I don't know if this is a necessary addition to TF2.

posted about 3 years ago
#7 getting overwhelmed when playing med in Q/A Help

From one low-level medic to another: feel free to inform your team that they are all very low health and need to consider backing the hell out. Your teammates are a lot less likely to be aware that they're all piss-poor health than you, so they might just be thinking, oh, I'm the only one hurt we can keep fighting. No. Tell them "we have bad heals/positioning (it's usually both when you're starting out because the second your teammates start taking damage they start shrinking back to their medic and suddenly you're all on low ground with poor health), we need to leave". You can call that you're tanking either a demo or a soldier to lay covering fire and the rest of you need to GTFO without taking damage.

You can also kind of start to see if you can recognize a pattern where healing one player is more important than another. Like say you're all low health near a choke - you probably want to have your spammy classes as healthy as possible so that they can spam out that choke and hold off the other team, giving you some breathing room, time to grab some health packs and whatever. Maybe you're backing out completely, so it's better for you, the medic, to heal the scouts so you can back up faster and also have them healthy enough to deny anyone who attempts to jump you or your teammates. Etc. I can't really give advice on this because I'm bad myself so you'd probably be better off asking a more experienced mentor.

If your teammates are making you pressured by bitching at you, seriously, either tell them to shut up or no joke go find a new team that's more mature. Med is already stressful, nobody has any right to make it any worse by trying to sway your decision for the sake of their own stats when they're probably fucking up just as much as you (by taking damage they shouldn't be). They need to learn that they are playing as a TEAM and sometimes it means giving up your own health to tank someone more useful. Like one of the things me (the demo) and my pocket are working on now is rotating aggression and heals so that we're not taking the same spam damage and that lets our medic have a clear understanding of whom he needs to tank at any given time. Ideally everyone on the team is constantly thinking about how many heals they're taking up and how to spread it out so that your team is always functioning at the best intersection between good aggression and good health.

posted about 3 years ago
#73 tftv safe space (no harassment plz) in Off Topic

I play TF2 because I'm too afraid to pursue my dream.

I mean, ok, taking that back, I started playing TF2 when I was in a really bad place in my life with severe undiagnosed depression and working two jobs and finishing my degree, which was like, slowly sapping my will to live. So TF2 took care of that. Now I got help, graduated, finally got a job that I really enjoy and that has decent career prospects.

But I can't bring myself to pick up the thing I love. I drew and told stories since I was very very young, my mother still has collections of shit I made up and stories she taped me telling when I was a toddler and could barely talk. But every time I pull out my binders of notes again all I can see is how everything is below my expectations, how there are so many mistakes in my designs, how my stories could be fancier, more fascinating and interesting and I worry about the fact that someone is going to look at it and go "oh, so this is just like this other story I read somewhere, only worse". So I just go and do the job that's safe (ironically, one that has me working with people who DID take the step and actually produced something) and then come home to play TF2 and read and forget that I have all these binders of ideas that I'm too afraid to actually commit to.

posted about 3 years ago
#9 Mallory LFT Demo (Low open) in Recruitment (looking for team)

Bump! Had some tryouts with nice people, but I would like some more!

I guess I'm also willing to try out medic for a good team. I am a much better med than demo though so, my standards for teams are a bit higher. I've played med seriously only in HL but I also have a lot of pug experience. My game sense on medic is pretty good, so once I adjust to playing it in 6s I believe I would do really well. Still mostly interested in demo but, I guess I'll keep my options open.

posted about 3 years ago
#7 Mallory LFT Demo (Low open) in Recruitment (looking for team)

I forgot to mention but, I'm an adult with a job, so I can pay for myself as well as pay for a scrim server and mumble and all that. I might be able to pay for someone else too but, my job isn't that good :3

posted about 3 years ago
#1 Mallory LFT Demo (Low open) in Recruitment (looking for team)

Hello, I'm Mallory. I've played comp TF2 for a couple of years, mostly in HL, but I would like to make the transition to 6s and ESEA. I'm looking for a team of chill gamers who are just looking to play TF2 together and improve as individual players and as a team.

As far as actual 6s experience goes, I've played one season of silver 6s as the main demo and scrim scheduler. I learned a lot during that season but, let's just say, I was not the standout player on that team.

Some pros:
- I do not care about losing. Some of the best games of TF2 that I played have ended in a loss. I just want to play the best game I can play.
- I have fairly decent game sense and good self-control. I rarely over-commit or die to making a rash aggressive play or to chase a frag, unless it was to support a teammate.
- I have good comms. I tend to be pretty vocal about my plans, positioning, damage and what fights I'm picking or what I'm doing. I started learning to call more specific focuses based on my damage this season, but it's still something I'm working on. Sometimes I forget and just start calling damage again.
- I am really reliable. In the past two years of competitive I have missed two scrims, and one match. I will need a more set scrim schedule though as I schedule my own work and I need to know in advance which evenings are off-limits.
- I love demo and STV reviews way too much. I try to always have a mentor to go over stuff at least once on every map.

- My DM. Yeah it's not the best. I've made a lot of progress on it but.... yeah. I regularly try to play DM servers and the like but, really, even with that it needs a lot of work.
- Sometimes my RSI prevents me from being able to do really repetitive things like jump maps. It depends on my work load.
- I am not very confident and I tend to tilt if I personally feel that I am under-performing. I never take it out on teammates or anything of the sort, but it affects what kind of fights I pick or not pick.
- Because of this, I tend to be too passive.

Yeah. Anyways. I would like to try out, at the very least. Ideally I would like a team that plays no more than 4 days a week, as I would like some time to spend with my family and friends and not have to play video games. HMU:

posted about 3 years ago
#34 im dropping out of college in Off Topic

I was in your position a few years ago and honestly dude, if you don't have much left, just finish your BSc. Like someone else said even a BSc that you never end up using opens up a lot of opportunities. I also went to uni for biology looking to get into medical school and decided I didn't want to sometime around my second year. Did some work in research (many universities have programs specifically designed to help their students get jobs while they're in school - look into something like Co-op, which is a program that starts around 3rd year that basically helps you get hired into internships, with organizations that are specifically looking for college students looking to get experience that have special agreements with your university. Also a lot of labs hire part-time students to do some low-level stuff to give them experience and they tend to pay pretty well, so look into that). But I hated research. Well, hated is a strong word I suppose, I didn't mind it, but I couldn't see myself doing it for more than a couple years.

So I finished my degree and ended up getting a job at the library, who took interest in me because of my BSc. Now I'm looking to get a masters in library science to become a full-fledged librarian because it turned out I really like the sort of people you work with at the library, and the work is pretty satisfying and pays really well.

So... yeah. My recommendation is honestly, just finish what you started, that degree will do a lot for getting better and more interesting jobs.

ETA oh yeah also my grandparents took me on a vacation of Mexico when I finally told them that I wasn't going to med school and spent the whole week non-stop telling me how I should still go to med school because that's what they wanted. It's your life dude, you can make your own decisions about it.

posted about 3 years ago
#5 Mid Open Med LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

I've played with John as demo (in 6s) and med (in HL).

Mad saws and his crossbow aim makes me never want to play ultiduo against him again (but I still do anyways). John is extremely dedicated to improving his play (he'd ask for criticism or suggestions after every scrim) and he's a very smart gamer with good mechanics (and good heal priority on med, as well as level-headed main-calling). He's also a really reliable teammate (he has missed very few scrims, and when he did, he always gave advance notice). Don't be put off by him being a bit quiet in your first few tryouts, once he gets more familiar with his teammates he's a relaxed and talkative dude.

posted about 3 years ago
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