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#11696 stream highlights in Videos


posted 5 days ago
#5 airshot clip/democall in Videos

stvs only sorry
not sure what the exact standards are, feel free to use only what you like

EDIT : added frags from my bro ronz to the folder cause he'd never have the energy to do it himself

posted 1 week ago
#33 How did you get into TF2 and then TF2 comp? in TF2 General Discussion

had been sick for two weeks non stop at home and finished all the games I had back then, figured I'd try out whatever was free on Steam and could run on my mom's laptop, this game looked ok, thought it would keep me occupied for a couple days and I'd forget about it upon returning to school. here we are 8 years later

for comp I just randomly got asked in an upward pub if I was interested in playing comp by a guy who'd seen me hit a baby airshot and suddenly realized I was the chosen one for his UGC Steel team. he wasn't wrong.

posted 2 weeks ago
#8126 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


NTF2CL fragmovie

posted 4 weeks ago
#2 top5rocket reaches the top level once more in News

You forgot to change before "pushing" lol

or maybe "FUCK" means "change before pushing", who knows, tf2 vocabulary expands everyday

posted 1 month ago
#9 The least serious democall ever, part 3 in Videos

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pJxd6EP54_3WolzdL_qvkRn-cgx-YVPt/view?usp=sharing stv
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dxCLCQpWFj5-WqM0NbLHwiCvouk219LN/view?usp=sharing stv

posted 1 month ago
#3 S38 Prem Predictions! in TF2 General Discussion


top 3 up for upsets p sure

posted 1 month ago
#1 ETF2L S38 Prem Quali: Ora Elektro vs. Virtus.bro in Matches

let's gooo ronzy et juxta

posted 1 month ago
#3810 PC Build Thread in Hardware
SetsulYou are aware that most GPUs have "target temperatures" like 83°C? Are you going to stop buying those too?

So you want to buy a CPU with a boost mechanism designed to pour on voltage as long as the temperatures are safe, which AMD considers anything below 90°C, you want to overclock it, cool it with a single tower air cooler, and not have it reach 70°C under load.
Do you see how that might be a problem?

Accept the temperatures or disable PBO, maybe even boost, and don't even think about overclocking.

My question was solely meant to clarify whether or not I should be worried about such temperatures being reached. Obviously if those are the intended temperatures like on GPUs for which I am aware that there are such "target temperatures" indeed and AMD deem them perfectly normal and safe, I am willing to accept them. I had already heard about Ryzen chips running quite hot in general so I wasn't scared or anything, just asking to make sure doesn't hurt for a 450 euros CPU upgrade. I think I've said a couple times that I'm not really intending to overclock the 5800X anyway, PBO should be my go-to probably, with Noctua NH-U12S or be quiet! Dark Rock 4. Unless you think I should secure a double tower for PBO ? Again it's not so much about the temperatures per se, I'm not going to freak out if I see 80°C in Hardware Monitor, but I am if I get a shutdown. I also need to clarify whether Ryzen Master or BIOS is best to optimize boosts, voltage and the resulting temperatures. Do you know more about this ?

SetsulWhat do you mean, the architecture is unoptimized in terms of surface area? If AMD wanted a larger area they could just go back to 14nm, where Intel is stuck, and produce 8 core CPUs that need 200W instead of 100W. Are those easier to cool thanks to their larger surface area? Well, not really, because 200W.

What do you mean, "some sort of nerfed 5950-5900X"? How does having the same TDP imply them being similar CPUs? Why did you think CPUs with the same architecture would be completely different? What is the 5600X in your opinion, since it got a different TDP? What are the 5800 and 5900 (non-X) with their 65W TDP? A beefed up 5600X? Because those are all the same chips. 5600X and 5800(X) is one 8 core chip and the 5900(X) and 5950X are two chips. Yes, two chips are exactly twice as large as one.
Yes, to absolutely no one's surprise having twice the cores at half the power consumption each spread across twice the area (because, you know, the cores are the same size?) is easier to cool. You can get that by simply underclocking the 5800X massively and running it at 3.775 GHz when all cores are active, just like the 5950X would, instead of the 4.450 GHz the 5600X and 5800X usually run at with all cores active.
If you overclock the 5950X to get the same clockrate as the 5800X on all cores then suddenly, magically, the power consumption doubles and it is much harder to cool.

Why do you expect a BIOS update to lower temperatures?

I must admit I completely fucked up on clarifying whatever I meant with that, not even sure now what it was, guess I mostly wanted to show that I'm not asking here stupidly before having done any personal research and taking your free time for granted. Thanks for the explanation.

SetsulWell for PCIe 4.0 to matter for SSDs you'd need an SSD that saturates the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0 x4. So if you don't plan on getting an SSD capable of more than 4 GB/s the difference will probably be marginal. The USB 3.2 is more interesting. SLI support is kind of pointless since you'd need to first find an nVidia GPU that even supports SLI these days. x8 vs x4 would make a difference for Crossfire though, if you were planning on doing that.

I'm pretty sure I'm getting the Mushkin Pilot-E 500 which maxes out at 3,5 GB/s so I probably won't benefit from it in that department. No GPU upgrade is on my mind for the next 1 or 2 years, let alone two GPU upgrades so I don't think I'm interested in securing potential for Crossfire or SLI. As for the USB 3.2, I guess I would care for when I do backups, but since I only do them once every couple of weeks (maybe a bit more often if I've been working a lot), unless the gain in time is massive, I probably don't mind sticking with PCIe 3.0. Am I missing any potential impact from 3.2 outside of that ? I can't think of any in gaming at least.

SetsulMindfactory is reliable.

Thanks !

posted 2 months ago
#3800 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Well upon looking for further info on coolers like RAM and PCIe clearance (because I'm considering adding two more sticks of DDR4-3200 someday maybe, and my two sticks are some G.Skill Ripjaws 5 CL16 with 42 mm clearance, so unless I'm wrong and don't need the exact same sticks I have to keep that in mind), case space or acoustics and thermals, I have stumbled upon many threads or articles about the 5800X running very hot even on the most high-end cooling, like 90°C in stress tests constant and >80°C in many basic scenarios (I don't really care about stress test temps obviously, since they're not necessarily realistic for my use case). However some people say it's nothing to worry about and something to be expected with this Gen of Ryzen and especially the 5800X, and argue that those temperatures are safe, while some others view these as worrying. Doubt on this matter would push me back towards the 5600X but I'm not sure what to think of this (and even the 5600X seems to not be so great in terms of temps). Do you have an opinion on those temperatures ? If the power draw remains in expected values and no shutdown is triggered because of the temperatures (it seems like pretty much nobody's reported such shutdowns indeed), do those temps even matter ? I've also read that they have to do with the architecture being unoptimized in terms of the surface being used to dissipate heat, and it having to do with the fact that the 5800X is some sort of nerfed 5950-5900X or something (which the TDPs being 105W for all 3 would confirm I guess ?). And that undervolting and improving airflow could make for good improvements like 5°C or so, along with a rumored BIOS improvement update since then to manage these too (since most threads are from November or so) ?

Otherwise I had thought about B450 vs B550 a little bit yes, but I'm not sure whether I need most features, especially Gen 4 PCIe since I've read that most SSDs that use Gen4 don't really show performance improvements that justify the price gap. Or that market is still a bit young idk. Am I wrong ?

Also on a completely different topic, how reliable is Mindfactory ? Cause they seem to have really good prices on many components (according to Geizhals) but I don't know much about german shops.

posted 2 months ago
#3798 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Alright, I've given it a bit more thought and I'm pretty sure now that I'm going to buy the 5800X.

I've looked at the B450 options you listed, couldn't really find the Mortar consistently but the Tomahawk seems good. My only question is about the two versions I found in ATX, being Max (7C02-020R) and Max II (7C02-014R), is there a difference that justifies the slight price gap (~5-7 euros) ? I couldn't really notice one myself but I'm no expert.

For the cooler, since PBO might be interesting as you suggested, and since ideally the kind of temps I would want to keep are like a max of ~70-75°C at full load for a little bit of durability (if that's a stupid goal feel free to disagree), I've mostly been looking at the be quiet! Dark Rock 4 and Noctua DH-U14S, which I can find for 59 and 68 euros respectively. That is, two of the best single tower coolers, and midrange coolers on the global scale as you suggested. Do you have a recommendation between the two ? Or do I need a dual tower cooler like the Dark Rock Pro 4 or NH-D15 instead for that temperature goal ?

Also you mentioned "4 SR DIMMs" but I'm not entirely sure what that refers to precisely ? Is it not the classic 4-slot DDR4 DIMM that seems to be pretty standard and is to be found on the Tomahawk like on most motherboards ? Sorry about being completely ignorant on that part.

posted 2 months ago
#25 Refresh: cp_gullywash in Map Discussion

slightly off-topic but are you guys planning on doing a sunshine refresh too at some point ? if so it's probably an obvious fix and one of the first you'd tackle I suppose but the lighthouses being so inconsistent for jumping are a real setback on 2nd in terms of map flow in my opinion.

posted 2 months ago
#3796 PC Build Thread in Hardware

No, higher resolution definitely doesn't matter for me, at least not for a couple more years at least.

I guess with those last arguments I'm probably not going to go for the 10700K, especially if both 5600X (even overclocked) and 5800X can fit on the old PSU.

Now I realize maybe I could consider going a bit overkill since I don't buy components all that often at all, so given that the 5800X is not worth overclocking (and might be tight for the PSU if oc'd) from what I've read, I would see 3 buying scenarios if I keep that PSU then : one for a 5600X that I don't overclock (if I want to keep my money), one for a 5600X that I do overclock, and one for a 5800X that I don't overclock.

Would you have a mobo and cooler recommendation for each of these scenarios ? Or if that's a bit too much work, just an estimate of the combo price for each scenario ?

posted 2 months ago
#3794 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Alright, thanks for the useful graph and info !

How big is the gap in performance between the 5600X @4.7 GHz and i7-10700K @5.1 GHz ? I believe we've mostly talked about the gap at stock, that's why I'm asking, and I've mostly only found benchmarks at stock too. Would it justify paying for a new PSU ? (assuming similar prices for mobo+cooler no matter what CPU I choose)

The only thing that would bother me is choosing the W of the PSU I would get if I were to change in any case, since I could end up upgrading my 1070 in a few years, and would then be annoyed if I had to change the PSU again just because of average midrange (70-ish) GPUs' power usage values being really high at that point in time (not sure if there is a way to make a good assumption on how power consumption will evolve in the next few years in the GPU department).

posted 2 months ago
#3792 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Yeah I realize most of what I said is incoherent, and no matter how I try to think about it, the 5800X is probably not worth it. So it's really either 5600X or 10700K.

We have around 10-20% better performance for the 10700K in rendering as you said, and slightly better performance from the 5600X in games and editing. Does that remain true when you go up on overclocks for both ? And do the thermals and power consumption discrepancies remain at a similar ratio when the overclock makes both of them go up too ?

If I really think about it, my time in video work is mostly going to be editing for like 90% of the time, and 10% rendering anyway, since the type of videos I do require quite a bit of time in editing. So maybe the gap in rendering doesn't matter that much, and I'm trying to shift to better GPU use in rendering with Voukoder and other plugins as of recently anyway.

My 1070 is the EVGA SC Gaming Black Edition, I haven't overclocked it myself but I believe it is by default like most aftermarket graphic cards ? My PSU is fine for stock clocks I suppose yes but how far will I be able to go in overclocking with it ? Is 5.1 GHz on the i7 or 4.7 GHz on the Ryzen 5 (which I believe is the typical max OC target ?) manageable with a good motherboard and that PSU ? (if the cheaper and equally good move is a better PSU and a cheaper motherboard then I'm down obviously but I doubt it based on what you said with the mobos)

posted 2 months ago
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