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#11 How can I improve myself competitively? in Mentoring

Scout is all about making good decisions and DM. Don't matter how good your decisions are if you can't hit shots and doesn't matter how good your DM is if you make stupid decisions (well, in higher levels anyway).

Really when you've only got 11 hours in the game you should just play the game more, understand the mechanics and realise what you can and cannot do as a class. And hit more shots. Pub more, read the wiki (especially the standard stuff like damage, dps, health, unlocks).

As for people telling you to use different loadouts... Meh, stock is fine for scout, if you can't do much as a standard scout you're not going to be contributing much more running milk. Better to focus on the fundamentals of hitting scatter shots and dodging damage than be stuffing around with unlocks.

Entertaining viewers and playing to get better require two different approaches to playing. Play in your own time and use your brain power to think about the game instead of trying to entertain.

Don't expect much improvement until you hit 100 hours on any given class when starting out. Don't be discourage but there are people with 1000 hours on scout and still improving and people with 4000 hours in the game and still improving.

posted about 7 years ago
#6 Monitor not finding signal. in Hardware

If it really is your monitor it's probably easier to try and find a monitor on craigslist. The acer doesn't look like it's anything special (correct me if I'm wrong) so any cheapo second hand would be fine and you can usually find a few or even on street corners.

When it's not giving a signal did you try another monitor?

Sorry to say this but before my GPU died it kind of did the exact same thing, wouldn't give a signal. Eventually it started BSOD'ing and giving me artifacts, got a new card and it's been fine.

posted about 7 years ago
#12 Stuck in insecure mode? in Q/A Help

If you play pirated games/no CD/no DRM this can happen.

posted about 7 years ago
#359 ESEA and CEVO in TF2 General Discussion

Seems to me the only reason people are sticking up for ESEA is that it's the only LAN in town.

Why don't we just make our own league and then have the LAN be the i-series LAN? League fees minus expenses goes to the 10,800 tickets with the remainder getting raised by the community if not enough.

You'll always get competition. And since it's only one spot there won't be any dicking around if there's only 2 good teams, they each will want to have the flawless record to challenge for the LAN spot.

Plus the LAN will be an amazing experience (practically everyone who's gone has said it's an awesome event) and it almost doesn't matter where you place.

Sure you only have 1 LAN per year, but it's a much, much bigger LAN with the chance to fight the world's best, and not just 1 or 2 other teams (there have been at max 3 teams each season that can challenge for number 1).

It doesn't really matter for the rest of the divisions because they don't get LAN anyway and the prize pool is pretty small regardless.

And if you really want to have 2 seasons per year then maybe make 1 the seeding season where your team gets ranked and the next season is the LAN season for invite. Teams with stable rosters gets precedence over teams with significant roster changes, encouraging teams to have continuity throughout at least 2 seasons. Maybe have the proceeds of the seeding season go to a prizepool and the fundraising for the LAN season so you're raising the 10k over 2 seasons and have a comparable prize pool to ESEA for the smaller teams.

It just doesn't make sense to drag everyone through what is plainly a broken organiszation just because the top of invite desperately wants 2 LANs and maybe a third through community donations.

posted about 7 years ago
#3 [Frag Movie] Fenrir - Trailer in TF2 General Discussion

Don't want to sound harsh but we don't really need trailers for frag vids. Just make it and release it.

posted about 7 years ago
#3 Simple guide to compositing and smoothing in TF2 General Discussion
fsXDbasically reddit posts


Yea those posts on reddit are what inspired me to look up some cinematography techniques that I tried to incorporate into frag movies that I've made. The rule of thirds however is pretty well known to any photographer.

The first album was something I made myself and have only posted here, also the two frag movies are both mine.

posted about 7 years ago
#1 Simple guide to compositing and smoothing in TF2 General Discussion


I prefer to keep my frag vids more frag orientated and less artsy but smooths are inevitable in trying to kill time, setup frags, show additional information. Although it can be hard in the source engine (since you don't have total control over how the engine moves the camera, you can only really create a few key frames) I try to keep some simple rules in mind in order to make sure my smooths are at least pleasing to the eye and a bit cinematic.

Here's some more advanced stuff that's used in the real movies



Here are the frag vids that I used as examples


posted about 7 years ago
#1 frag vid, pretty standard stuff in TF2 General Discussion


middies, meatshots, streaks and snipes set to music

posted about 7 years ago
#19 [Frag Video] Menn at Work in TF2 General Discussion

should upload it to mega or vimeo if you need somewhere that allows streaming

posted about 7 years ago
#20 6s tips with huhy! in TF2 General Discussion
KanecoJas, honestly I think the speed buff played a role there, even if it was some mili seconds, it was enough to deny the defending team the possibility of getting on point in time, besides, the defense buff also helps tanking damage

But speed wasn't really important, the post-uber push just had to have happened before both teams got uber again (since no players were damaged during the uber fight, you're not really re-pushing on damage.

This video made it seem what made the push was the concheror and new players will immediately think, oh, we need to run the conch to push this point and if we don't have it, the push won't work.

Where as more important in this clip are;
-The post-uber fight
-The positioning of the demo to spam the point as the point gets baited
-Dealing with the pyro defence
-The concept of collapsing on a team
-Ways in which you can bait the enemy team into putting themselves in a position where they can get collapsed on (baiting point for lasts, and on non-last fights it's usually done with trading your uber for position forcing the other team into choosing a worse position or getting out entirely).

Perfect example:

I liked it. For shame that this only applies to esea because etf2l likes to ban everything that is fun.
P.S you can obviously tell that the score is 5:1 :D

Not really true, this push can be executed using vanilla unlocks.

posted about 7 years ago
#13 6s tips with huhy! in TF2 General Discussion

Uhh... I'm pretty sure the conch wasn't the reason that they won that point?

Lanksy gets a solo uber to try and force the other team to multi, doesn't really work out and it looks like their goal was simply to get an uber exchange to happen so that neither team has uber.

The important point here is that on last pushes, often it's not the uber fight that determines if you cap it or not but the post-uber fight.

Gully is unique in that it's the only map where you can run scouts to the point without having to uber them since there is a river route that takes you under.

On a standard map to run a scout onto the point the scout either has to sacrifice himself or get a flash of the uber, and once you're on point the enemy combo can just use their uber to block the point, buying the 3 or so seconds needed for the demo to lay stickies on the point again (he would have det them to kill the initial baiting player) or have a soldier/heavy drop down and sit on the point. Also, in order to bait the point (or edging the point, walking close to the capture zone and then backing off so you don't die to the stickies) you have to be basically in the middle of last and everyone can shoot you (think badlands last) but in gully you are in the relative safety of the river area which is enclosed.

By having an uber exchange at shutter door and then doing a repush with scouts baiting point from lower you force the enemy team to commit bodies onto the point to block once the demos det his stickies. Once you have the defending team committing bodies to block the point all you have to do is keep your demo alive and buffed to spam the point and collapse on the enemy team.

This is a textbook point-bait and collapse that followed a uber cycle. The conch played no part.

The conch's speed boost would be negligble when travelling such a short distance (from river to cap point).

Also the reason iT won this point was more about lit's incompetence rather than iT's play or iT's use of the conch.

Firstly, lit's medic wasn't pressured at all, Lansky was doing shit all with the uber, in fact, you can see most of the uber gets wasted back in lobby (since they weren't trying to do anything with the uber, they just wanted to see the other team uber as well). Lit's medic could have easily held that uber charge (even let the pyro die, trading a pyro for them having to use uber and you don't is a big win and a good trade, don't use your uber to save your pyro if you as a medic can survive). Now iT has used uber and Lit hasn't, good luck trying to push with that. Lit's medic should have kept the healing beam on the pyro and as Lansky gets walked in with the uber the medic should have run away to hide behind the heavy, let the pyro die and waste 50% of the uber, now Lansky has to make his way to the back of the point and take down a heavy to <100HP to force the pop in 4 seconds, an impossible task.

Most likely lit's medic was playing it safe, MOST of the time when the enemy medic pops it's almost a free pop for you, since the worst that can happen is that you get even ubers again on the next uber cycle but if you don't pop the worst that can happen is that you drop it and they get to fight uber v non-uber. I watched the cast and lit's medic was popping every time Lansky ubered in, even if Lansky didn't do anything with the uber. Even the casters were saying the pops were too conservative.

Secondly, once the point started to be baited lit did nothing, they just let them cap. A heavy should never be alive at the end of a last defence, all his health should be used up to force the enemy team to use their ammo on shooting a 450 russian. The fact that the heavy wasn't on the point, was still alive meant that it was a pointless play to run the heavy, you didn't maximise his health advantage over other classes.

posted about 7 years ago
#18 Team Names and Casts in TF2 General Discussion

I don't think any one cares enough to take notice of a team name with profanity in it as long as the casters aren't giggling like 12 year olds every time they read it.

Read the name on the intro, introduce a shortened version of the name (casters do this anyway as reading the full name during a play by play is difficult) and then move on.

posted about 7 years ago
#14 Team Names and Casts in TF2 General Discussion
fsXDmilehighmilitiaWho decides what is inappropriate? swearing? seriously? Why does the full name of a team really have to be g rated if a simple shorthand name would do for casting?

Call them Mason's Babies and get on with your life.

this isnt an issue of whos going to call their mommy about the names, its about professionalism and the fact that people dont want to come back and watch again after seeing WE WANT FUCK vs. Masons Baby Back Bitches

Well it's good to see tf.tv going after the baby boomer segment.

All I know is that I haven't met any one in my age group that is offended or turned off by swearing, especially in video games.

Also, seems kind of weird you'd draw that line when every time a cast gets front paged the casters thank Twitch John and mention his twitter is John's Fat Cock.

Fat cock is good but Bitches is over the line.

I'll never understand you Americans and your swearing.

posted about 7 years ago
#5 tf2 quake dm server in TF2 General Discussion

link to dl map? Would love to maybe get a few servers in aus to have this map

posted about 7 years ago
#30 TF2 Stream Viewership in TF2 General Discussion

Just basing it off of that screenshot alone I'll tell you the reason why I wouldn't watch any of those streams.

I recognize only a few names, most are unknowns, sorry but I don't want to watch people play a game that may or may not be only slightly better at it than me and I don't know them.

None of them are really charismatic or interesting to watch, the exception maybe Mangachu but I haven't really watched his stream so I can't say.

The streams I've always watched consistently are anyone who's in a top 4 team in etf2l/esea, people who are funny to listen to like Cbear or DJC, the official streams from TF.TV and VTV (except if Mia is casting, I just don't like her voice, nothing against her casting although last time I watched it was pretty bad too).

And I'd watch anything with Ruwin in it.

I loved watching Cbear doing an impromptu scrim cast (I think I only watched it once due to timezone differences).

posted about 7 years ago
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