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#53 movies or shows you think everyone should watch? in Music, Movies, TV

the pianist

posted about 8 years ago
#29 Mousepad recommandation in Hardware

i've had a qck, then a puretrak talent and now a zowie g tf-x.
The zowie is the newest one by far, there have been no changes for the qck and puretrak (not that i know of to be fair). The Zowie feels like a mix between hard pad and soft cloth, while being gentle on your mousefeet and still fast. It has stitched edges (hooray) and a very grippy base. It feels a tad slower than a fresh puretrak talent, but much more consistent and it feels like it will hold this consistency for a while. In the summer i had problems with the puretrak and sweat (light sweat but still sweat) where it would have loads of friction in some places but little in others.
That's why im staying away from old cloth pads atm, the tf-x doesnt soak up anything and feels great and very well made (no edges fraying out, or any errors in production).
It obviously comes with the price, qck+-heavy is like 20-25€, puretrak talent costs me 25€ and the zowie g-tf x (which is bigger than both by a bit) cost me 35€. i hope it will be worth it, had it for three months now. I guess it will last me much longer than my puretrak (~6 months till it became uncomfy, 1 year till barely unusable).

posted about 8 years ago
#28 dota 2 reborn in Other Games


source 2 is now out for beta

posted about 8 years ago
#204 giving away an awp asiimov battle scarred in Off Topic


posted about 9 years ago
#25 Looking for girls to play TF2Pickup.net with. in The Dumpster

Don't interpret too much into this tiny poll, not representative at all btw.
I personally don't mind his posts tbh.

posted about 9 years ago
#22 Looking for girls to play TF2Pickup.net with. in The Dumpster
rock-Good Job Perm, again.


http://strawpoll.me/3341692 hf

posted about 9 years ago
#3 Fully Charged! Europe - Episode 19 - ETF2L Awards Special in Events

Will Sideshow show up this time or will he have a nap again?
Tune in to find out!

posted about 9 years ago
#86 TF2 player internet speed? in Hardware


posted about 9 years ago
#10 chairs in Hardware
Ikea Malkolm, it's also a rocking chair. I love mine.
(It was also easy as hell to construct)

Have the same just in the textile variant, really comfortable, try it out.
80€ here in germoney. Dont make the same mistake i did and carry it home by yourself ^^

posted about 9 years ago
#4 Cobrastyle by Herr_P in Videos

"This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"
Stupid dropbox

posted about 9 years ago
#847 It begins! in Off Topic


posted about 9 years ago
#9 Zowie FK2 in Hardware
Bucakenow i'm hesitant to buy any zowie mice because they will probably release an upgraded model in 2 months

It's not like the old models are bad, still have a fk yellow bottom and dont feel a need to upgrade.

posted about 9 years ago
#15 cheap mechanical keyboard in Hardware

Check if the Cherry G80-3000 is available in the US, it's the cheapest over here in Germany.
Comes with blues reds and clears afaik and looks like a model M.

posted about 9 years ago
#8 Premiership Playoffs Previewed: ETF2L Season 19's Dramatic End? in News

Nice content, hope more long interviews like this follow. Looking forward to Sunday :)

posted about 9 years ago
#19 i52 interviews in LAN Discussion


posted about 9 years ago
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