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#1 Custom Cap Icons in Customization

So ive implemented custom control point icons into my hud. now i want to make it so that the cap animation matches the control points. ive followed the vmt code the guy put here, seeing as my icons are square and his problem was rooted in the fact that they are circular. however, when i go to cap a point, instead of the icon progressing over the point like it does by default, it just appears over the point, covering it as if it was capped, when its only in the process of capping. so it looks like this: before i start capping. when i do start capping, it looks like this: as you can see, im the point is still blue, but it looks like its fully capped. how do i make so that the capping part progresses across the point icon like it does in the default hud? i was also looking for a way to remove this square thing that appears when i cap the point: any help is appreciated.

posted 7 months ago
#3 Custom Control Point icons and Materials in Customization
WeShallFallendid you followsolly6EDIT 2: Fixed it by setting the shader to UnlitGeneric
if yes you may need to preload the materials into mainmenuoverride.res to bypass sv_pure if you're using it, though this shouldn't cause them to appear black

THANK YOU. i hadnt read down that far. they work now. thanks so much.

posted 7 months ago
#1 Custom Control Point icons and Materials in Customization

so im trying to get custom control point icons to work for my custom hud. so far, ive follow what was said here :
and follow the hierarchy in mkhud. i also copy + pasted the controlpointicon.res, controlpointprogressbar.res and controlpointcountdown.res from mkhud. i believe i saved all of my vmt's as transparent, and follow the instructions as to the dot as i can. however, when i load up into an empty server my control points look like this:
most of the time they just show up as black or phasing in and out of it. however, if i stand in a certain position looking a certain way, they randomly work, such as like this:
i do not know what i did wrong. im thinking maybe its cuz i didnt save it as translucent in photoshop, but it did not prompt me with an option to do so. i saved it as a png, for reference. feel free to comment for my hierarchy/file setup and ill gladly link it.
any help is appreciated.

posted 7 months ago
#3 Loadout screen editing+more in Customization
sv_cheats 1; vgui_cache_res_files 0; vgui_drawtree 1
bind console to ` so you can open it in menu items and open vgui_drawtree 1

Make sure to have 'highlight selected' in the VGUI Drawtree popup when you navigate the tree for the menu elements, the selected items will have a red outline for their bounding boxes.

You can also add a reloadscheme[/u] button in various backpack/menu elements to make them reload without having to restart your game (or click 'reload selected' on the correct parent element in the drawtree).

For actual main menu reloading and various other annoying elements changing between mat_antialias 1 and 2 will reload hud elements too.

ill try it out, thanks. do you know the file for the in game notifications?

posted 8 months ago
#1 Loadout screen editing+more in Customization

so ive tried asking questions on the short questions, quick answers thread, and no one answered so im trying my luck here: can someone point me to a guide on how to edit the loadout screens (class loadout, stats screen, backpack screen, etc.)? im also looking for the file that controls the in-game notifications (your strange reached a new rank, someone wants to call a vote, etc.)

posted 8 months ago
#5993 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

Here is my rank panel on a test hud. Now to the point, does anyone know how do I change the font or completely disable the name (Timmy from english books) from my panel? The reason this is needed is that my name is getting cut off and thats lame. I see that many huds have this feature but I have no clue on how to edit, any idea? Thanks in advance.

to change the font you would need to into clientscheme.res and edit the fonts there. i dont know which it is, but replacing a bunch of fonts there should do the trick and save you some time in the long run. idk if u can remove just the name without removing the entire panel, but im sure its possible, since ive seen other huds move the name around.
edit: nvrmind someone already answered

posted 8 months ago
#5966 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

whats the file for in-game notifications? (i.e Your Strange Reached a New Rank! or Kick Player: Bot01 (Accused of Cheating) etc.)

posted 9 months ago
#5955 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

so im trying to edit the loadout screen (wow this is hard) and ive come across a crossroads
im trying to change to edit the appearance of these panels here, what file do i edit to do so? and how do i get the outlines to match the quality of the item?
another question: the player model on the right, how do i change its turning sensitivity? (ive seen a lot of huds do this, so i know its possible) and how do i make it so that you can turn the model in any direction+up and down+back/forth? again, ive seen a lot of huds do this.
thanks in advance

posted 9 months ago
#4 Hud Editing Question in Customization
NokkIIRC, you have to disable or delete the background with the stamp image and simply add a new ImagePanel control with a different name, e.g. NewBackground or NewBG and use your image here. This new control has to be under MapInfo as well.

how would i got by deleting the stamp image?

posted 9 months ago
#1 Hud Editing Question in Customization
Im trying to edit the loading screen. Notably, im trying to remove this and replace it with my own background. Ive already replaced the one with the medic, heavy and spy and also the main menu background. But this one isnt changing, so how can i, well, change it? I would also appreciate help for just the loading screen in general, since the file isnt very clear. I would like it to have just the map name and gamemode, but every time i try to edit statsummary.res, it just breaks. idk what im doing wrong, so any help is appreciated.

posted 9 months ago
#4 Hud Editing Question in Customization
You need the direct link to embed images here.

The file you're looking for is hudroundcounter.res to edit the middle section.

thanks, ill try it out. sorry if my screenshot didnt work emo.

posted 9 months ago
#1 Hud Editing Question in Customization

Hey so ive been making my own hud, and have come across an element that i just dont know what to do about.

This element has been giving me some trouble. I wanna change the divider section in the middle. Ive tried editing hudmatchstatus.res but it seems to only control the player images and the lines around them. At least that i can see. Could someone tell me how to change up that middle part? I just need to know what file and what part of the file i need to edit. Thanks in advance!
(For reference: im trying to get it to look like the one in 7Hud, or something similar.)

posted 9 months ago
#869 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

How can I get ragdolls back? I installed the config via FLAIR's tutorial. I like ragdolls. They're funny. I want em back. But I also wanna keep the config, help!

posted about 2 years ago