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#3 ETF2L S33 Prem Qual LBF : goonsquad vs. Turbo Teammates in Matches

posted 2 weeks ago
#4 ways to improve movement? in TF2 General Discussion

If you practice scout movement make sure your aim and movement are two separate things. You should be able to place your crosshair on the enemy while you dodge non-randomly instead of playing on rails by pressing A and D to position it accordingly. If you're looking for ways to practice it I'd say play some Soldier vs. Scout MGE against some Badlands Lord or try to track the bot on tr_aim while trying to keep an unpredictable movement pattern.

posted 2 weeks ago
#21 [S33] Class Restrictions in TF2 General Discussion

There are people that are being stopped from playing engineer and spy what the fuck am I reading

posted 2 weeks ago
#43 May Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
PetroklosWould a combination of "Afterburn Duration Fall Off based on Distance" and "Minimum Afterburn Duration on Splash Damage" make this issue disappear? Or would an additional Flare direct damage Fall Off be needed?

This doesn't need to be discussed because we don't have the power to influence weapon balancing

PetroklosWhy though. I only see this as a counterplay to poorly placed Stickytraps, which in turn would just enforce better placement and create interesting mindgame interactions between Trapper and Minesweeper.

The counterplay to poorly placed stickytraps is not dying to them? If it's shit the demo wasted time not doing damage looking at this trap that nobody is gonna die to.

MacI remember seeing viaduct pyro logs with 400dpm just from spamming detonator, and that is the kind of hell I don't want to return to.

People that lose to pyro on product only have themselves to blame.

Air_the flares are all brainless and require no skill, along with being unfun to play against. that alone is enough of a reason to ban it.

Breaking News: Spamming takes no skill

posted 2 weeks ago
#27 ETF2L and the Fresh Meat Challenge #2 in TF2 General Discussion
DCSRegarding dummtms screenshots we decided that it would have been a bit extreme to default the match, which would have led to them dropping from the tournament since it was a knockout stage match.
We basically told AustinN that his memes are aids and gave them a yellow card. Anything similar again and they will get dropped by us.
Mind that nobody actually used a slur in that match technically. The scoreboard had to be exactly in this order for this poor „joke“ to work.
Also worth noting that Iirc this was never reported by anyone, we stumbled across it ourselves.
So yes, the punishment seems weak at first glance, but the other option we thought would have punished the newbies that Austin clearly influenced so we decided to not screw over the other 5 players a but instead made clear that this behavior is not tolerated in our league should they participate in future competitions.

Imo it is a difference if newbies get baited into doing shit by their „mentor“ and a seasoned Prem veteran racially insulting a specific person on twitter.

What the fuck
I understand Pred, but iirc Degu got banned for liking a tweet and posting a picture of the Windows "Shut down" button. He also did not use a slur "technically". How is this any different?

posted 3 weeks ago
#13 Announcing ETF2L Season 33 in TF2 General Discussion

Get old reckoner back in

posted 4 weeks ago
#10 create team with rappers in TF2 General Discussion

spongebozz on flank scout

posted 1 month ago
#31 Global Whitelist Data Gathering in TF2 General Discussion
daybraekThe mostly unrecognized downside of iron bomber is how the shorter fuse time limits longer spam angles on certain maps. Although I definitely run iron bomber the majority of the time, the fact that its even worth it to still use stock sometimes seems like a sign it's balanced.

On process you can spam from choke to mid point and it will explode in peoples faces. The iron bomber has no disadvantages, the -10% explosion radius is not noticeable. The only situation in which the stock grenade launcher is better is if you want to spam from badlands middle over house to resub.

posted 1 month ago
#25 Global Whitelist Data Gathering in TF2 General Discussion
TimTuma balance between competitive and fun is subjective, but when is something considered OP? isn't that a bit subjective as well?

It is easier to determine if a weapon is overpowered because you can use data instead of having to settle for all the different opinions and preferences in the community. For example the iron bomber and jag are straight upgrades as they are equipped over the stock weapon 99% of the time because they just do what the normal weapon does, but better and it's noticeable. In comparison the current available sniper, spy and heavy unlocks are all well balanced. In games you can notice that a player has the option to use the normal minigun, the brass beast or the tomislav - but there is no unlock that stands out so much that everyone is almost forced to use it.

posted 1 month ago
#53 ETF2L player falsely banned for supposedly aimbot in TF2 General Discussion
wtzhe plays demo as well so your point abuot aimbot being hitscan(im assuming this is where ur going) only is invalid

In one game he did almost 15k damage in total and two thirds of it are on the grenade launcher. It is safe to assume that the sticky launcher damage comes from the kritzkrieg used in that game because despite doing only around 5k on stickies in comparison to the almost 10k on pipes he almost has the same amount of kills on both weapons. So you are telling me his gameplay is completely legit because he did play demo in some games?

posted 1 month ago
#9 6vs6 Meta in official matchmaking in TF2 General Discussion
OlghaI personaly watched "cat noises" a lot, as it is, in my opinion, the most interesting team to watch, not only because they bet Froyotech on upward week 2, but also because they're really into trying new things, which lacks like a LOT, as i already mentionned in my other threads about pyro/heavy where people would not easily be likely to play against something unique.

There is absolutely nothing stopping you from trying to establish something unique in traditional 6s. The only problem is that there is a high chance that it won't be viable but still annoying to play against. Also, there is only so much shit you can make available before a match of 6s turns into an unorganized, convoluted shitfest. I don't think you'd consider Overwatch a good game to watch, but that is pretty much what TF2 would be with all that no restriction stuff and I don't think we can afford to make 6s even more complicated if spectators that do not play it can't wrap their head around the whole Ubercharge business. Apart from that I'm pretty sure even in Overwatch they form a composition that is just inherently superior to any other.

posted 2 months ago
#10 RGL Presents the Modern Maps popup league! in TF2 General Discussion
lucrativeyou literally just disproved your point? if most unlocks are community made and added to the game and those items being unbanned is a good thing then the same goes for the maps that are made by the community that are added to game and to leagues lol not really sure what you're trying to argue here. but thanks for your support i think!

Are you even reading? The "banning unlocks we don't want is a bad thing" bit refers to the belief that valve is more interested in supporting competitive tf2 if we do things like remove classlimits and stop banning unlocks. You know, the reason why the no restriction league is a thing. Now, again, I ask: why is it ok to take the matters into your own hands in this case? Badlands isn't a very popular map, but its an official one and it doesnt matter if it is originally community made. Why are you not replacing it with another official 5cp map, like vanguard for example? Are you implying that the map that (might) replace badlands will be added in the game for sure, so its no problem? Your passive aggressiveness isn't helping me understand why deviating from the original vanilla game is okay in this case.

posted 2 months ago
#7 RGL Presents the Modern Maps popup league! in TF2 General Discussion
lucrativenot sure you are aware but valve essentially just use maps that were once customs and adds them as official maps once they gain popularity and are in a completed state, so yes it won't. thanks for trying tho.

I'm pretty aware and this does apply to most weapons aswell (apart from the stats). Genuinely curious why banning unlocks we don't want is a bad thing but doing the same for maps isn't

posted 2 months ago
#4 RGL Presents the Modern Maps popup league! in TF2 General Discussion

So us banning unlocks will make valve mad and stop competitive support but banning official maps and taking the matters into our own hands won't? Excuse me?

posted 2 months ago
#10 ETF2L admin credibility in TF2 General Discussion
DoughyAgreed Gaz, he did indeed play well (which is expected). However, the main point is that the reason team LR should get a default win is that Swi does the "McDickin'" and then hamaham shits the bed

You are comparing Swi's 30 minute performance to hamahams 4 minute golden cap, which ends after the first round. That is like saying person X is just as good as Usain Bolt because they can run at the same speed, even though Usain Bolt can do it for the full 100m.

I get it though.The rulebook needs some (meaningful) adjustments asap. LR knew the other team is breaking the rules by having Swi on scout but chose to wait until after the game and I know exactly what was going on in their mumble: "if we beat them it's fine but if we lose we can just get the default". If people accept to play the entire match after the first mid this rule just shouldn't apply anymore. They knew exactly what they were getting into and they did nothing to prevent it even though they could have.

posted 2 months ago
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