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#1 ETF2L S42 GF: Witness Gaming EU vs. tf2easy in Matches

posted 5 days ago
#12 Help Gragery come to I69! - SVIFT fundraiser in LAN Discussion

Good luck with the fundraiser

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 ETF2L S42 W3: The League of Shadows vs. top5rocket in Matches


posted 1 month ago
#1 ETF2L S42 W2: tf2easy vs. NOOBPANZER in Matches

posted 1 month ago
#95 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
CollaideAnd no, in many cases when you break lesser laws you in fact do get the punishment before (i.e. parking tickets) and you appeal them afterward. (Just like VAC bans from etf2l, you could get unbanned if you could prove they weren't from tf2)

Even those lesser crimes in question still have recorded evidence that will be sent to you or shown to you if you appeal.
This whole argument is dumb anyway as there is no way to appeal this ban because they are refusing to share information with Jeven. If he appeals blindly they're gonna tell him to fuck off.

CollaideWhat matters more than your personal pride (it's a video game) is the effect of allowing people to cheat because "he aint the type to do it", "he put in work", "he cared about the game", or "b-but he's my friend :("

Jeven is nothing more than a TF2 acquaintance the same way the rest of the community is. I would write the same nerd essays and participate in these discussions leading nowhere if it was one of the people that were being toxic to my team the past seasons. The ban is just iffy with no context.

Also, those arguments are in the same category as saying "The AC team has years of experience" "The AC team doesn't do false bans" "The AC team are perfect".Not to discredit the AC team of course, but this way of thinking is dumb. I'm basing my arguments for Jeven on personal experience and you are basing the arguments for the AC team on their authority. If you think about it both are invalid and it brings me back to "Innocent until PROVEN guilty" and "the burden of proof lies with the accuser, not the accused".

posted 2 months ago
#72 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion

I mentioned the same b4 and I agree. Still, this court argument is stupid. Of course you're not going to suffer consequences in real life because you cheated in TF2 but this comparison doesn't make sense anyway because you limit this ban solely to ETF2L. You have to consider that this ban has consequences for his reputation outside of ETF2L because other "Organizations" will most likely mirror the ban and some of them might not even have more insight than we do. I'm just gonna assume Rahmed banned him from Rahmixes and with that I'm also gonna assume that he doesn't really know more than we do, at best he knows the type of cheat maybe. It is Rahmeds good right to do what he wants, but essentially if my assumption is correct it just means that Jeven is getting barred from (relevant) EU TF2 because ETF2L said he cheats but nobody outside of the admin team actually knows anything.

Again, I don't want to devalue the AC teams work but it feels very hard to believe that this ban is legit while theres a guy, with a 2 year old VAC ban, running around in the same div switching to sniper in the map-deciding fight of product and instantly hitting two shots on fast moving targets (against one of the best EU teams ever btw). If you know who I'm talking about you most likely also think that person is cheating.

posted 2 months ago
#59 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
CollaideWith all due respect, it's a gaming league not the court system of a nation. The consequences of a league ban do not weigh as heavy as those of a real life court system and it's unreasonable to ask for the same rigorous standards.

Expecting evidence is rigorous?
I'm sorry but you are gonna be the first person I'm gonna call stupid in a discussion

posted 2 months ago
#56 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
CollaideI would reckon you knew why the evidence isn't released.

No, actually I don't. It is their league but the burden of proof lies with them, not with the suspect. I get where they are coming from with the whole "Not releasing evidence" stuff, unfortunately this stance is outdated. People who are able to write their own cheats have been able to create undetectable hacks for half a decade already and those who can not do that definitely won't be able to learn and improve from how they got caught. If you are paying top dollar for exclusive third party software you will only ever get found out if you make a human error.

Collaide"Release evidence, explain the proof you have."

Respectfully, are you serious? In what world is this an argument to defend cheaters with? What happened to "innocent until PROVEN guilty"? It is completely normal to ask for evidence for a matter such as this. I don't wanna devalue the AC teams work but if you are not asking for evidence and you are just accepting the ban like this you are putting more value in the AC teams authority than in actual proof.

posted 2 months ago
#36 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion

I'm curious to what kind of cheat led to the ban exactly and wish ETF2L would give some evidence in this case. I wouldn't go as far as flick and imply that the admins banned him because of a grudge or something along those lines but from what I've gathered the past seasons it seems extremely unlikely that Jeven would risk a permanent ban by cheating. That guy put in an ungodly amount of time into demo reviews and theorycrafting for his team which would be kinda redundant if he was supposedly cheating all this time. Gameplay wise I have never felt like he did something that felt off unlike some other people currently active.

posted 2 months ago
#3 What does this mean in my console? in Q/A Help

reinstall your computer NOW

posted 3 months ago
#7 Unifed Ruleset Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

The five minute round timer was probably the best feature in this cup and should be considered for the normal ETF2L rule set. Contrary to domos point I believe that it actually offers a lot of much needed comeback potential on maps like Sunshine and Snakewater. These maps are extremely attacker favored to the point where a 6v4 push out of last from the defenders perspective is still a risky fight, assuming the other team knows what they are doing. Domo isn't wrong when he said that holding last for 5 minutes will be very appealing on a smaller round timer: but after having played with Josh, Nubbi and Silentes the past few seasons I believe that the game just offers more tools for attacking than defending, teams just haven't realized it yet.

For the overtime, I think it needs more testing and adjusting. I simply don't see a reason to extend the game past the regular 30 minutes if the score is 4-0 or even 4-1. If you concede this many rounds I believe there is no reason to offer the opportunity to come back, whereas in the prem grand finals this season it would've made sense because the games were close and the momentum shifted back and forth.

posted 3 months ago
#248 98 dpm in TF2 General Discussion

posted 4 months ago
#6 Does anyone know how I can make models shadier in Customization

Try r_worldlightmin and also set r_worldlights 4

posted 4 months ago
#5 Where's b4nny taking a selfie? in Off Topic

posted 5 months ago
#78 Copenhagen Games 2022: LAN is back! in LAN Discussion

Any news about rentals by any chance?

posted 6 months ago
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