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#3432 PC Build Thread in Hardware

If you are at stock RAM speeds your FPS will be drastically lower because the infinity fabric of the CPU is tied to the RAM speed, so your CPU will run effectively run slower.

If you are running at 2133MHz RAM it will run a lot slower than say 3200MHz RAM. What RAM do you have? Is XMP for your RAM on?

Use Ryzen Timing Checker and check MEMCLK ratio and see if it matches your RAMs advertised speed. If your RAM supports XMP, turn it on in the BIOS.

posted 1 month ago
#3 Gaming laptop help in Hardware

What do you plan on doing with the PC and what are your expectations?

Laptops are relatively small compared to desktops, so are not only power restricted, but also thermally too. NVIDIA GPU boost will reduce clocks the higher your temperature is until a threshold when clocks drop dramatically. Intel CPUs don't thermal throttle until a specific limit that the manufacturer normally sets between 90-105 degrees. This assumes you don't reach any current or power limits which you probably also will.

You won't lose out on much performance, maybe 10% tops in GPU bound situations I bet.

From videos I see online
in gaming situations that specific laptop will turbo to 3.5-3.9GHz in "modern" games at about 80-90C on the CPU and above 1600MHz on the GPU. Hard to find any real testing on it though.

You pretty much can't have desktop performance in a laptop because the power and thermal restraints are there. There are virtually no benchmarks online for this notebook so I can't tell you if you lose 30% or any specific number of FPS. It will probably fine to run TF2 on it though at 200+FPS with a config. It will probably never reach 4.5GHz in anything that matters and only can boost up to 4GHz in all core situations max.

posted 1 month ago
#3 Low fps on quite good laptop in Q/A Help

Check for background applications and see if any are misbehaving or using a lot of cpu.

lowering your resolution will help a bit too.

Disabling fullscreen optimizations works for a few extra fps in the compatibility tab of hl2.exe

No hats / cleantf2 can boost your fps too

Might be useful to know what frequency your GPU and CPU is when running tf2 use something like hwinfo64 and look at limit reasons for cpu/gpu. You may be power throttling instead of thermal.

You can try reinstalling windows, that might help.

If your ram isnt soldered, you can buy another stick of DDR3 for dual channel mode which can boost performance a lot if you're comfortable opening up your laptop and putting another stick in. Check with your laptop model if you can add another stick of ram in and what type you need.

If you are truly desperate (dont do this unless you know for sure what you are doing) but there was some old broadwell microcode that allowed you to set your cpu multiplier to any amount, allowing you to overclock your CPU. Don't do this unless you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. I dont know where this is and i suggest not doing it because you need extra cooling and it might reduce your laptops battery life.

Your pc is weak. It is a dual core with hyperthreading from 2015 with a max boost of 2.7GHz with probably stock speeds/timings on your RAM. If none of these work consider upgrading your pc. Hope something works out for you.

posted 3 months ago
#559 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

GPU: RX 580 8GB stock clocks (19.5.2)
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x with PBO maxed out with voltage offset and LLC
RAM: G-SKILL F4-3200C14-8GTZSW (3466 14-15-14-28-1T)
OS: Windows 10 Education 1809 64bit
CFG: Mastercomfig experimental, 1080p, DX8.1

Core affinities 4, 6, 8, 10 gives me best performance. Normal priority
Can get higher FPS if I use a fixed voltage but it doesnt downvolt at idle so I dont bother because it only adds about 5-6fps.

2639 frames 10.092 seconds 261.49 fps ( 3.82 ms/f) 16.615 fps variability

And the mastercomfig demo

4812 frames, 16 seconds, 301.0 fps, 36.7 fps variability

Did get 308fps in this demo with the fixed voltage I mentioned before.

posted 4 months ago
#9 Unresponsive computer upon entering OS in Hardware

Double check your PSU cables are plugged in correctly at both ends (PSU side and components). Also, if you didn't plug the AC wall cable in properly at the back it can cause problems on some PSUs from my experience. If you can use a known good power supply to test

Double check you plugged things into the motherboard correctly (fans, front usb, power/reset etc)

Double check your graphics card to see if it is plugged in all the way into the PCI-e slot and the power is plugged in properly too.

posted 4 months ago
#546 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion
Snorry_After a bit of research, ive been able to locate some of the RAM settings in my BIOS. Honestly
You sick man, 1.5V for a CPU that supports (on its IMC) max 1.35V (DDR3L/LPDDR3) is astonishingly dangerous and can cause serious electromigration.

I agree with you, though i did use regular DDR3 on this computer for a good year at least prior to this and i'm still going strong.

But since i couldn't run 2133 or loosen timings any primary timings at 1866, i tried going to the regular 1.35v and it is actually stable. I suppose it doesn't say 2133 was supported.

Also I reran the benchmark at 3.7GHz for comparison. Gained about 27fps overall.

benchmark1.dem, 214.55fps 13.4fps var
posted 8 months ago
#542 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

After a bit of research, ive been able to locate some of the RAM settings in my BIOS. Honestly you should try tweaking RAM as well as CPU clock speed if you want improved fps.

Before I had no access, I had 1600Mhz DDR3 at 11-11-11-28. All i did was bump up voltage from 1.35 to 1.5, increased frequency to 1866MHz and increased tREFI to the max. Wasn't able to get 2133 working with my limited knowledge though unfortunately no matter how much i loosened the primary and secondary timings.

CPU: Intel Core i7 5700HQ @ 3.6GHz (HT on) core affinities 2-7
RAM: 16GB DDR3 11-11-11-28 @1.5V and 1866MHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2GB stock with 417.35 drivers
CFG: Mastercomfig low v6.10 @ DXLEVEL 81
Res: 1024x768, Fullscreen


2639 frames 12.719 seconds 207.48 fps ( 4.82 ms/f) 15.180 fps variability

As a comparison before at 3.7GHz

2639 frames 14.052 seconds 187.80 fps ( 5.32 ms/f) 12.717 fps variability

Launch options:
-novid -noipx -threads 4 -nod3dex -w 1024 -h 768 -softparticlesdefaultoff

Windows 10 1809 x64 Home
No fullscreen optimizations
One single display

I wasn't seeing 100% CPU utilization on any active cores relating to TF2 before. Now i see much closer to 100%, which i speculate is due to NVIDIA and their copy system to the system RAM (optimus bleh). I say this because before I was getting lower FPS the higher resolution I went. Before I was getting about 21GB/s in memory tests at 80ns. Now I can get 26GB/s at 69ns. May be i'm wrong and these are expected gains from RAM tuning idk.

posted 8 months ago
#9 mat_viewportscale - does it really increase fps? in Q/A Help

On an NVIDIA optimus system using Windows 7 with default driver settings i've seen FPS increases with lower mat_viewportscale values. But once you use NVIDIA profile inspector and change shim rendering mode to "SHIM_RENDERING_OPTIONS_ENABLE_DWM_ASYNC_PRESENT" i no longer see this behaviour and avg framerates are increased by a lot.

But I still see FPS scaling with lower resolutions, with avg FPS increasing by about 15 at lower resolutions. Probably because I have slow memory.

posted 10 months ago
#494 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

CPU: Intel Core i7 5700HQ
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M

Driver version: 375.63
dxlevel (default is 90): 81
Resolution: 1024x768
Full-screen or windowed: Full
FPS configs enabled: Mastercomfig v6.7.0 low preset
Shadows enabled/disabled: disabled

3.5GHz default

2639 frames 14.994 seconds 176.01 fps ( 5.68 ms/f) 13.091 fps variability


2639 frames 14.508 seconds 181.90 fps ( 5.50 ms/f) 10.550 fps variability

EDIT: appears I had badgpu addon enabled which ate a few fps

3.5Ghz default

2639 frames 14.388 seconds 183.41 fps ( 5.45 ms/f) 12.228 fps variability


2639 frames 14.052 seconds 187.80 fps ( 5.32 ms/f) 12.717 fps variability

Additional notes:
Only -novid in launch options
2x 1080p displays
Windows 10 Version 1803 64 Bit
Dual channel DDR3 also

posted about a year ago
#8 hard capped 60 fps in Q/A Help

I had exactly your problem with a similar configuration. After the fall creators update my fps was hard capped at 60fps no matter what and I couldn't play the game unless it was in windowed mode.

What I did to fix it was reinstall windows 10 completely (I installed all my graphics drivers offline so I lowered my chances of windows getting its own from windows update). I then disabled the game bar and disabled fullscreen optimizations on hl2.exe (right click hl2.exe -> properties -> compatibility -> disable fullscreen optimizations) and then I had the fps i expected to get. Maybe this would help fix your problem?

Also maybe batteryboost is somehow interfering with this when its hard capped at 60? Just a thought. hope this works for you

posted about a year ago
#5 Software to change CPU settings in laptops ? in Hardware

ive used throttlestop before to change my cpu frequency down a bit when turboed up and it has worked, also intel XTU worked for me similarly. not sure of the effects of these programs long term but ive had no issues using them.

if you want your cpu to stay at top performance just set the power plan to high performance in power options

posted about 2 years ago
#2 default crosshair question in Off Topic

all of the default crosshairs are located in 1 vtf file. Open the tf2_textures_dir with a vpk viewer, go to materials -> sprites -> crosshairs.vtf. Then you would have to extract the default scout crosshair from that.

"cl_croshair_file default" and the rest of the crosshairs are one file and are located in the same textures vpk at materials -> vgui -> crosshairs -> default.vtf

posted about 2 years ago
#37 The 4th place curse in LAN Discussion


posted about 3 years ago
#195 Sideshow's last stream (AKA Sideshow memorial) in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 3 years ago
#97 Sideshow's last stream (AKA Sideshow memorial) in TF2 General Discussion

sideshow's stream ends and so does my life FeelsBadMan ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\

posted about 3 years ago
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