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#3613 PC Build Thread in Hardware

I have a 2600x. I can say even with the JEDEC 2133mhz ram (def settings) i get over 200fps in tf2. You might be doing some things wrong. I know the stock cooler is a piece of garbage though and im sure if you buy an aftermarket air cooler you will get 100-200mhz more.

Several things may be able to do:

You can PBO and undervolt and you can get some nice performance gains. Normally i only have 4ghz too, but i can get 150-200mhz extra by doing it. Watch buildzoids video on how to do it, its nice. 2nd gen ryzen PBO is quite dumb so its pretty much necessary : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ8zdprzEjI

Second: set a static vcore voltage. I set 1.3125v in the bios with load-line calibration.get like 1.29v. This way i "break" precision boost 2 and have better clocks, therefore higher performance. Ive used this and seen no adverse effect on my cpu. You should run Cinebench or something to find out what the CPU naturally sets the voltage to and sort of work around that. Your CPU wont downvolt at idle if you do this.

Third: Manual OC. Most 2600xs, especially if its 2019 era silicon can hit 4.25ghz with 1.35v. I can hit that with 1.325v. But of course you need good cooling to do that. Ive found manual OC takes more time to tune compared to PBO+undervolt. And around 1.33-1.35v is the maximum you can do with good cooling on these chips. I wouldnt do this because your manual OC clock speed will probably be lower than your normal clock speed ingame.

Fourth: Memory Overclocking. You probably have bad memory chips as it is 3200 cl16. But that doesnt mean you cant keep the same effective timings but increase the memory frequency. You would want to do that to increase infinity fabric link speed. Most 2600xs can do memory speeds of 3333 to 3533. Use Ryzen DRAM Calculator and follow some guides on how to properly overclock your memory. This can be risky/annoying to do so i would save this until you are absolutely desperate. Just remember if you do this memory testing for 24/48 hours is imperative.

as for monitors im not in the know but im sure some people will tell you what is the best. Sorry for the wall of text :>

posted 2 weeks ago
#3611 PC Build Thread in Hardware

wait for 10th gen intel thats coming out soon if you can, as they have increased clock speeds and lower prices for the CPUs. Should be about a month or so when they come out.

Cooler - try a big dual tower cooler for more overclocking capacity. Noctua NH-D15 is the best but is a bit more expensive. Therefore good alternatives are the be quiet! dark rock pro 4 and the scythe fuma coolers (no need to worry as these coolers are compatible with lga 1200)

You can get a water cooler if you like for slightly better overclocks - the arctic freezer 2 does well according to gamers nexus. But you must realise this extra performance comes with pump noise and potential pump failure, which is hard to know.

posted 2 weeks ago
#3607 PC Build Thread in Hardware

the MAX motherboards should be 3rd gen compatible out of the box so nothing to worry. Might be a slightly outdated bios but it will work.

3600 comes with a heatsink and fan in the box. It can be loud so buying an inexpensive air cooler isnt the worst idea. Maybe a cryorig h7 or Scythe Mugen 5. Should fit in that case.

a common SSD is a WD blue. Its inexpensive but it is only sata (imo not that big of a deal). There is an intel 660p 1tb version also. If you want the best, a samsung 960/970 EVO is what you want.

posted 1 month ago
#3 30 fps in Q/A Help

What are your temperatures like on your CPU/GPU? Use HWINFO64 to check. You might be thermal throttling. If its a prebuilt its unlikely to be overheating though

posted 1 month ago
#13 TF2 Memory Leak? in Q/A Help

I cant provide you with a cause or solution, but if you say restarting your PC fixes the issue....


Download RAMMap. After you experience your issue, exit the game and then empty the stand by sets, and potentially the other sets and see if the issue persists - via the empty menu.

This has worked for me on occasion when my game would crash for no reason everytime i launched it, so it may help here.

posted 1 month ago
#1 TF2 and CS:GO's source code got leaked in TF2 General Discussion

I think evidence is pointing towards Tyler McVicker from VNN...


When you openly ask a valve employee to extract private data from the server, transfer all leaked files to a small group of people and brag about it ... idk.

CSGO, TF2 from 2017 is there as well as a broken F-Stop code base that people have launched, the experimental prelude to Portal 1. If he sent this around to people he is getting in real trouble. I suspect he has more that isn't in the leak, but damn. The damage has been done.

edit: OP was deleted because it linked the source code.

posted 1 month ago
#3589 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Firstly i know its a typo, but we are talking about the 9400f, and if you plan on "enabling multi core enhancement" or anything like that, I wouldnt hold my breath about that on a B series motherboard with a locked processor. It will boost to 3.9ghz max all core, and that is if you are under a 65W TDP, should be fine in games though.


You should buy a Ryzen 5 1600 AF. It is basically the 2600 but its cheaper. Look for a 1600 AF or 1600 (12nm)

Having a single stick of memory really isnt worth it imo. You would be better off with 2933mhz/3000 dual channel.

SilentWings fans are good but they are expensive, try for cheaper fans like arctic 120 pwm silent fans. Pretty much do the same thing.

posted 1 month ago
#3581 PC Build Thread in Hardware
WazrachI'm aware of the infinity fabric decoupling, but mine is running at a 1:1 ratio. I've been using this setup for weeks now in different games, and it's been completely fine.

Decoupling of IF is no bueno, but many 3600s mostly seem to work fine on >1800mhz, you may need to increase the IF voltage to get higher RAM clocks, but you could degrade the CPU by doing that so its kind of risky. Not worth it.

Just curious to what voltages/timings/settings you are running at. In theory 1.5V with B die is safe 24/7 as long as you can cool it.

posted 1 month ago
#3577 PC Build Thread in Hardware
WazrachSpeaking of RAM, I got the Patriot Memory Viper Steel Series DDR4 16GB (2 x 8GB) 4400MHz kit. You can overclock this to 3600Mhz C14. I tried 3733Mhz C14, but it wasn't stable.

That kit is running at 4400 cl15 with XMP. Not sure how you are only able to get cl14 at 3600, unless you arent giving it enough volts or something, because 4400 at cl15 is harder to run than 3733cl14. Probably an unlucky draw on your IMC.

Anyway B-die is out of many peoples budgets because it can be more expensive and overclocking ram is too much of a hassle for most people to do because of the stability issues it can bring if it isnt thoroughly tested for 24/48+ hours in a memory testing program.

4400Mhz memory is completely useless for most people and can be worse (latency) than good 3600MHz memory if you just enable XMP because of the decoupled infinity fabric - for intel you need a pretty good imc to run that if im not mistaken too. It is worth it because you can gain lots of performance on zen by tightening the primaries and some of the secondaries, but it can be annoying when diagnosing a problem. Most people will be fine with a 3600MHz kit.

posted 1 month ago
#2 Does the hp elitebook 8470p run TF2? in TF2 General Discussion

Yes the PC will run TF2 on HD 4000 (assuming no dedicated GPU). It just wont run it very well. Don't expect 100fps even on low. More like 45 with a graphics config. Might get >60fps in a 6v6 game. Cant really say what FPS you will get precisely because i dont have one to test. But my expectations would be low with something like that.

posted 1 month ago
#3567 PC Build Thread in Hardware

I didnt know some had a 6pin. Just assumed because it was a 75W card it would use 75Wish of PCIe power. Should have known to say that because some 1050s had PCIe power, woops.

All of those dont require external power and dont need any cables. Pretty sure they will all fit in that case.

I just threw the CPU upgrade in there in case he was thinking about it. Pretty pointless to upgrade that to anything more.

From using a HDD on Windows 10, and i dont know if its the services, MSRT, updates or what but it was unreasonably slow, like opening explorer/programs, searching and stuff like that would take 15-20 seconds.
I thought it wouldnt be unreasonable to have a separate "gaming" drive and then he still keeps all the data+programs on the Hard Drive and its still bootable.

That may become annoying if they want to use some of the programs on the other drive that needs a license key to work, so they would have to boot into the other drive - but I didnt think of that >_>. And I doubt he wants to image the drive onto an SSD. I just hate using Hard Drives on windows 10. No FPS gains, but I still felt it was important to say.

posted 2 months ago
#3565 PC Build Thread in Hardware

I can say with some certainty that the PSU on that doesnt have a 6PIN. Adapters are kind of sketchy, so I would instead go for the 75W 1650, which will work 100% with no extra cables needed. You would need a molex or SATA power to 6pin adapter if you wanted the 1650 Super.

The CPU upgrades make no sense honestly. The CPUs are overpriced on the used market and unless you want to gamble on a skylake xeon, which i wouldnt, the best you could hope for that is probably a 6700 or maybe if you update the bios a 7700, because your cooler is probably the horrible stock Intel cooler. You probably will gain more performance getting dual channel memory.

Windows 10 hates hard drives. It runs soooo slowly with a hard drive, to the point that i think an SSD in 2020 is a necessity. You can reuse the SSD in another system also so I think you should get a cheap WD Green or something.

posted 2 months ago
#3557 PC Build Thread in Hardware
scrambledThinking of buying these parts for using a daw and playing the newest games and tf2:

Any issues with them? Time matters so what can arrive in the next couple of days is selected.

You are cutting it close a bit with the power supply. Maybe a 550W just to be safe but it should be fine.

Not familiar with that board, but it doesnt look that good honestly. 2 Ram slots, 2 pcie slots, and a bad VRM. thats the one thing i would change 100%. I would get something more expensive like an ASRock B450 Pro4, as the one you have is pretty barebones/bad.

2400MHz RAM is 2015 levels of performance. You can get 3200MHz for a couple pounds more and it will be way faster, especially for Ryzen (you can raise the infinity fabric clock in the bios now but RAM speed/latency still matters)

Hyper 212 is good but it isnt the best thing out there. I always say Noctua NH-U14S because their mounting system and support are excellent, but Scythe Mugen coolers, Cryorig H7 and BeQuiet! pure rock are basically the same performance but cheaper. This will allow the CPU boost higher naturally or allow for some manual overclocking. Either way your pc runs faster.

Not everyone does this but i like to buy a fan or 2 for some better airflow for the GPU, CPU and VRM. Can lower CPU temps by a few degrees and makes the system quieter.

posted 2 months ago
#3553 PC Build Thread in Hardware
SetsulI wouldn't buy by brand. Neither Noctua nor Seasonic are always the best choice nor is the RMx series bad. That's the one Corsair part in the whole build I don't dislike for being Corsair but rather because 850W are wholly unnecessary.

Generally I thought of those brands offering comparably more expensive parts which was why I mentioned them to highlight the cost of origin config. But yeah you're right.


What size are you looking for?

Are we talking like a Fractal Design Nano S or like a DanCases A4? Without a size limitation it's hard to know what stuff can fit in without problems. If you want as small as possible you want it like the DanCases A4, but you are going to need mini ITX motherboards, which isnt ideal for numerous reasons.

Have a browse through PC Partpicker's case selection. Some niche small cases might not be on there though but generally you can find something there, probably only looking at mini/micro atx type.

Ryzen is pretty power efficient, but Intel can be just as power efficient too, maybe uses a bit more power.
A R5 3600 or 3700X are good choices for AMD because they are low TDP parts
Maybe you could get away with an i5 9600kf for Intel

but depending on the case you chose depends on the processor you can put in it because you need space to cool it.

I assume high frames means around 120fps and you are on a 1080p monitor.

You'll probably be fine with a 1660 SUPER or a 5500 XT if you just want 1080p low for all the games you play (or even the GPU you have now), but you need to be a bit more specific about what 'mainstream' titles you want to play and the settings you want, because that's a bit too vague for a solid choice.

posted 3 months ago
#3549 PC Build Thread in Hardware

He is using origin for a system builder i think. It is like 6k USD for all of that gear which is overpriced for what you are getting tbh. You should have a noctua cooler, a seasonic psu and 3600mhz memory for that price.

You should try build it yourself because origin are a bit overpriced. Also you mentioned moving it from 1 case to another so this wont be that much extra effort.

Also you cant really overclock Ryzen 1/2/3000 more than 150 mhz reliably. You can PBO and AutoOC, which allows the cpu to draw more power automatically basically, but thats it really. If you want to get into it, you can get into CCD and CCX overclocking, but that takes forever to do.
Best way to overclock ryzen is to get Samsung B-die ram modules and tighten the CAS timings as much as you can, starting with Ryzen DRAM calculator as a base. Buildzoid has some PBO and RAM overclocking videos on his youtube channel.

Get a decent gen 3 SSD and get either a high capacity drive or a NAS if you are going all out for storage. Gen4 ssds dont offer much extra other than it runs hotter for no apparent gain for most people.

If you want all out, you are probably gonna have to go custom water cooling because the 240mm CLCs are not good at all compared to a good noctua cooler in terms of noise and performance. You would only go for CLCs for the absorbing heat better when the CPU spikes when idle. But it's idle so it makes no difference at all to performance.

Also CLCs WILL fail eventually, so an NH-D15 is a good choice to go all out. It performs like 1 degree better than other dual tower coolers and it comes with fairly decent paste in the box.

You shouldnt cheap out on a case. Bad airflow can cause your system to run 10C hotter for no reason. Get decent fans that are as big as you can fit in a case, so you have the most airflow at the lowest audible noise.

Also you dont need a gamer antivirus. Windows defender is adequate for most people. Not that well versed in anti-viruses nowadays, but avoid avast and AVG. Malwarebytes always a good choice.

posted 3 months ago
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