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#30 Pre-season games in UGC in TF2 General Discussion
EdyLKincheloeHmm... Maybe a nice sponsor to put a little incentive into winning Platinum..?
Considering you need to be really good friends with the IM/Main/Invite players that make up high platinum and are the teams that win plat or you need to have experience saying to these high tier plat teams that you can play in this level isn't easy at all to really get coming out of gold. You can't just move up from high gold and consider yourself already a good enough player to win platinum, just doesn't work like that.

While what you're saying is true to a point, as a team leader on BPM I make a point to try and pick up backups with potential. For example, blam and Feint are 2 players I recruited onto our roster with little to no comp experience, and both do great in Plat scrims and matches. Feint is playing in Gold now apparently (that kid's gonna wreck) but the point still stands.

And, Edy -- you were one of the engis I would have considered asking to backup engi for us, but sodapopinskii is literally the most reliable team player I've ever seen, I think he's missed one scrim in 5 seasons.

posted about 6 years ago
#21 My new streaming guide in TF2 General Discussion

Thank you so much for doing this. Just updated some of my settings because the last time I looked at them was when you made your old guide!

You rock, much appreciated.

posted about 6 years ago
#25 Official UGC Platinum Season 11 Predictions, Power Rankings, and Player Rankings in News

posted about 6 years ago
#20 TF2 Custom Whitelist Generator in TF2 General Discussion

Looks like you've got to update your UGC whitelist preset -- items like the DDS on Sniper and Enforcer on Spy were both banned for this coming season (starting next week).

Here is a link to UGC's HL whitelist for reference.

As an aside, thanks a TON for doing this -- it's gorgeous!

posted about 6 years ago
#20 Farewell in TF2 General Discussion

Scholar, I'm gonna miss you. Thanks for being BPM's number one fan <3

You were always a chill dude, and you will surely continue to be chill in all future endeavors.

posted about 6 years ago
#28 match stats in Projects

Zoob you're awesome.

I'm gonna miss the pie charts, though. :( Made it so much easier to tell, at a glance, what was wrong with one Med's heals.

Why the removal?

posted about 6 years ago
#106 Can someone tell me why everyone hates pyro in TF2 General Discussion
JasSylvesterYou absolutely HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING or you will help let your team down.Is that different to any other class? Are you saying that if I were to play medic and play out of position it wouldn't matter?

Unless somehow pyro requires additional positional awareness than any other class your point is null.

Though somewhat misguided, I think the point Sylvester may be trying to make is this:

Situational awareness and gamesense are the core of any class. Pyro is an easier class than most because Pyro DM, for lack of a better word, is ez-as-fuck. However, Pyro is one of the less mobile classes in the game (tied with Engi and ahead of Heavy). While other classes have mobility (RJs, double jumps, speed, etc) or (keyword:) reliable mid-range damage output to get them out of sticky situations and across the field to where they need to be on the drop of a hat, the Pyro's presence is requested in many different areas all the time, while he lacks any quick way to get around. Powerjack is a slight exception to this rule, but it has a VERY high opportunity cost because everyone knows what the Axetinguisher does.

In other words: Yes, you will definitely fulfill the baseline of requested effectiveness by floating around your combo and looking around every once in a while, but intelligently positioning yourself on the combo/flank ahead of time to account for your limited mobility takes a degree of foresight not always required of other, more mobile classes. This is the same reason people say that Heavy is ALL POSITIONING, because the tracking/aiming part of Heavy is laughably easy for most people with FPS skills.

Perhaps Pyro does not require MORE gamesense than any other class, but simply gamesense in areas that some other classes don't need to consider, and because the class's DM is so easy the only way to truly excel is to utilize that gamesense better than others in similar positions.


posted about 6 years ago
#77 Can someone tell me why everyone hates pyro in TF2 General Discussion
Waldo If you're playing soldier/demo and you run into a pyro as you turn a corner, the dumbest thing you can do is shoot as fast as you can. Unless you have a legitimately high chance of dying from the airblast itself, you can just wait until they puff you and then direct them. If you've had the horrible experience of playing MGE with/as a pyro, then you know full well that it comes down to how well the soldier can trick the pyro into airblasting.

Pretty much this.

I'll be the first to admit that a Pyro is a pretty easy class, and one of the few classes where, in a pinch, you can kinda just flail your mouse around and mash M1 and do damage. I also won't argue that airblast is extremely un-fun to play against, because in FPS games it's generally not fun to have your movement/aim taken away or thrown off.

But I've played against some of the better Soldiers in the game and, while some of them understand that all they need to do is wait for me to airblast and then they have a small height advantage and a free window for a direct, a lot of them just don't get it.

Again, not at all trying to say that Pyro isn't an easy class or that it isn't annoying as fuck to deal with at short range. But let's all agree that, against a coordinated team at the higher levels, a Pyro will get called out and focused down the moment he's overextended, and without the mobility of a Scout/Solly/Demo he's kinda shit out of luck trying to be much more than simply combo/flank support. Otherwise, as someone sarcastically remarked, Pyros would be outfragging and outdamaging their entire HL teams.

posted about 6 years ago
#46 Vector Gaming is Dead in TF2 General Discussion

So much respect for you guys. You made it all the way to Invite and every person who's ever been a part of that should never stop being proud of such an accomplishment.


posted about 7 years ago
#41 croissant in Map Discussion

Way too big. People seem to think that big = good for HL, but this is definitely not the case as most of the classes can't move fast enough to capitalize on advantages, leading to stalemates on maps like Croissant.

The most accepted 5CPs in HL are Gully and Process, because they're relatively compact when compared to other 5CPs.

Anyways, in regards to the new flanks in the cave:

It's a bit disorienting at first, but that very well may be because they're so new to me. Definitely will have to see it in play before I make any snap judgements, but I doubt they'll do too much to address the main problem -- the enormous size of the map.

That said, I think this map is fucking gorgeous and have an immense amount of respect and admiration for you, Arnold. Please don't stop doing what you're doing; I look forward to playing another fantastic 5cp/Koth made by you someday soon.

posted about 7 years ago
#9 UGC Plat Highlander: Bonus Points vs. DEATH FORCE 9 in Events

Expect Hei to go absolutely enormous because that guy is a monster.

DF9 has been doing really well in scrims and Gully is a very familiar map for them, so we'll see a close match come Monday.

posted about 7 years ago
#13 IGL - Why haven't you signed up? in TF2 General Discussion

It's a combination of a few things for my team, BPM.

1) Most of us are in UGC + at least 1 other league, whether it be CEVO, ESEA, ETF2L etc. With all that most of us have scheduled TF2 time every night of the week. There's simply no time

2) Being one of the better teams in UGC, playing in a single open division would not offer us the thrill of competition we enjoy. I understand that a single division is all you guys can offer because you're just starting out, and that's fine and I still really commend what you guys are doing.

I look forward to enrolling in IGL once other seasons are over, if possible.

posted about 7 years ago
#76 The Weapon Balance Megathread in TF2 General Discussion
2) if airblasted into the ground, your character will be registered as "airborne" until you jump and land again, also granting minicrits.

Valve changed this several months ago and it is no longer the case, FYI. Airblasting downwards strangely now pushes the airblasted enemy upwards and into the air.

And as a Pyro who really enjoyed using the RS almost 100% of the time in previous seasons, it's now painfully obvious to me (and pretty much every other high level Pyro) that, as a Pyro in HL your presence and dmg assistance is required in longer teamfights and the plummet in DPS while reloading your 3 shots is simply too punishing.

It's a sidegrade and people get upset when killed by it because the (mini)crit icon shows up on the killfeed and they feel the Pyro didn't deserve that spike in damage.

In 6s I suppose it'd be pretty overpowered because you're mainly only playing Pyro during last holds and teamfights are much shorter with only 6 players per team.

posted about 7 years ago
#100 [HUD] HUDAS Iscariote - first beta release in Customization

Since nobody is helping you out with it, Quartz, here's my HL team's server (equipped with ss):

As a side note, the only thing keeping me from installing your absolutely gorgeus HUD is not knowing if there's a 9v9 scoreboard included.

...Is there?

posted about 7 years ago
#1 TF2 keeps remembering active weapon between lives in Q/A Help

TF2 has a setting in advanced settings labelled "Remember Active Weapon between lives." Basically, if you have your Shotgun out when you die, you'll spawn with that same weapon out.

While some may be a fan of that, I'm personally not into it. And in situations like MGE/DM, I'll spawn with shotty and because I have viewmodels off for primary and secondary weps I'll sometimes accidentally try to RJ with my shotty.

I've tried unchecking the setting and it never sticks for more than 1 session (i.e. when I restart TF2 it goes back to being checked)

Any ideas on how to fix this?

posted about 7 years ago
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