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#29 Help with tracking in TF2 General Discussion
Don't most scouts play on maybe 9-15 inches though? I think Shrugger's is like 13, Yomps about 15 something and I think I read that Ruwin and Starkie play/ed on something like 17 or more, though I may be wrong.

If I have a high sens I tend to be more erratic with my aim because of the speed of it all, whereas on a lower one I tend to more guide my mouse onto enemies. I recently spent a long time trying to find the perfect sens after having about 12 inches, and I changed to 15.1 and immediately hit so many more of my shots. The downside is that if a quick enemy is close to me and running past, it's sometimes tough to turn and keep my crosshair on them, or, at least, they may find it easier if they have a higher sens.

Yeah a lot of very great aimers play on around 9-15 (not putting myself in the same category) I used to as well but when it came time to aim my mouse movements always had to be so fast to keep up with the game and all the jumps/strafes I did and it ended up making me super flicky but when I tried (just for fun at first) a very fast sensitivity I realized it was way easier for me to stay calm and move my mouse very slowly which in turn made it much easier to track once I got used to controlling the speed

in the end though I think pretty much everyone is going to have a general area in which they feel most comfy and that should be their sens whether its 5-9/9-12 or 13-17

alright somehow I fucked up the quoting I blame the website tbh

posted about 3 years ago
#27 Help with tracking in TF2 General Discussion
AdebisiwtzAdebisi Ha, my scout sens is like 15.7.

I tend to lose focus and go on a mad m1 spree where I hit fuck all. Usually against a slippery medic or sniper. Very embarrassing.

I think this is the the problem.
e: I thought you were op sorry
Why would it be a problem?

15.7 inches per 360 btw.

imo a slower sensitivity (over 10 inches) makes you have to move your mouse farther/faster to keep up with the game which tends to make your aim more spazzy/twitchy for me the faster my sensitivity (around 5-10 inches) is easier to track because I can calmly move my mouse nice and slow and still be able to keep up with the players in the game

its an unpopular view I think but the couple people I convinced to try under 10 inch sensitivities instead of over 10 inches also felt the same way that their aim felt much more crisp/calm and it was much easier to track

also for op when I was grinding hard and trying to get really good tracking I watched demos of people with great aim Youmustmike/sheep/snowblind before going into DM and then I tried to just imagine that I was them (sounds dumb but I think it helped... it at least forced me to watch demos more)

if nothing else it working you could also try to play with the shortstop in DM or in pubs the smaller spread combined with lower damage makes it so you really have to be careful with your aim/shots to do well and that could help you get in the right mindset for tracking

GL sorry for wall of 0 punctuation

posted about 3 years ago
#2 Matchmaking Servers in TF2 General Discussion

a friend of mine had a similar problem with Luxembourg so it kept giving him abandons and after a few times it reset his rank from 6ish back to #freshmeat be careful about getting too many abandons if you dont wanna lose your rank

posted about 3 years ago
#1 Evolve going f2p?! in Other Games

I hate to pull away from the tf2 update dropping tomorrow but Evolve is ALSO getting a big update tomorrow they are calling it stage 2 and the biggest thing is its going f2p for PC

a bunch of balance updates/changes they reduced the download size by over 50% (how does that even happen) and added some more graphics options for lower end PCs

I dont even know if anyone remembers the game but basically it costed 100$ canadian for all the content on release which was about 2 monsters and 3 hunters in each category (assault,support,medic,trapper) and then new characters/monsters would also cost money if you wanted to play I think

so nobody really bought the game and it died pretty fast but I sunk 130 hours into it with my buds and it was actually really fun I urge yall to give it a download when this f2p update hits and give it a try

posted about 3 years ago
#128 Kindest people you have played against/with in TF2 General Discussion

Morin, Alfunkso, Fred Astaire, Soul, Guru, Thecom, Ranga and although I never played with him besides a few pugs Pharaoh seems like one of the top nice guys

and big SmashySmashy whenever im feeling down or im confused about something in life I ask Smashy about it sometimes he has answers and sometimes he doesn't but no matter what I always leave the conversation feeling much better about whatever my issue was

I remember my team was getting rolled in a sunshine scrim everyone was feeling down some were tilting we were defending last for the 3rd or 4th time in a row straight after a mid and Smashy late spawns on heavy and in the most casual voice ever says "eat lead evil doers" gets a 5k everyones laughing and having a good time again I dont think we took any rounds off of the morale boost but it was funny as heck

posted about 3 years ago
#85 How did you get your alias in TF2 General Discussion

Started as Cheesymcnuggets123 which came from my high school best friend telling me about how every Tuesday he would go to mcdonalds with his grandma and she would order mcnuggets every time and she always brought a bag of cheese in her purse to put all over her nuggets

sometime after I was getting into competitive I started to think Cheesymcnuggets123 was too immature so I was searching for an alternative for the mcnugget part since everyone called me Cheesy for short I tried a few like Cheesymcducky or Cheesymcsleepy nothing ever stuck until I was trying to peel an orange and it was really fucking hard so I got 1 chopstick and a toothpick and started stabbing it and peeling it

at the time I was thinking "damn that was really smart just like that macgyver guy" and bang CheesyMacgyver

posted about 3 years ago
#4 How do I confront my gym bully? in Off Topic

secretly record him for about a week compile all the most embarrassing moments (cheat reps/fails/farts) into 1 video and blackmail him probably

posted about 3 years ago
#18 Does mge actually help? in Q/A Help
_vittoHow do you disable the mge hud? And why would you disable sound?

I I think /hud or !hud will turn off the mge hud

as for turning off sound the guy who mentioned it might have a different reason but for me it felt like turning off sound made me more focused on just my aim so if I was ever getting frustrated in dm/mge about someone/something id just shut off my sound and even if it was just placebo it helped me stop thinking about that thing/person and just focus on my aim

posted about 3 years ago
#2 Battlerite - Bloodline Champions remake in Other Games

ooh I remember playing Bloodline Champions a long long time ago but I quit then when I tried to get back into it everyone was way too good hopefully I can get in on this game early and play vs others who are new because it always seemed like it would be really fun to be good

posted about 4 years ago
#82 Paladins in Other Games

this big tree dude has to be my main

does anyone have an extra key? I signed up a while back and never got in :(

just add me to steam and let me know! thanks

edit: got a key thanks Drake!

posted about 4 years ago

Happy face

Aggressive face

posted about 4 years ago
#7 kvn demo lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

" I played on donde in s14 open."

played with him that season he was great back then so if he has been improving which im sure he has he will be a great pickup if you want to do well and have fun

I remember stale and myself getting tanked all day and killing everyone together he was really easy to coordinate with and we usually had the same idea so that made is extra easy to focus fire and push fast

goodluck stalewaffle! <33

posted about 4 years ago
#19 lft scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

played a pug with Reimu on demo and she consistently bailed me out/saved me from every aggressive spooky thing I did shes a great teammate + very nice to talk to

posted about 4 years ago
#42 Team Leading Incentives (If You're LFT READ THIS) in TF2 General Discussion

if you are making a team you are missing out if you dont tryout Smashy

try him once and you will know what I mean the guy has insane potential and he is a very friendly relaxed person
im going to have nightmares for years if he doesnt find a team this season

ily Smashy

posted about 4 years ago
#5 odb lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

odb has got to be one of my favourite teammates of all time he is hilarious and he has so much potential

I cant even explain how I feel about him just try him out if you let him go you will regret it one day when he is crushing your team

he is great at every class but his specialty is definitely projectiles

his only reoccurring problems on demo that I noticed is that he is always looking to help and seems to never be afraid to die if it helps his teammates sometimes this is good but sometimes bad but I have no doubt in my mind that he will learn when its good and when its bad

posted about 4 years ago
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