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#23 Color vision test in Off Topic

ive tried 5 times and I get mole each time I think my best was 6 rip me

posted about 3 years ago
#40 What is the best mouse in Hardware

posted about 3 years ago
#2 free hats in Off Topic


posted about 3 years ago
#30 Mr Slin - Potential Fixes for 5cp in Comp TF2 in Videos

I hate when I type a million words with no punctuation theres a TLDR at the bottom

even if you have 20 CPs left before you lose the game you still wont push because you are on defense

hopefully im not taking that out of context or anything but thats just insane I feel like the cool part of 5cp is that there isnt a team who is "on defense" or "on offense" thats an argument people use against playing A/D like gpit and that other cringe map

if you have 20 CPs left before you lose the game and you dont do anything and call 5cp/50cp/101cp a broken gamemode you are 1. awful at the game 2. a humongous virgin pussy team 3. I dont even know but jesus christ man 20 cps is a lot of cps

a lot of interesting things happen during stalemates vs 2 good teams the shitty part is that people who are watching and probably the camera guys are not good enough at the game to see it and be interested by it

saccing 1 guy and playing sniper is definitely the least interesting of the choices teams can make during a stalemate unless you are the type of person who luvs snipar playz

look at granary yard stalemate a fuckin classic that everyone hates

holding yard

control of garage:
run up catwalk and hide there to surprise someone entering it peak into middle and maybe get a mondo sac or just sick damage and staying alive

if you did a ton of damage with the peak maybe a scout can run through choke with a buff and if he gets something juicy there either damage exchange/wins a 1v1/runs deep cause nobody saw him

if its a damage exchange then both sides of themap are now hurt and someone can sac with a higher % juicy rate + if it goes wrong you already bought yourself time because the enemies are hurt and you have control of garage still their only option is healing up and rotating choke (pretty easy to predict and pwn)

if its a 1v1 win then you have a number pretty obvious

if its run deep cause nobody saw him then you know have him do some spooky flanky scout stuff easy

thats a lot of the cool stuff that you can do as a defensive team with control of garage but maybe you fuck up or the enemy team makes a nice play with catwalk on you instead maybe gets some dank spams and you have to concede garage

team at middle has control of garage

you have a lot of angles to work with now your pocket/demo can spam at the scout on the shed or the enemy medic to butter him up for a sac from probably choke as long as that shed scout got knocked off

but maybe while spamming you just hit a nice clump and they have to heal up instead of just saccing you can run a scout through garage and into left yard where he will find a 1v1 with a soldier who is probably unbuffed or nobody because its kinda dangerous to hold right yard alone without a buff

now you have a scout behind the enemy team he can pressure the cap then run away if anyone chases him weakening the enemy yard hold and creating holes that the team on mid can penetrate to take over yard either by peaking and spamming choke or just running more people through that same route on the left

the scout behind can maybe just go to lunchbox and wait a bit maybe the enemy will send players back for him and he can try to trade

maybe he just goes straight in for a sac from behind with some spam from the front

and I think EU guys love to do the uber exchanges with scout/solly on even numbers after some gud spam personally I was never on a team that did this often so I cant speak about the thought process but I assume theres a lot that goes into doing that well with spam before and after the exchange/knowing how long you can stay/focus fire during the uber and post exchange positioning

TL:DR 6s on 5cp is awesome if you are good at it and can be shitty if you suck at it but I think most games are like that its extremely hard to fix without ruining the game for people who are good

the great part about tf2 is there are tons of ways to be bad at it and not all of them are boring

the main time that being bad is boring is when you hit that unlucky timing where you are bad but you think you are good at that point you are just fucked

posted about 3 years ago
#77 Is scout too strong? in TF2 General Discussion

edit: omg this wall of text is insane im sorry holy FUCK tldr at the bottom

ive written 4 nerd essays where I focused on how bad people are but thats kinda mean and random so im trying to focus on positive things other than this one note

some of these suggestions are clearly made by people who just have no idea how to play the game or they are trolls there was a guy who said make gunboats the default for rocket jump damage then remove gunboats...

okay anyway

look at the best active players right now (I might miss someone hopefully that doesn't distract from the point that they all main soldier or are amazing at soldier)

obviously the best if you want to dispute it look at i55 matches where he played 5v6 vs the best europe had to offer and did 400+ dpm every game

by far the best roamer currently playing amazing DM/jumps/timing just a smart and good player playing a good class

mains scout but hes one of the rare smart scout players so naturally he can play soldier really fucking well

been around a long time so hes smart and has great dm making him a great soldier

she plays a literal fuck ton and has a lot of experience main calling in pugs which can teach you a lot about the game so I feel like shes in a place where she could be really good at soldier/anything if she didn't play medic I could be wrong though since there are people who play a fuckton of pugs and should have learned a lot about the game but didn't I think Nursey is different though

all the best tf2 players play or are good at soldier and none of them would complain that scout is overpowered or that soldier needs buffs because they are good at the game and know that both classes can fill their roles and have impact if you are a good player

I think if you are good at TF2 you would understand how good soldier is and would not want to nerf scout or buff soldier or any of this random shit

ive been trying to write this shit for so long my last point and a lil TL:DR I guess

scout is a great class and it can definitely look overpowered at times but for the most part if you are a good player you will have insane impact and make your class/role look overpowered

its just that soldier is harder to be good at so there arent as many players making it look overpowered

at the end of the day
clockwork once almost got 100 frags vs a top NA team on viaduct as scout
yomps runs in and 2 shots people a lot

but banny on soldier and with only 1 scout on his team did 400+ dpm every single game for an entire lan
blaze has insane impact all the time and with high ping

duwatna had some of the most insane team awareness ive ever seen and he never died even on froyo when he had lansky and b4nny munching on shades beam all day

it felt like I could never kill one of duwatnas teammates without him shooting at least 1 sticky at me and ill never forget the one day he rang for my team and I felt like god I could literally do anything and somehow he would be shooting at the same target with me

fuck I wrote another wall of text

if you are a good player you will make your class look overpowered
everyone is good at scout because its easy
soldier is harder to be good at so it doesnt have as many players making it look op
demo is easy but I guess people just kinda suck at it so it doesnt look op very often
and medic is medic its easy as well but somehow only shade and nursey are good at it

posted about 3 years ago
#47 Needing some feedback for Soldier movement. in Q/A Help
damneasyPeople don't like losing, people like winning, means they will play to win. Doesn't matter if "omg you won't improve if you do it like that you are doing it wrong!!" Their attitude is better than yours because they will do everything to win which is a good attitude to have. Yeah maybe playing "gay" isn't the best way to improve but if you are better than them you would still beat them you are just using an excuse for losing. Most prem players play gay as fuck because that's how they actually play 6's too. Stop crying about people who play gay, rather focus on you getting better and beat them anyway.

well said and id like add that most of playing gay isnt as bad practice as people meme about

counterjumping is a real thing that people do and you can be really bad at it and really good at it and its great to practice doing and practice playing against

shotgun denying is fucking sick hitscan practice and its not as all powerful as people think if you are getting fucked up by someone shotty denying hes probably better than you anyway and you need to learn how to ctap and strafe because you can make yourself hard af to hit and if he still is shitting on you then hes just aiming really well and at that point what are you complaining about?

playing super passive and sitting on badlands mid crates jumping on and off is good movement practice I dont do this often because I dont find it as fun but I should do it because I get directed from people sitting on lowground/far away from me a lot because I never practice it

posted about 3 years ago
#42 Needing some feedback for Soldier movement. in Q/A Help
VulcanCheesyMacgyversenddamneasyWhy are people so butthurt about surfing rockets in ammomod? Why would you not do that, you do it ingame too like wtf loli mean you may also counterjump or play heavy in game, but it's extremely annoying to play against and provides no real practice
how does counterjumping provide no real practice?
Just play a jump map if you want to practice counterjumping

jump maps dont have people to shoot at or people shooting at you and jump maps are not pieces of 6s maps

posted about 3 years ago
#40 Needing some feedback for Soldier movement. in Q/A Help
senddamneasyWhy are people so butthurt about surfing rockets in ammomod? Why would you not do that, you do it ingame too like wtf loli mean you may also counterjump or play heavy in game, but it's extremely annoying to play against and provides no real practice

how does counterjumping provide no real practice?

also to the op I watched for a few minutes and your aim is definitely a problem its fine to focus on your movement and stuff but there were a lot of fights that you should have won if you just relaxed and hit your rockets from what I saw your shotgun was great though so thats a bonus

as for movement something people do that makes it hard for me to hit them is they will walk in 1 direction for a long time and at a lot of ranges they can just react to when my rocket is going to land in front of them and walk away from it it may just be a low ping vs high ping move but its worth a try just hold A until you think they are gonna direct you then press D but I dunno how much out of MGE worth you will get out of it

posted about 3 years ago

family and I went to a lil beacherino

im the one in the back whos flying blind from the sun im pretty sure he focuses me

posted about 3 years ago
#5 who are u e-dating :3 in The Dumpster

lf date I make funny joke and say nice thing am tall and darkhandsum

posted about 3 years ago
#12 if the internet shut down in Off Topic

getting phone numbers from important steam friends and getting as much music as I can

edit: maybe download a few single player games as well but I think id focus more on music

posted about 3 years ago
#8 do you think this person is a boy or girl? in The Dumpster

whoever they are they are hot and I want them

posted about 3 years ago
#16 ESEA Database Breached in TF2 General Discussion

you can see if your account was breached here

woah thats interesting I looked up my name on that site and this came up

" has: 1 result(s) found. This data was hacked on approximately 2016-12-26 register_date, City, State/Province, last_login, username, firstname, lastname, hash, email, birthday, zip_code, Phone number, Website, SteamID, PSN_ID, XboxID"

posted about 3 years ago
#1 Philosophical human empathy test in Q/A Help

oops this was a missclick

posted about 3 years ago
#1 tf2 sprays in Q/A Help

I just like most of us use comanglias and before that was using chrisfps ever since chris I had sprays disabled but I want them back now... I cant seem to figure it out

ive fixed up all the commands that I know of... yet when I make a lil local server my spray does not show up

these are the commands ive changed around
r_spray_lifetime 5
cl_playerspraydisable 0
mp_decals 200

and I think this is set correctly cl_logofile materials/vgui/logos/meaterfly.vtf

also random note even though I put those commands in my autoexec they dont actually work each time I launch the game lifetime = 0/playerspraydisable = 1 and decals go back to 25 ive control + f my autoexec to make sure I dont have anything fucked up also checked my class cfgs and nothing is wrong there

thanks in advance for any help

posted about 3 years ago
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