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#26 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion

Thanks to the great people from TF2Stadium, it is easily possible to host Pointcapture lobbies on their platform!

The easiest way is to use a server which, thanks again to Arie, already have the Pointcapture maps installed.

On TF2Stadiums map selection screen, simply make sure to correctly type out the desired maps name e.g. "pc5_snakewater_a2b" for it to work.

Recommended playtest-settings:
mp_maxrounds 0
mp_timelimit 30
mp_windifference 25
mp_winlimit 0

I'll try my hand at some EU TF2Stadium playtests in the coming week.
For anyone interested, please answer this poll to help me gauge player availability over the course of the coming evenings:

Feel free to use this as an excuse to use TF2Stadium in general, it's a shame this great platform isn't utilized.

Oh yeah, and join our Discord if you haven't:

posted 18 hours ago
#25 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion
mishael1This is really cool, thanks for making and sharing this! Is there a way to run this in TF2C or another lobby options? Would love to try this.

I am glad you like what I am doing, unfortunately TF2Center don't want to run experimental lobbies and haven't granted my request to whitelist Pointcapture maps on their platform.

FactsMachineYou could also try hosting pugs.

I have never hosted or even played a pug, I could try my hand at it but I think it would be best if someone more experienced went for it. My impression is that many PUG players aren't looking to experiment and rather want to play the game they are used to. I could be wrong though^^

If anyone wants to take action and organize a playtest, feel free to add me to talk about it.

A bunch of people have joined the Discord ( so far, so there seems to be some interest.

posted 1 week ago
#97 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 week ago
#21 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion
hooliyo is this popping or what

It's hard to say^^

To fill you in here is what is currently happening:

I have tried to reach out to the makers of staple 6v6 maps to talk with them about the conversion of their maps to this gamemode. I can convert their maps into Pointcapture after decompiling them but that results in some lighting issues, possibly performance decreases as well.
Only Snakewater has been converted using the original map files thanks to chojje providing them to me, gullywash, badlands and process work but are based on decompiled (flawed) versions.

Besides that, I am trying to make playetests more accessible by getting TF2Center staff to whitelist pointcapture maps on their website, this process seems to be taking quite a while.

Additionally I have been reaching out to a bunch of better known members in the community to get their feedback and ask for help getting tests started with this game mode but I am not getting many replies.

Generally, I want to ensure that the gamemode does not have any big annoying bugs before I think about making a tournament focused on seeing it in action happen.

So the best way to help is to get together some friends, download the files, play a match in this game mode, record it and tell me what you think/if you spotted any bugs. I opened a Discord Server but I admit I am not good at organising people so it has been largely inactive, however there are some people who seem interested in the project in it.

Discord Link:

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 Am I the only one? in TF2 General Discussion

I also don't think conformity is enough of a reason to remove a map some people enjoy.

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[shameless plug]
Also, take a look at this gamemode:
[/shameless plug]
posted 3 weeks ago
#16 If you designed a tf2 mod, how'd it be like? in TF2 General Discussion

Together with the aforementioned removal of random elements, I would experiment with a few core class mechanics, especially Medics.

Medic Changes
Ubercharges: I think there is something fundamentally wrong about mechanics that allow players to accrue power over time without a proportionally increasing responsibility/risk of some sort.
In the case of Medigun design, it enables teams to hold onto e.g. Ubers as long as they want without drawbacks. I would try to introduce an overheating mechanic like this:

At 100%, Mediguns start overheating, while still accumulating more charge. The Mediguns slowly cool down to 100% while the Medic is not buffing/healing. At like 125% the Mediguns forcibly discharge (while also providing 125% charge duration).
In theory, this forces Medics to prioritize buffs/heals with the Medigun after 100% have been reached. This would make holding harder, as a team that defends while the charge is at 100+% can't continuously heal/buff every player but needs to be strategic about it. The perfect time to push would be at 120+% after all players had been buffed, waiting any longer would inevitably starve the team for buffs to varying degrees.
Overall, this could increase the speed of the game by making holding less viable.

Other Medic related things I would experiment with are:
- increasing the amount of damage Medics deal proportional to their charge-percentage
- giving Kritz an area of effect around the primary heal target, giving close by teammates mini-crits as well
- overhauling primaries to all heal teammates at a max rate across X amount of seconds (think current crossbow but not instant) while also building charge at a max rate that keeps build times the same as they are now
- making the Quick Fix a movement increasing Medigun that matches the heal targets speed to the Medic (Scouts are fast enough) and give increased reload & firing speed on "uber" while cutting the increased healing rate currently present

I have some interesting ideas for Pyro, Engi, Heavy and Spy but they aren't that refined.

5CP Changes
Besides class design, I would experiment with an altered version of TF2's 5CP gamemode on asymmetrical maps that are played in 2 halves with team switch. The gamemode logic exists ( but progress is frozen as I have been putting off organizing playtests because it's hard. I am seriously considering just putting up some sort of prize pool for mixes/teams who record playtests that give the best feedback so I can finally decide how to continue development.

posted 1 month ago
#19 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion

Following up on the suggestion by foxtrot, I made an alternative version of Snakewater (pc5_snakewater_a1b) as well as a simple test map. Thanks again to chojje for providing me with the original .vtf for Snakewater.

Everyone can download to try them out here.

pc5_snakewater_a1b is also available on (thanks again to Arie).

For discussions and future playtests, head over to our Discord.

posted 2 months ago
#18 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion
foxtrotI feel like it'd be more intuitive if you received score depending on how many total points both teams captured[...]

I think you have a good point there, thank you for sharing it.
I did indeed want to have the rewards be non-linear, intending to always encourage pushing last over settling for "good enough" 3 out of 5 points a round in total.
But now that I think about it again, it's fair to reward defenders too and your scoring example does prove a point.
Additionally, with that method, it's easy to figure out how many rounds have been played in total, as you'd only have to divide the score total by five.
I might just go and compile a version with your scoring method later. Unfortunately no real conclusions can be reached before playtests happen, so please consider joining our Discord and inviting anyone who is interested in experimenting with 5CP.
Thanks again for your post!

EDIT: I shouldn't post first thing in the morning

posted 2 months ago
#16 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion

I created a Discord server that everyone who is interested in discussing and playtesting Pointcapture can join using this link:

posted 2 months ago
#15 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion

Last night, some attempts have been made to test Pointcapture. Unfortunately, once the mix finally started, the teams were pretty uneven and the rounds were over so quickly, that the game modes changes didn't even come into effect.
Still, the following can be learned from it:

At least the way Pointcapture is played now,...

  • ...the 5 minute round timer didn't feel too short/restrictive.
  • ...Pointcapture doesn't differ from 5CP drastically, so it's easy for players to transition to it.
  • features gameplay very similar, if not identical to 5CP when the rounds are quick.
  • ...mp_timelimit 30 and mp_windifference 25 feel like reasonable server settings.
  • ...the main concern players still have is that the meta will solely consist of capturing 2nd, waiting for the last minute and pushing into last for "guaranteed 2 points" (which hasn't been observable so far).

To the last bullet point I will only say this much for now: Watch this clip and think about the implications :)

Huge thanks for nuze, who was very patient and persistent in getting players to participate in the playtest mix yesterday.

Thank you to everyone who participated and gave feedback so far!

posted 2 months ago
#13 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion
ArieCool idea, I've uploaded the current maps to and have given you serveme premium so you can upload updated or new maps.

Wow, I really appreciate that!

Menachembasically i wanna play this

I thought about the question about how to run these maps too and came to the same conclusion. I would simply try mp_timelimit 30.

syphI'm happy someone finally did this.

I am happy the response has been so positive so far. :)

posted 2 months ago
#8 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion
aierai cant wait for teams to camp mid instead

Hmm, I am not sure why you think that would be a good strategy. If a team camped on Mid and did nothing, they would get 1 out of 5 possible points that round. Please explain, I am trying to understand your point :)

nuzeI'm gonna put this on my server and see if people would be up for playing a mix on this tomorrow afternoon - if anyone's keen pm me

Thank you so much! I hope people will come to play, please make sure to share your feedback in this thread, I am looking forward to learning from it.

posted 2 months ago
#5 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion
BumFreeze[...] i think the rest is a great idea but capturing should refresh the timer to 5 mins

Thanks for sharing!
A benefit of having rounds end every 5 minutes is that many rounds will be played. This also possibly lessens the impact of the strategy you described. It means that the value of 1 single round is not as great as it is in 5CP. Teams won't as easily be able to sit on a point lead and play passive. A team might decide to do so for 5 minutes, but after these 5 minutes a new mid fight might turn bad and net the enemy team a quick round win within just 2 or 3 minutes.
I don't know how it would play out but I am excited to move beyond theorycrafting and see teams play it. :)

chojjeCool initiative. If you have some lighting issues on Snake I can share the original .vmf and compile settings if you like.

That would be awesome! Thank your for your support and thank you for creating and maintaining Snakewater in the first place!

posted 2 months ago
#1 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion

TL;DR: A new take on 5CP that any 5CP map can be converted into.

Hi, in this post I want to share a new TF2 game mode that has gone through numerous iterations over the past couple of years. Its minor adjustments are aimed at improving the flow of competitive matches.

It’s still very similar to 5CP but has a few distinct differences:

  • The 10-minute round timer is halved and doesn’t reset when control points are captured
  • Overtime matters ( interesting implications)
  • When the round timer hits zero, both teams get the same amount of score-points as the amount of control points they own.

For example: RED owns BLU's 2nd at 0:00 --> Red gains 4 points, Blu gains 1
Capturing Last ends the current round and awards the team 5 points before a new round begins. The time limit remains at 30 minutes.

"Old" scoring method:

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At 0:00, only the dominant team earns score-points:
Owning Mid at 0:00 -> 1 point
Owning Enemy 2nd at 0:00 -> 2 points

Capturing Last -> 5 points

Every 5CP map can be converted into PC, I have done so with cp_gullywash, cp_snakewater, cp_badlands and cp_process and I provide links to my template, documentation and conversion guide below.

Neither the round time nor the capture point scoring values are set in stone and can be adjusted if need be.

Download the desired .bsp file from the playable Maps download link below and simply drag it into X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\maps

Playable Maps:

Editable Maps:

5CP -> PC Conversion Guide:

PC Documentation:

Credit to:

  • Arie for providing me with premium for tests and map uploads
  • the creators of the original maps I stole (chojje, tovilovan, Arnold, Valve, ScorpioUprising,...) and their collaborators
  • special thanks to chojje for providing me with the snakewater.vtf
  • Sideshow for this video that got me working years ago
  • UEAKCrash for his valuable mapping tutorials
  • ABoojumSnark for his game mode library
  • for being an open, friendly and helpful community and resource
  • Nuze for his interest and hosting the first chaotic mixes
  • Lucrative for occasional chats
  • cirlo for being very supportive and great to discuss ideas with
  • nonagon and KevinIsPwn from TF2Stadium for enabling pointcapture tests on their platform (as well as building the badass site to begin with!)

  • My friends Mark and Nagle for their support over the years

Known Issues:
Due to having gone through the flawed process of decompilation, some areas of the maps have lighting bugs that I haven’t bothered learning how to fix

I am really looking forward to reading your feedback on this game mode, please give it a shot and tell me what you think.

Join our Discord:

posted 2 months ago
#27 One song you've been listening to a lot lately. in Music, Movies, TV

posted 5 months ago
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