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#75 i69: Day 3 - Finals in Events

The Core Problem

The optimized high-level strategy in 5CP is to gain a round lead (the actually hard part) and then play it as safe as possible (which wG demonstrated).
Because being passive and holding a point is just easier to do than being agressive and taking one, the length of the round timer doesn't change much about this passivity-problem.

To disincentivise passivity after gaining a round lead, I think more significant changes need to be made.

Potential Improvements

Ultimately, stalemates are a waste of time. If the state of the game is stuck after 5 minutes, why should a round-restart change anything about that happening again? It's trying the same thing again, hoping for a different result, not very elegant at all. The same problem already existed with 10-minute round-timers (see

Replacing stalemates at round-timeout with a punishment for the team that owns the least control points could solve this problem.
That would mean that, even if a round times out, the team that has capped the most CP's is rewarded more than the one that has been passive.
I've explored that possibility here:

I've come to realize that the problem of passivity is so fundamental, that even the approach I developed above is just a band-aid, even more fundamental changes might need to be made.

I could say more, but I don't expect many people to care enough, if anyone is interested in talking about this more deeply, feel free to add me on Steam!

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 TF2 LAN EVENT IN GERMANY, 25.-27-11.2022 in LAN Discussion

Große Freude!

posted 1 month ago
#13 Desk height in Off Topic

I can recommend getting at least a desk with adjustable height (manually adjustable length for each table leg). I used to have a relatively cheap one from IKEA until I got myself an electric sit-stand desk (ideal for me, although an investment).

Also, people can have very different leg-torso ratios, 2 of the same height might have different ideal desk heights.

posted about 2 years ago
#2 Team Fortress 2 Classic in TF2 General Discussion

6v6v6v6 tournament when?

posted about 2 years ago
#7 cp_scourge (Attack/Defend) in Map Discussion

I am very interested in seeing matches on this map (also other A/D maps) from a gamemode design/balance perspective. If there are any VODs I can check out, please let me know (:

posted about 2 years ago
#129 what are ya READING? in Music, Movies, TV

Been reading Musashi, which is the first book in years that actually gets me reading. Notable exception being "Arc de Triomphe" and "Man's Search for Meaning".
Musashi is very good, I purchased the Book of Five Rings he wrote and another unrelated book called "Man's Search for Himself" to read afterwards.

posted about 2 years ago
#30 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion

Only 4 slots missing for playtest!
New lobby up:
Join the discord too:

posted about 2 years ago
#10 Mixchamp in TF2 General Discussion

Recently I've been thinking that a big reason for services like this going underused might be because there is no way to notify the pool of potential players that a pug/lobby is looking for players.
TF2Stadium tries to solve this problem by having a bunch of discord channels you can unmute to be notified of new lobbies/almost ready lobbies of the desired game type.
But I feel like few people are aware of this/use it.

I think a chat-bot integration could be much more successful at notifying a pool of potential players, imagine unmuting notifications about desired lobby types for a period of time using simple chat commands, allowing for much more user specificity in the notifications.

A probably much less complicated way of concentrating attempts to use the services might be to just decide on weekdays and specific times, during these times, services could potentially provide match servers to incentivise turning up

TL;DR I think the issue with such services being underused is not a lack of interest/potential users, but coordination among them

posted about 2 years ago
#29 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion

Anyone willing to test and talk, now's the time!

posted about 2 years ago
#28 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion

Join our Discord on Saturday, November 23 at 19:00 CET for discussions and potential playtest

posted about 2 years ago
#27 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion

Quick bump, also I realise many people on these forums are from NA, vote here instead:

posted about 2 years ago
#26 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion

Thanks to the great people from TF2Stadium, it is easily possible to host Pointcapture lobbies on their platform!

The easiest way is to use a server which, thanks again to Arie, already have the Pointcapture maps installed.

On TF2Stadiums map selection screen, simply make sure to correctly type out the desired maps name e.g. "pc5_snakewater_a2b" for it to work.

Recommended playtest-settings:
mp_maxrounds 0
mp_timelimit 30
mp_windifference 25
mp_winlimit 0

I'll try my hand at some EU TF2Stadium playtests in the coming week.
For anyone interested, please answer this poll to help me gauge player availability over the course of the coming evenings:

Feel free to use this as an excuse to use TF2Stadium in general, it's a shame this great platform isn't utilized.

Oh yeah, and join our Discord if you haven't:

posted about 2 years ago
#25 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion
mishael1This is really cool, thanks for making and sharing this! Is there a way to run this in TF2C or another lobby options? Would love to try this.

I am glad you like what I am doing, unfortunately TF2Center don't want to run experimental lobbies and haven't granted my request to whitelist Pointcapture maps on their platform.

FactsMachineYou could also try hosting pugs.

I have never hosted or even played a pug, I could try my hand at it but I think it would be best if someone more experienced went for it. My impression is that many PUG players aren't looking to experiment and rather want to play the game they are used to. I could be wrong though^^

If anyone wants to take action and organize a playtest, feel free to add me to talk about it.

A bunch of people have joined the Discord ( so far, so there seems to be some interest.

posted about 2 years ago
#97 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 2 years ago
#21 pc_pointcapture (gamemode) in TF2 General Discussion
hooliyo is this popping or what

It's hard to say^^

To fill you in here is what is currently happening:

I have tried to reach out to the makers of staple 6v6 maps to talk with them about the conversion of their maps to this gamemode. I can convert their maps into Pointcapture after decompiling them but that results in some lighting issues, possibly performance decreases as well.
Only Snakewater has been converted using the original map files thanks to chojje providing them to me, gullywash, badlands and process work but are based on decompiled (flawed) versions.

Besides that, I am trying to make playetests more accessible by getting TF2Center staff to whitelist pointcapture maps on their website, this process seems to be taking quite a while.

Additionally I have been reaching out to a bunch of better known members in the community to get their feedback and ask for help getting tests started with this game mode but I am not getting many replies.

Generally, I want to ensure that the gamemode does not have any big annoying bugs before I think about making a tournament focused on seeing it in action happen.

So the best way to help is to get together some friends, download the files, play a match in this game mode, record it and tell me what you think/if you spotted any bugs. I opened a Discord Server but I admit I am not good at organising people so it has been largely inactive, however there are some people who seem interested in the project in it.

Discord Link:

posted about 2 years ago
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