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#2 King's Crew sponsor Ford Gaming for BTS LAN in News

wow KCREW got an upgrade, will finally see them out of the bottom seed :O

posted 14 hours ago
#45 darwin/grapejuice lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

he lost playoffs but he can win next season!

gg boy, you did well.

posted 15 hours ago
#14 66 Tick MGE in TF2 General Discussion
trippayou didnt put an option for not having oihguv

whoops: edited the poll thanks

posted 18 hours ago
#12 66 Tick MGE in TF2 General Discussion

Back at it: this time I need your help to see what to do with Elo Associates
Right now, it's currently selected classes only on the server.

Please fill in the poll and i'll have a look at it in a day or two and adjust to what we want in an MGE server.


posted 19 hours ago
#35 what mge server are we gonna use in TF2 General Discussion
wolsneHedgewould prefer that the server is in chicago like most rgl/scrim servers (not new york, not kansas, not denver)chicago is very expensive to host in, the price is easily +33% of what it would cost to host in kansas/denver and probably +20% of new york pricing)
Kansas literally offers almost every with ~40-50 ping so theres no reason to not use it other than 5 pingers whining about not getting 5 ping

I'm hosting Elo Associates on Chicago with NO ADS and i'll be paying for it for at least another 6 months. It'll be perma hosted if I see a tick up in traffic in those 6 months. I'll be working on the server as much as I can.

The cost isn't much of a concern, however if im going to do more servers i'll probably find a way to get some donations maybe, but for now it's all me (and melon)

posted 19 hours ago
#4 what mge server are we gonna use in TF2 General Discussion

I did make a public MGE server that is running now:
Elo Associates:

Notes to take from that: No elo importing, mge_beta4b (that map), and i guess cool website

self promote :(

posted 1 day ago
#2 lft scout main rgl s2 in Recruitment (looking for team)

good for main

posted 2 days ago
#57 animus lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

brasil legend

posted 3 days ago
#11 66 Tick MGE in TF2 General Discussion

Hats are now 100% fixed

Server will warn when restarts are occurring, sending a message at 1 hour, 30, 15, 10, 5 and 1 minutes.
Restarts don't save elo, i'm contacting Nacho Replay to see if he still has his plugins for that.

Calladmin will notify all admins online on steam, making it much easier to report cheaters. SourceTV is recording to provide demos on our SourceBans website. No more grey area.

Should be all, more to come.

posted 4 days ago
#10 66 Tick MGE in TF2 General Discussion

Hats being banned should be fixed alongside the whitelist.
No server restart warning, it just restarts [Note: Our restart does NOT save elo yet.]

I am looking for the plugin that allows this, if you have access to it please contact us.

Thanks :)

posted 5 days ago
#9 66 Tick MGE in TF2 General Discussion
Seinfeldhis real name on his steam profile DOES happen to be "cheater"... might be onto something there, BrockBrockhttps://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066163159 someone said this dude was cheating on the server, watched him for a bit and rockets where shooting off from the side of him towards the other player, like not even aiming at him. maybe its a bug on my end, idk, but he was sketch.

I have dealt with them. Received permanent ban.

If anything arises in the future, https://elo.associates has all the sourcebans and you can report them directly there.

NOTE: If you think your ban is unjust, reach out to us. Sometimes we call bans that are not right, we're not perfect. If this happens, again, reach out.


posted 5 days ago
#38 [as] mge replacement in Projects
stephthree things-

1) i will be releasing a b3_fix for oihguv at some point because there's clipping issues that i've missed on certain arenas (oops)

2) i will not be importing elo from AS bcuz the database types are different (sqlite3 is what the AS elo used, mysql is what all my servers use)

3) i've opened up ban protests on the sourcebans site, if you want to protest a ban go there and i'll get back to you


convert sqllite3 to mysql by downloading the database and converting it. shouldn't take THAT much time?

posted 1 week ago
#6 66 Tick MGE in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 week ago
#2 66 Tick MGE in TF2 General Discussion

Should have a whitelist now.
Updated server so sourcebans page will be synced with game server.

Thanks to GibusTF for helping me out, he'll be an admin alongside me.

posted 1 week ago
#1 66 Tick MGE in TF2 General Discussion

New Server: Elo Associates MGE [Chicago]
nfo server.
Public Source Bans: here

No elo importing, no ban importing. Bans will be handed out on sight and on report. Nobody is pre-banned, giving a chance to those cheaters to not cheat again.

Email for support:
server@elo.associates (Preferred)

posted 1 week ago
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