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Signed Up August 4, 2017
Last Posted December 9, 2019 at 4:49 AM
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In-game Sensitivity 6
Windows Sensitivity 6/11
Raw Input  
Refresh Rate
60 (tv so 59.9)
Hardware Peripherals
Mouse some ps-2 one
Keyboard k120 logitech (20 bucks what a deal)
Mousepad napkin, bed
Headphones included
Monitor View Sonic
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#2 lfp rgl s2 in Recruitment (looking for players)

lolguy demo is too powerful, you are unable to lose.

posted 2 days ago
#12 [TFBot] Payload bot rehost + more in Projects


  • Added commands from Payload: 8ball, rtd
  • Removed timestamp on !profile

Working hard on the restrict command, please use permissions for limiting bot functionality for now. This update is expected to release around Christmas.

I would like some feedback to if I should implement guild-specific prefixes into TFBot. I have everything ready for it, however it does take about a hundred or so milliseconds of latency between issuing a command and receiving it.

some cool features being added too, check the discord for more :o

posted 2 days ago
#18 sigafoo teasing RGL LAN in TF2 General Discussion
MikeMatdo it during summerfest if its in mke

hell yeah

posted 3 days ago
#7 Ham? in Off Topic

green eggs

posted 5 days ago
#9888 stream highlights in Videos


posted 5 days ago
#7 LFP RGL Adv in Recruitment (looking for players)
CAP_CREATUREdbkgriffmenwe need more flank scout tryouts btw
griff is a Demoman main as stated in his lft. clearly you must flank scout so griff can demoman and then screwb will finally un local mute griff

its not the local mute that prevents him from joining the channel...

posted 1 week ago
#11 [TFBot] Payload bot rehost + more in Projects

Automatic changelog response to guild owners is working. Opt out: !help config notifications
Updated code types.
API is working, was set to wrong port.
Celebrating over 35 server! Thanks to you all!!!

Thanks to all who dealt with the double messages. Some folks's name was interfering, I sorted all that out.

posted 1 week ago
#10 [TFBot] Payload bot rehost + more in Projects


  • Permissions adjustment for some commands
  • RichEmbeds now have color-coordinated meanings:
  • Yellow: TFBot-related
  • Red: Administration/other (N/A yet)
  • Orange: Command related
  • Blue: User Related
  • TFBot API can be accessed through the command !api. Returns JSON of commands, autoresponses and stats.
  • New command: !profile
  • Replies with a RichEmbed of user bot status, discord id, and steamid (if previously entered)
  • Removed duplicate entries in steamid database
  • Automatic response of changelog in discord. Type !info to get into our discord!
  • Automatic reponse to guild owners of changelog. This can be turned off. !help config notifications. This is currently not being used, advise AGAINST using it now.
posted 1 week ago
#9 [TFBot] Payload bot rehost + more in Projects

not really fully set up yet, but TFBot now uses the same api as payload did.
this can be accessed by going here
this will be changed soon with (hopefully) a fully featured website.

I plan on adding some more commands tomorrow. stay tuned

Also celebrating 28 severs! TFBot is slowly taking place.
Thank you so much!

posted 1 week ago
#8 [TFBot] Payload bot rehost + more in Projects


  • steam connect info
  • !commands has a new look
  • Big framework update

Fixed typing issues for sure.
Join our discord! Link is above. All news, announcements, suggestions, ect can be posted on there and I can really iterate on what sharky started.

Happy thanksgiving all!

posted 1 week ago
#2 Political Corruption in Malta in World Events

I suppose with all this going around, a huge revolt could happen within the next few months or year or two. I'm not the one to say anything though, so hopefully all "goes well"...

posted 1 week ago
#8 RGL Season 2 Info and Fall 2019 Map Test Cup in TF2 General Discussion

its not community news so it's next best thing: stickied

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 24 lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

would still love to play, I have the time to commit to a team now.
please let me play

posted 2 weeks ago
#15 UGC Season 30 + Updates on recent events in TF2 General Discussion

UGC will remain a better free league for people who want to play in a somewhat-serious environment.
The fact this is released means they still are trying to make this league better.

posted 2 weeks ago
#10 Happy thoughts 2019 in Off Topic
MRfunnyalienFinally can afford insurance for my family in the worst case scenario when India becomes a superpower Dec 31st 23:59

24 hour supremacy

posted 2 weeks ago
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