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#4 RGL S4 Div Fees and 6s Staff Additions in TF2 General Discussion
Se_Riouswhat happens if I already paid the Advanced fee for Div-2?

goodbye to your money

posted 2 days ago
#42 payload-neo in Projects
ZeklynI am having problems going on the main https://payload.tf site, is it down? https://staging.payload.tf works for some reason

We're trying to transfer domains currently, and I think I accidently deleted something. For some reason it will continue to redirect you, but it isn't "down". I don't know how to solve this, but when we do the merge from dev with master branch it should work correctly.

posted 3 days ago
#13 Trying to find purpose in Off Topic

try to learn something you thought you'd never love. Learn it so well you're itching to come online every day to find more and more material to learn on that subject. Use that motivation to build projects you've never known you could. Finding this subject will land you into a position that benefits you and your future.

posted 4 days ago
#4 what do you think? in TF2 General Discussion

looks like an average roster for any white neighborhood highschool

posted 4 days ago
#139 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
yttriumFor the record, I am not equating Agro's shitty attitude and aloofness with Dashner's shit. Clearly Agro doesn't even compare. I was simply equating the argument of "yeah they're bad but what would we do without them", since it was used in his case as well, for years.

Anyone thinking that KritzKast will die from the drama in this thread is delusional, but I do hope the community taking a stand here might tip Agro off to the fact that he's actually not always in the right.

But certainly we can hope.

posted 5 days ago
#5 pug.tf in Projects

Make sure when you're using our form, you put in your complete discord tag so we can reach you. I cannot reach you in any way if I don't have your discord tag.


posted 6 days ago
#127 SizzlingStats - Live TF2 Stats **Alpha Test** in Projects

will SS ever be out of alpha

posted 6 days ago
#6 carter lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

owns a pug group

posted 6 days ago
#9 The NA TFTV Coverage Feedback Thread for RGL S3 in TF2 General Discussion
bendiei think casters should be more experienced, as its annoying when the caster doesn't even know what's going on and is constantly giving incorrect calls; maybe main-level players at least

i love how the hud looks, dont change it at all, i love the tags and the names (without aliases so its not confusing) so thats something im a huge fan of

I'd state that there's a shortage of casters. Going into the fall season is going to lose some good casters due to school or whatnot. I agree having more experienced casters is beneficial, but there's no real good way of obtaining them. Many people have a life and don't want to spend hours casting, some may not enjoy talking about tf2 either.

posted 1 week ago
#63 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
saclock this???

Why? This thread is (hopefully) going to get an answer to what seems to be a hot question. There's some obvious trolls, but there's some good conversation going about.

posted 1 week ago
#59 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion

All of this could have been avoided, but was made into a much bigger issue because of the initial response. Won't put in my opinion in either way.

posted 1 week ago
#40 payload-neo in Projects

pretty cool payload updates:

https://staging.payload.tf is the staging server with production-like quality where it will auto-update every time there's a push on this branch.

See live changes there. There's going to be a staging bot too to help test loads on containers, but I will release that via the discord.

The staging bot will have pushcart and combine disabled, to prevent it being used over the main bot, since this is testing (potentially) breaking changes/additions. This is a good place to test because it won't affect many thousands of users using the main bot.

Any suggestions? Post them in the new community-formatted discord!

I'd also like to thank the 500+ discord server owners who have invited Payload to their discord!

posted 1 week ago
#143 pegging in Off Topic

oh boy here we go again

posted 1 week ago
#6 EU PUGs for new players in TF2 General Discussion

If there's any pug group owner from the EU who wants to throw it on the pug.tf directory, either DM me on discord or use our (even better way) google form to submit an application.

posted 1 week ago
#2 RGL PSA: Casted Matches for Season 4 in TF2 General Discussion

fireside offical casting org ??

posted 1 week ago
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