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RGL HL S14 AM W1: Swiig1ty's Squad vs. EGO
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Monday, Jan 30th
9:30 PM EST

We return with Trial By Fireside for a 3rd season, but with Highlander in tow! join Fireside as much like the other NC team in the 6s coverage, Swiig1ty's Squad is coming fresh off an undefeated run in S13 NC. On the other hand, EGO features a few of the BUNGER BOYS of S13 and retools with a mix of experienced amateurs in hopes of improving to be more than the runner ups.

It's a trial at the fire, and no better than Fireside to bring it to you.

Match Page | Swiig1ty's Squad | EGO | Caster: Rogue | Caster: Godfather | Production: siyo
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cast my game :D

cast my game :D
Fireside Casts
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-snowcast my game :D

i don't see you in amateur....

[quote=-snow]cast my game :D[/quote]

i don't see you in amateur....
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