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ronz exorcises MANDEM
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February 5, 2022

After three long seasons on the roster, Roamer haunts has left MANDEM. A consistent thorn in the sides of enemies, they were a regular name in the team’s playoff runs alongside Pocket lardox, and their departure has left a wide hole in the roster.

While haunts was originally listed as MANDEM’s roamer at the start of this season, in their one qualifier match (a win over wer das liest ist doof) it was azn playing on the flank, who put up good numbers but would ultimately join one of the several French teams in Division 1.

Come their first match, against Foreskings, MANDEM brought in Roamer coyo, formerly of Alvin and the Britmunks. While they were narrowly defeated, coyo performed respectably, but ultimately MANDEM decided to go in a different direction.

ronz is the veteran of three seasons in Premiership, making it to playoffs twice in that time. Before its demise they played Pocket for Projet [FR] Super Try Hard, and so brings much-needed experience at the top level to this roster. One point remains though: not only did ronz historically play pocket, they were one of the most heal-heavy pockets in Prem, and so their move away from the healbeam to the flank is one that leaves many questions answered. While they are undoubtedly able to do this, as many other one-time Pockets have, exactly how well remains to be seen.

As well as this soldier shakeup, MANDEM have decided to switch their scouts round, with Blanc back in the combo and bb put back into the flank position from which they won Debut of the Season. This move leaves far fewer question marks as both these players have proven themselves capable in these roles, but it’s hardly ideal to be changing roles mid-season.

The first official for this new roster pits them against EvilGuys, with ronz against their compatriot dmoule on the flank. This is a tough test and possibly not one we’ll learn much from; MANDEM are the underdogs here and if they are easily defeated, it’ll be hard to argue their original roster would have done much better. Should they make it close, though, that would show significant promise, and in a season where the fourth and final playoffs spot is so open, this would be the first step towards them taking it.

After this change, MANDEM are now:

  • Pocket Scout: Blanc
  • Flank Scout: bb
  • Roamer: ronz
  • Pocket: lardox
  • Demoman: Fancy
  • Medic: Arcades
19 Frags +

inb4 25% heals

inb4 25% heals
15 Frags +


-5 Frags +


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