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RGL S7 AM Grand Finals: Pre$tige Worldwide vs. buttered bean crisis
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Wednesday, Dec 15th
9:30 PM EST

Amateur closes out with grand finals this Wednesday. It's been a wild season and the two remaining squads are #3 Pre$tige Worldwide and #5 buttered bean crisis. The folks on Pre$tige have not dropped on a map during their warpath in playoffs, while the beans "upset" the #4 100 Beefs After Dark 2-1 before handling #8 Big Breast Mode to punch their ticket here. Hopefully the buttered bean crisis is no more and they've improved, as their regular season bout vs. Pre$tige Worldwide ended 4-0 in the latter's favor. Who will be crowned Amateur champions? Maps are Process, Clearcut, Metalworks. Join Tery and Scream at 9:30 EST.

Match Page | Bracket | Pre$tige Worldwide | buttered bean crisis | Caster: Tery_ | Caster: Scream
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