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nunya? nunya what?
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July 29, 2021

nunya have had a rough start to the season, but still could bounce back.

After coming second place in Divison 1 last season, nunya weren’t guaranteed to move up, especially after they decided to switch their roster up. Coming out of Division 1 and with a fresh roster, they could be a contender to sneak their way into playoffs with a 4th place finish.

Similar to their slow start this season, it took a while for nunya’s turbo to kick in last season. They went through the first four weeks of the season with only 8 points, but after a clean sweep finish in the last three weeks they clawed their way back into playoffs. This latency might still be a factor with the new roster, and we could see them soar into playoffs towards the end of the season.

Combo Scout Acecle and Roamer troy departed from the roster in between Seasons 38 and 39. To fill in the two empty spots, nunya brought in ggggggg, aka Joe, and Derpy Hooves, as Combo Scout and Demoman, respectively. To accommodate these new players, smile has moved over to Roamer.

This is ggggggg’s first full season of Premiership, and the first time he’s dedicated himself to a full season in over two years. However, rustiness doesn’t seem to be a factor as he’s put up some monster performances against teams such as Ora Elektro. On the other hand, this is Derpy’s second season of Premiership. Although, he might be hoping his experiences from his first season don’t carry over into this one. Derpy played in Premiership during Season 37 with the Finnish-British squad Alvin and the Britmunks, who were only able to secure 4 points throughout the whole season.

Irrespective of the new-comers, the rest of the team isn’t much more experienced themselves, ignoring the outlier: thedog, aka condawg, aka Connor, aka the best worst Medic in Premiership. Connor might be able to bring some experience and wisdom to the team, but definitely some sick surfs.

Rounding off the core of the roster, amp-t will be waddling with 300hp as Pocket Solly and varnu will be sitting on the flank. neither player is a grizzled veteran of Premiership, but they've both amassed a good amount of experience and are well-known for being one of the best players their country has to offer.

We reached out to amp-t to ask him a few questions about the current season.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: What lead to troy and Acecle leaving the team after a successful last season??

I had met Joe last year and we had tried to make a team the season before this one, but things didnt end up working out sadly. In the preseason he wanted to play the Dreamhack cup, so we made more of a mix team where a few of us were offclassing or were on different roles than we usually were on, but in the end that weekend we played with 5/6 of our upcoming main roster. It gave the chance for the rest of the team to realise just how good Joe truly is. We thought that bringing in Joe would help us all improve and also up our game for prem, which meant we had to swap around our classes to make room for him. Smile had told us he would play whatever was needed for the team to be in its best iteration, and we tried a few different rotations and classes but ended up with the roster we have now which is Joe on combo scout, varnu on flank scout, smile on roamer, myself on pocket, Derpy Hooves on demo and last but not least thedog medic

It was a tough decision to make to cut troy and Acecle, but we thought the changes would take us further in the long run. We love troy and Acecle, we had a great season together in D1 even if we lost in the finals.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: How did you guys decide on picking up ggggggg and Derpy Hooves?

We were very happy with Acecle as a scout, he had been playing for us for a long time, however he sadly decided to step down. So we trialed a few scouts and they all decided to join another team or they don't wanna play as keen as we'd like to. But then we heard about ggggggg searching for a new team; we trialed him once and instantly fell in love with the English dude.

We had been playing against Derpy Hooves alot in our D1 season, then his team died and he put up a rec post. Since we had swapped around our roles a bit, we needed a demo, so we trialed him and thought he was sick so we picked him up.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: After a less than favourable start to the season, do you think playoffs are still possible?

Obviously our first two officials weren't as good as we hoped it would be, but it definitely felt as though 4Toast and Ora both improved a lot between the preseason and now, so we can only take that as motivation for us to step up the notch and try and work on our mistakes for our next games. We definitely think playoffs is still possible, might be harder than we thought but I think we can get there.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: Are you looking forward to a rematch with vibrams?

Definitely, I personally try to stay out of any shittalk, but our teams obviously have some history and a bit of rivalry going on, so it should cause for a good game.

Hiding their secrets with tight lips, nunya are ready to keep their heads down.

  • Combo Scout: ggggggg
  • Flank Scout: varnu
  • Roamer: smile
  • Pocket: amp-t
  • Demoman: Derpy Hooves
  • Medic: thedog
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nunya deez nuts

nunya deez nuts
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alvnunya deez nuts


[quote=alv]nunya deez nuts[/quote]
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nuuunya <3

nuuunya <3
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