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shock goes neutral, mulaa charges into nerdRage
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June 29, 2020

With Week 4 of Season 36 about to kick off, nerdRage have done a quick mid-season swap with the flick of a switch, picking up mulaa to replace the outgoing shock. The Russian Medic is opting to step down this season due to approaching real-life commitments. The British organization is currently sitting in the 7th spot in Premiership, but with their likely hardest games now behind them and aided by this new pickup, they will surely try to use that and gain some momentum for the second half of the season.

The actual season was only shock’s third among Europe’s best; the Russian Medic first enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top with Ora Elektro, reaching second place and picking up the “Best Debut of the Season” award with them during Season 34. He was a founding member of this iteration of nerdRage, being an Ora player during the Ora Elektro and egg merger.

nerdRage leader and clicker of heads counou elaborated on shock’s departure, as well as showing confidence towards his latest addition.

shock got hit hard with college work and ontop of that was losing motivation for the game so he took the decision upon himself to step down. Luckily we snapped up mulaa quickly as we weren't the only prem team [looking for] a med mid season

mulaa is a keen boy so we're confident he'll be a good fit for the remainder of the season

Not unlike his predecessor, mulaa made the jump to Prem after very little time in the lower divisions. Spotted by les darons de l’edition (then known as “veu crever”) after partaking in the common French social outing known as a “mix12” and a couple of Division 2 appearances, he rapidly stepped up seamlessly and was a mainstay for two seasons and a LAN. His latest endeavor was with wer das liest ist doof during Season 35, and while the team dropped out after a third of its roster left for 6ix, he showed solid performances once more, as well as the ability to play in an international team.

mulaa was able to shed some light on the circumstances behind his recruitment.

Roughly speaking, I had decided to step away from the game a bit and to not play this season. Then after mercing for Faint, with whom I get along really well, counou told me that the medic slot on nerdRage was open, considering that shock wanted to stop playing. I instantly accepted to try out with them considering that I know [them] well — Elacour, Josh, and coucou — as I already had the opportunity to play with all of them in different settings.

Here to unleash their dweeb destructiveness on everyone, nerdRage is now:

  • Scout: counou
  • Scout: YeeHaw
  • Soldier: dmoule
  • Soldier: Josh
  • Demoman: Elacour
  • Medic: mulaa
20 Frags +

Elacour, Josh, and coucou

Elacour, Josh, and coucou
3 Frags +

I am a bit cuckoo

I am a bit cuckoo
2 Frags +

gl mulaa, my aki

gl mulaa, my aki
-7 Frags +

mulaa back in prem before deli LOL

mulaa back in prem before deli LOL
-3 Frags +


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