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Dunk Masters rebound for Season 3
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April 30, 2020

RGL Season 3 brings yet another iteration of the Dunk Masters. They look to FIT OUT their squad with BALLERS, new and old, to take home the gold.

Last season ended in disarray for the Dunk Masters. Many bench players were brought on to start for several players who got injured in the middle of the season. Thus, the organization has decided on a complete rebuild to try and solve many of the issues they faced on the court.

Returning to Dunk Masters are Shiny on scout, Makkebeus on demo, and FrickMyNick on Medic. All of these HOOPERS have chemistry on the court, spending the past several seasons on and off of Dunk and other various teams.

The new dribblers on the court include: Perfection, who signed his contract to play scout, making his return from a hiatus of serious competitive play. Tojo, drafted to play roamer, previously seen playing demo in advanced for Bank of America Esports. To round out the roster, Alexandros was picked up off the side of the street to play pocket, he was last seen playing roamer for Goblin Zone.

Will these new players have the right GAME to take on the fierce competition?

We asked Notorious Jailbreak Warden, Shiny for his thoughts on the matter:

They do in fact have the game Team Fortress 2 installed, they also don’t feed.

We asked Alexandros what he’s looking forward to most for this season:

The team emoing out and dying halfway through.

FrickMyNick gave us additional tips on his team's capabilities:


Windmilling into Season 3, the Dunk Masters are:

  • Scout: Shiny
  • Scout: Perfection
  • Roamer: Tojo
  • Pocket: Alexandros
  • Demoman: Makkabeus
  • Medic: FrickMyNick
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Krispy Kreme 2012

Krispy Kreme 2012
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go shiny makkabeus nick and tojo!!!

go shiny makkabeus nick and tojo!!!
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alexandros :)

alexandros :)
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will be surprised if these bozos make it past weed 3 Lol

will be surprised if these bozos make it past weed 3 Lol
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Go perfection!

Go perfection!
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