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#9 rahThread: knife & fork in which hand? in Off Topic

No need fork, no need knife, rip and tear meat with hand/teeth, then swallow.

posted 1 month ago
#6 Estrogen Took My Homie Version 2093 in Recruitment (looking for players)

Bump, picked up Rave! Looking for more soldiers (both roles).

posted 1 month ago
#8416 Frag Clips Thread in Videos
Shoutouts to Zanda again was a fun season :).

posted 1 month ago
#1 Estrogen Took My Homie Version 2093 in Recruitment (looking for players)

Paul is holding me hostage to make a team again because he is bored. I would be willing to play soldier depending on who we can pick up :)

Scout: Zanda
Scout: Pauly
Soldier: Bumbo (beast)
Soldier: Scream
Demoman: Sleepy (not getting cut this time)
Medic: Fridge

Looking to play low invite or top advanced.
Add me on Steam or message me on Discord at Scream#4249 if interested!

posted 1 month ago
#7 RGL Midseason Cup announced in News


posted 2 months ago
#6 RGL Midseason Cup announced in News

The cup officially starts tomorrow at 8:00 PM est. Please make sure you have 5 players on your roster by 2:00 PM est, this way we are given ample time to send out matches an hour or so before the start time. Also, PLEASE make sure to view the golden cap rules, as they are different for this cup. I will paste them here, but they can also be found in the article and in the match comms.

Matches are played in 30-minute Halves. If there is a tie after the 30 minutes, an extra round is played for 10 minutes, until either those 10 minutes run out or until a team wins a round. If the 10 minutes run out, mid is replayed again, and whoever caps the midpoint wins the map.

Lastly, team div placements are mostly final, please let us know ASAP if you have any questions. GLHF

posted 2 months ago
#9 My Apology to the TF2 Community in TF2 General Discussion

Maybe not the best idea to post on a form where 90% of the average viewer base is full of higher-level players or does not know you. Just a tip for next time. (Also if you're going to apologize it would probably be better if you said it to the people you actually offended, it's a lot more personable, while this can come off as trying to get people off of your ass, though I'm not sure whether you've done that or not.)

posted 2 months ago
#11883 stream highlights in Videos

posted 2 months ago
#14 q lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

Deserves high advanced

posted 2 months ago
#68 Announcing: The Ronnie Coleman Cup! in TF2 General Discussion

Why do all of your posts have ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in it?

posted 2 months ago
#60 Announcing: The Ronnie Coleman Cup! in TF2 General Discussion

I had a lot of fun playing, shoutouts to THE BILLDOZER for hosting and being flexible as always. I hope this inspires people to run more events like this!

posted 2 months ago
#5 RGL Midseason Cup announced in News

A reminder that Wednesday at midnight is the last day to sign up for the cup, you will need to have your roster ready by that deadline! No changes in the way the cup is formatted besides the new version of mannbase that skaz uploaded the other day ( Please let me know if you have any questions, I hope to do more stuff like this in the future with varying maps, gamemodes, and config changes (mainly the 3 minute round timer, which is pretty cool if you haven't already checked it out)!

posted 2 months ago
#95 Monthly RGL Thread: July 2021 in TF2 General Discussion
sunderkeeninScream obviously shouldn't have been the one forced to talk because he is a "noob" admin being dumped into an unwinnable PR shitshow with incomplete information, and to the extent that it is Scream's fault it is obvious he didn't catch up properly with the thread or Setsul wouldn't have had to repost context. This is still on RGL, and to some extent I think Scream was right to step up, but to some extent he was wrong to step up unprepared. I don't want to shit on Scream, but Scream is currently acting as RGL and RGL deserves much more than this. This is simply an unfavorable context for Scream and chances are everyone here would be perfectly fine with him in any other context such as pugs.

I was aware that at match time, Fleskore knew that Darty was trying to ring medic, it's something I just did not mention in my original post as I wasn't being specific enough, hence why Setsul posted context. The only thing I was genuinely unaware of was what was said specifically on the match page. Outside of that, I don't feel I came unprepared to this thread, and assure you I read it over 3 times before even writing my post. Secondly, the reason I posted was to clear up something for my division, this is why I barely mentioned the invite situation because it is largely out of my hands. If you feel that RGL "deserves more" than me at least attempting to post, then I truly don't know how to satisfy you. As you said, this is "an unwinnable PR shitshow", so whatever attempt was made, whether it was me or another person, it would never be good enough for what "RGL deserves". Also, I have absolutely no idea what the last sentence means, whether the context is being an RGL admin (which I assume it is) or just existing on tftv?? lmfao. Lastly, I'd like to say that no one put me up to this but myself, I was the one who volunteered for this (in fact I did a couple of days ago, immediately after this situation was mentioned) because I wanted to try and propagate discussion, instead of the usual radio silence that the community has experienced with RGL in the past. I'd like to think I've done a better job of that in this thread, but ultimately that is up to others to decide.



Just to clarify with mods, they have the same powers as admins, there really is not a difference (which I admit is confusing). The only large difference is that Admins typically do more for their specific division, whether that be demo checks, ticket answering, etc. Admins/mods of specific divisions are told to stay in their lane, which basically means that I, for example, can only accept players to rosters, list minor penalties, etc. for IM teams (i.e. admins should only complete administrative tasks for their division, this keeps people in their zones and also serves to prevent favoritism). The mistakes we made are listed in Brody's post above, which I believe covers the rest of the concerns here.

posted 2 months ago
#89 Monthly RGL Thread: July 2021 in TF2 General Discussion

100% agree and that's something I've been trying to push since I joined this season. Also, the rule I linked is written like total garbage and really needs to be reformatted, I don't hold any members of either team accountable in that, and I take the blame for not making that clearer.


We beyond fucked up in the match page regard, there isn't really much I can do besides apologize for that and try and communicate that to other admins in the future. To your point that RGL shoots itself in the foot every few weeks and doesn't deserve to be treated angelically, I agree and think that public outcries in situations like these are beneficial. I was more leaning towards private conversations between players and admins, as since joining I have seen multiple players just pm admins statements like "fuck you" or "are you genuinely stupid?" in the midst of disputes. As much as I dislike that, I don't really see it stopping completely until RGL fixes its public image. Again, I would just like to see people be more courteous but again to your point there isn't much we can do until RGL stops fucking up.

As a side note, I'd like to respond more in these threads as I think in seasons past, saying nothing as an admin team can lead to (us) admins not holding ourselves accountable in situations like this, as I believe has been the case since RGL 6s began.

posted 2 months ago
#85 Monthly RGL Thread: July 2021 in TF2 General Discussion

To be clear, this is the support ticket from Friday, the day of the match, and approximately 20 minutes after it was supposed to happen. The statement you quoted is referring to when we were first contacted 4 days before the match. Neither team spoke to each other about the denial until contacting Fleskore on Friday. Fleskore was told at this point, that Darty was going to be playing medic and not scout, hence the confusion. I do agree, that at this point the denial should have been reverted and again I apologize for that, and for not being specific enough in my initial post.

posted 2 months ago
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