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karnax : ok donc nice calmonie looks to clear their name
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September 18, 2019

Another season, another name change for Raf's full-French team, each one more confusing than the next. Paying homage to teammate karnax’s calm reaction to slander, it is suspected that this name was picked as an anti-pun measure. Attempts to sabotage their article aside, karnax : ok donc nice calmonie have slowly been making their way up the Premiership ladder, solidifying their position as a Prem mainstay after three straight seasons through the Prem Qualifiers.

Aside from giving his nickname to the team, karnax has been making a name for himself on the team as an unpredictable Flank Scout able to drift around the map and 1v1 anyone that comes his way. He is joined on the Scout role by AlienSmiley, who will try to bring otherworldly performances to Pocket Scout, a role he previously occupied during the first part of Season 32, and then passed on at i65.

karnax : ok raf nice team (aelkyr : ok ness "uberchain" delacroix nice photo)

The soldier duo of Raf and dwo will return after some slight LAN shuffling. Raf will be reprising his role of leader from the Pocket position, and dwo is about to compete in the S19 Highlander Prem Grand Finals, proving that if you can jump into two scouts, you can jump into a heavy. Both of them form a coordinated unit, so watch out for some double bombs.

deli is the only player that was not playing for them during the past two seasons, and will thus be hoping to make his Prem debut. He is not a complete stranger to the team however, spending S31 with them, where they finished third in Division 1. He can also hit some pretty meaty pipes. Finally, Olgha will be picking up the Medigun in lieu of mulaa. Moving from being on the beam to being the beam can be a tall order, but Olgha is not a complete stranger to the class and his numerous Ultiduo games should have at least helped his mechanics.

Raf was interested in giving an in-depth answer regarding the history of his team :

S33 was a lot of frustration for us due to the fact that we lost 7 maps during the season by only a point. We were always very close but never managed to close it out with the win. We were still confident that we could fix those mistake to perform at i65.

Despite having our full ETF2L roster at i65, we had a really rough first day and didn't manage to pick a single win in the invite group and this time it wasn't even close. We decided to switch class to try to fix it and eventually managed to finish with a decent result considering the first day beating bus crew in the playoff after a very close match before failing short to a 7-8th finish after losing to #BIGBLOKELAN despite winning the first map of the series.

After i65, we wanted to give a shot to our « new » roster (it was also the old one from S32) but we quickly saw that we had the same synergy problem in our combo than 2 season ago. Mulaa decided to seek for a new opportunity and we took the chance to try to find a new player for our combo to fix the synergy problem. We decided to bring back Deli, who played for us in S31, on demo and create a new combo with Olgha looking to show his medic skills.

Even without LAN this season, both Prem and Div 1 look very competitive so our goal will be to finally break into top 6 if we reach Prem or to win Div 1 if we dont.

Hoping to have a nice season, karnax : ok donc nice calmonie is:

  • Scout: AlienSmiley
  • Scout: karnax
  • Roamer: dwo
  • Pocket: Raf
  • Demoman: deli
  • Medic: Olgha
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allez les bleus!

allez les bleus!
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gl hf dont h8!

gl hf dont h8!
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legendary armwrestler olgha

legendary armwrestler olgha
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