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#5 Cooking w/eXtine in Videos
lucrativeAlright bro when am I flying out to Portland for the collab?

Whenever you want! June 10th would be good, lmk and we'll sync it up.

posted 3 weeks ago
#1 Cooking w/eXtine in Videos

#3 going up right now, butchering a chicken:


Dual camera setup O_o Will have better audio neXt time.

posted 3 weeks ago
#1 YAO vs GC.ice in Videos

YAOMEN vs Global Clan Ice

Coming up in ~90 minutes on twitch.tv/eXtvESports

I'm casting w/ LeCrum. Should be fun.

posted 4 weeks ago
#14 Our Top 8 of Nations Cup #8: Group Stage in News


posted 1 month ago
#5 Six Paths lead to Portland in News
megaboyBig shoutouts to eXtine

Thanks for the shoutout megaboy.

I'm definitely eXcited to work with Rio and the rest of the Yaomen. They're a dedicated squad of players and are focused on the process of improving. We're looking forward to supporting them and being more involved in this upcoming season.

Shout-out to RainofLight, Carnage, and our Burnsiders squad in Advanced. Shout-out to Antlion Audio, Red Bull and Stormbreaker Brewing. I sent Carnage some Strombreaker since he's an old friend and I'm eXcited about him playing for us. Make sure to follow his stream to catch his reviews of the different IPAs.

GL HF dont h8 hydr8

posted 1 month ago
#11 Funding TF2 competetive with Crypto in Off Topic

DD on why TF2 is the neXt esports to MOON:

1. Great Memes
2. Minecraft got big, RobloX got big, Fortnite got big, TF2 will get big.
3. No one stops being a furry, the numbers only go up. Keep HOLDING.

Full Article to come (maybe). This is not investment advice. I just like the esport.


posted 1 month ago
#2 Portland Burnsiders LFP Invite/Advanced in Recruitment (looking for players)


posted 2 months ago
#9 Food/Esports interview w/eXtine in Off Topic
yak404Hey extine, recently got a new double partner, we're having a few issues mainly on the recovery at higher rates, what drills can you recommend for us to get more boat speed?

Hey Yak, just saw this, thanks for the great question.

Without seeing your stroke or how it's actually moving currently, I'd suggest focusing on balance. A talented coach I worked with shared with me an anecdote regarding Olympic Velodrome Cyclists and how much power they're losing because they're focused on their balance. It's similar on a boat or while lifting, if you're balanced you'll be able to produce more power.

The following drill might be a little tougher in a double but should be doable when performed slowly and with a wide berth. Rowing eXtremely lightly and slowly, go through the follow pattern: Take a stroke together, then have the lead rower (port/starboard depending on rigging) take a stroke with their oar in the air and rower on the other side take a stroke (again very lightly) with their oar properly submerged. Recover together as usual, then take the following stroke switched. After the following recovery, both rowers take an air stroke, which is then followed by a regular stroke together.

This is a great drill to do at the start of your row, helping to establish and guide your mental perception of what is off-balance in what direction, and what is on-balance.

posted 3 months ago
#7 Food/Esports interview w/eXtine in Off Topic
DreamboatThis is awesome.

Also if anyone gets a chance, definitely try eXtine's hot sauces. He brought me some last time we crossed paths and I LOVED IT, highly recommended.

Thanks Dreamboat. I'll make sure to pack some heat neXt time I come up that way!

posted 3 months ago
#6 Food/Esports interview w/eXtine in Off Topic
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Spicier peppers are in the plans for sure, last year I did get some Ghost Peppers and Carolina Reapers from Central Washington to make a sauce I called Young Insanity, which was a collaboration with an up-and-coming competitive Team Fortress 2 player named Young Sanity.

The sauce is hella lit as well tbh.

yuiceDo you sell/ship your sauces? Would love to try some!

I'm still slowly getting my act together. I have a limited selection right now and some cases ready for them, need to put those together and chat with people who already eXpressed interest.

I need to make more sauce is the simple answer.

posted 3 months ago
#1 Food/Esports interview w/eXtine in Off Topic

Thought I'd share this here for discussion:


I only shouted out one TF2 player in particular, make sure to read and find out who. Hint: It's MASSIVE.

Definitely looking forward to cooking for a TF2 bootcamp eventually, and the return of events O_o

Also tryna focus more on Yyyao sauce stuff, good things otw fsho - https://twitter.com/YyyaaaooooSauce

posted 3 months ago
#4 Top 10 TF2 plays (2020 E09) in Videos

Big ups again to Beater, as well as everyone who submits a clip and then leaves the file up on their dropboX for 6 months while we catch up on videos. <3

posted 3 months ago
#1 RGL S5 Invite Qualifier in Events


posted 4 months ago
#63 RGL season 5 invite qualifiers in TF2 General Discussion


posted 4 months ago
#11 503 DotA in Other Games

Thanks Arcadia!

We'll see what happens with it... either way we're gonna keep grinding and getting our guys into more tournaments against better competition! NA DotA definitely has a lot of strong teams right now which is fun. We were proud of beating Arkosh and felt like we can beat Div2 DPC teams in bo3s, unfortunately couldn't get out of bo1s in the qualifiers due to some tough match ups.

posted 5 months ago
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