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#13 FreshHopItDon'tDropIt in Off Topic

I asked for 4x4pks to be set aside, but I heard from the main man (head brewer/co-owner) that this batch went real quick, so he only has 2x4pks for me. We'll just pretend it was all the support from TF2ers <3

posted 4 days ago
#23 MILKIES arrive to Invite in News

GL HF Dont h8 hydr8

posted 5 days ago
#12 Invite feeling so fly Like A G6 in News

GL HF Dont h8 hydr8

posted 5 days ago
#4 New season of MyAnimeList announced in News

GL HF Dont h8 hydr8

posted 5 days ago
#12 FreshHopItDon'tDropIt in Off Topic
killemdeadercan i get this in person in Portland somewhere?

I spotted a 4pk of their last batch at WholeFoods. Pretty sure they should have these cans at John's Marketplace on Powell as I was in there ~2 weeks ago and the clerk mentioned the new fresh hopped stuff was otw. They were pouring it on draft at their brewpubs last week, and surely still have cans on sale for it. Can always be safe and call ahead. They're self distributed, not sure if New Seasons carries them, don't think Freddy's does.

We got some Burnsiders in town neXt week. HMU via DM somewhere (Twitter would be better than here) if you wanna meet up with us.

posted 5 days ago
#7 FreshHopItDon'tDropIt in Off Topic

Sent Strombreaker an e-mail to see if we can get some TF2 graphics (and a shoutout on the label) for the neXt brewing.

If you got a local bottle shop, give them a nudge about picking up some Strombreaker (this can or others). Unfortunate that shipping is so eXpensive, but it's good beer! Costs less $$$/Can if you just order more Cans :P

Whenever the community gets around to having IRL events again, I'll see if I can sync up with them and bring some along like I did for Rewind 2.

Thanks for all the support <3

posted 1 week ago
#1 FreshHopItDon'tDropIt in Off Topic

New version of our beer just got released:

They deliver to most places in the States:

Get it before it's gone

I'm outta town, so I haven't sipped it myself yet :(

posted 1 week ago
#15 503 DotA in Other Games

It's a dream fsho. I was really hoping to make it this year, even after Nigma didn't qualify. I guess food is real cheap in Romania though, so none of the teams are interested in the eXtra eXpense of a bootcamp chef. Dang.

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 b4nny burge r in Off Topic

Looks great, careful with that rare burger tho.

(Burgers are made with ground beef. When you grind it, you are miXing the eXposed eXterior of the meat with the bacteria free interior. Potentially not an issue with good/fresh meat, but personally I've gotten pretty sick off of undercooked burgers several times before. That's my gut eXperience at least. On the other hand, with Steaks you just need to sear the outside and can safely serve them at a much lower temperature.)

posted 3 weeks ago
#13 503 DotA in Other Games

We got randomly invited to do a thing tonight:

Portland vs Khabarovsk Sister City Showmatch:

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 Cooking w/eXtine in Videos
lucrativeAlright bro when am I flying out to Portland for the collab?

Whenever you want! June 10th would be good, lmk and we'll sync it up.

posted 3 months ago
#1 Cooking w/eXtine in Videos

#3 going up right now, butchering a chicken:


Dual camera setup O_o Will have better audio neXt time.

posted 3 months ago
#1 YAO vs GC.ice in Videos

YAOMEN vs Global Clan Ice

Coming up in ~90 minutes on twitch.tv/eXtvESports

I'm casting w/ LeCrum. Should be fun.

posted 3 months ago
#14 Our Top 8 of Nations Cup #8: Group Stage in News


posted 3 months ago
#5 Six Paths lead to Portland in News
megaboyBig shoutouts to eXtine

Thanks for the shoutout megaboy.

I'm definitely eXcited to work with Rio and the rest of the Yaomen. They're a dedicated squad of players and are focused on the process of improving. We're looking forward to supporting them and being more involved in this upcoming season.

Shout-out to RainofLight, Carnage, and our Burnsiders squad in Advanced. Shout-out to Antlion Audio, Red Bull and Stormbreaker Brewing. I sent Carnage some Strombreaker since he's an old friend and I'm eXcited about him playing for us. Make sure to follow his stream to catch his reviews of the different IPAs.

GL HF dont h8 hydr8

posted 3 months ago
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