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ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup 6 preview
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June 6, 2019

Germany, France, England, Denmark, Russia, and the USA are back again with their wacky warmongering ways, with ETF2L’s announcement of the 6th Highlander Nations Cup!

ETF2L have announced the return of the Highlander Nations Cup, and countries all around the world are eager to show that there can be only one. (Banner by soda)

Format & Map Pool

This time around, the Nations Cup will see 24 teams representing Europe, North America, and the Middle East, fighting it out over a 3-week long group stage, followed by a playoffs Round-of-16. The maps to be played are:

  • Week 1: pl_upward
  • Week 2: cp_steel
  • Week 3: cp_gullywash_final1 + koth_product_rc9

Note: The map pl_badwater is a possibility to be picked during the playoffs stage, but not played during the group stages.


Out of 24 nations competing, 6 teams have been noted as the top seeded teams. These teams are:

  1. United States of America
  2. England
  3. Russia
  4. France
  5. Denmark
  6. Germany

The European countries have certainly produced some top-level players and teams, but the United States of America will be returning as the reigning Nations Cup champions of Highlander and 140ms gameplay. The 6th Highlander Nations Cup will be the opportunity for Europe to take back their league, or for the USA to reaffirm the advantage a population of over 327 million people gives you.

All 24 teams and their captains, as well as groups & fixtures, can be found on the ETF2L website.


The casted Nations Cup matches kicked off just recently with Belgium vs. Germany in Group F, with Germany taking both maps in Golden Cap in a convincing total score of 2-4. The next casted game is planned to be Netherlands vs. France in Group D, happening this Friday.

For coverage of the international event, tune into Kritzkast's Twitch channel.

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Rip sweden

Rip sweden
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go USA! but fuck u karl

go USA! but fuck u karl
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Can't wait to play a game mode I have no clue about on a class I haven't played in 2 years.
It's Coming Home!!!

Can't wait to play a game mode I have no clue about on a class I haven't played in 2 years.
It's Coming Home!!!
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