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ESEA MOTW: Fully Torqued vs Xensity
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February 13, 2013

Here it is. The LAN race for Xensity pretty much comes down to this match right here. This is a must-win for Xensity if they want to keep their hopes alive for making LAN. However, a win here by Xensity isn't completely all there is to it, because Fully Torqued could still beat Chess Club to make LAN. No matter what way you look at it, this is one of the most important matches of the entire season for both teams.

I'm actually playing in this match, so I'm going to do very vague and bland class by class comparisons here, haha.

Scouts: justin` & seanbud vs spadez & rb

This is Badlands, so all four scouts here are aware of what to expect, especially on mid-fights. Spadez and rb have solid DM to keep their team on an even scale just about all of the time, so this should be interesting here. I would say seanbud may have the least amount of experience here as scout (I think), but justin` can make up for that with plenty of Badlands experience himself.

Soldiers: A Seagull & Zbryan vs Ma3la & relic

I feel like I say this a lot, but it's true: almost any match Xensity play will demand Ma3la to play well (and he has played well). Otherwise, this is a fairly even matchup when it comes to high-level experience, since A Seagull, Zbryan, and relic have plenty of Badlands match experience.

Demoman: Pure vs smaka

It's really not a question that smaka has miles of experience over Pure for Badlands intangibles as demoman. Pure analyzes situations very well before they happen, and smaka is just good on this map. A lot of this match-up will depend on how much of an impact these guys will have on mid-fights. Outside of mid-fights, they will play just fine on the first and second control points.

Medic: TheFragile vs blinky

Man, I don't wanna do this part due to the fact that I'm in this match, and it's just weird to write a comparison paragraph for the class I'm playing versus another guy, haha. I will say that blinky has played solid for his team this season, so he should do just fine. I politely ask smaka to not put up any sneaky traps for me. :P

The Map: Badlands

This map is the bread and butter of competitive TF2. Everyone have played it countless times, especially everyone playing in this match. Now that I think about it, I'm glad that such an important match is on a map like this. Mid-fights are important as always, and solid pushes are necessary. This is a very balanced map, and any mistakes will cost you a control point and potentially the round. Another awesome thing about this map is that it's great for big plays when big plays are needed. No class is useless here, and everyone must contribute an equal amount. This is the absolute map where every kind of skill you would need to be a good team is used on this map. I don't wanna imply that Badlands is directly correlated to skill in TF2, but if I had to pick a map where I had to imply that, this would be it.

This is gonna be good.

10 Frags +

So much for this being good.

So much for this being good.
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what a drag
too many...snags

what a drag
too many...snags
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