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#41 RGB LAN 5 + TooManyGames in LAN Discussion
AntecedentHey, any update on rentals? I'd definitely go if there's rentals, since BYOC isn't super practical for west coasters.

When I have an update on rentals, you will hear from me on here immediately.

posted 1 week ago
#34 RGB LAN 5 + TooManyGames in LAN Discussion

Tickets are live!

Use the promo code "RGBEarlybird" to save $10 on your ticket. This promo code is good for the first 50 people that use it.

The part to use the promo code is not at checkout. It's on the page where you select your ticket:

posted 2 weeks ago
#28 Biggest upset in comp f2 history in TF2 General Discussion

A lot of people forget about this one, but this was AI's only win of the season. EG ended up tying with my team for the 4th LAN spot, but we won due to head-to-head record I think.

If EG won this match, they would have qualified for LAN.

posted 3 weeks ago
#1 RGB LAN 5 + TooManyGames in LAN Discussion

Hi all,

It's that time again. :3

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
100 Station Ave.
Oaks, PA 19456

START: June 26th
END: June 28th

Get your tickets here!

Use the promo code "RGBEarlybird" to save $10 on your ticket. This promo code is good for the first 50 people that use it.

The part to use the promo code is not at checkout. It's on the page where you select your ticket:

What is the closest airport to the venue?
Philadelphia International Airport - PHL

What are the details on the hotel?
Use this link. These tend to fill up pretty quickly, so do not wait until last minute or there won't be much left to choose from.

Can I play in other tournaments?
You may only play in other tournaments if and when you’ve been eliminated from the TF2 tournament. Basically, you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't interfere or delay your TF2 matches.

How can I sit with my team or other friends?
There will be a section for each charity (so a red section, green section, and blue section). Make sure your team picks the same color/charity if you want to sit near each other. If you don't care about sitting next to each other, then it doesn't matter what color/charity everyone chooses. There will be no assigned seating within each section.

Will there be rental computers and monitors?



How can I play in the tournament?
You’ll need to find a team if you haven’t already found one. Keep in mind that the tournament will be 6 vs 6. This thread will have plenty of teams looking for players, so make sure to post here (and don’t forget to include what class you play). If you can’t find a team, there will certainly be pick-up teams made while at the event.

Will there be a buy-in for the tournament?
Yes, it is $5 per person (or $30 per team), and all of it goes to the prize pool.

What will the prizes and payout be?
1st Place: 60% of total prize pool
2nd Place: 30% of total prize pool
3rd Place: 10% of total prize pool

I’m interested in sponsoring the tournament with cash and/or prizes. How should I contact you about this?
If you’re interested in sponsoring the tournament, feel free to send me a private message on here or send an email to one of our sponsorship guys:

When is the tournament?

What is the format of the tournament?

What are the rules?
Class-limits (NA rules):

2 Scouts
2 Soldiers
2 Pyros
1 Demoman
1 Heavy
1 Engineer
1 Medic
2 Snipers
2 Spy

Time-limit / win-limit:

What maps will be in use?


Post in the thread if you need a team.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the thread or PM me.

posted 3 weeks ago
#14 the flu in Off Topic
owlyou need to stay hydrated, aim to drink at least a gallon of water per day

You do not need to drink this much water, lol. Nothing anecdotal will ever show this. Most doctors will tell you to drink when you're thirsty, and you can also gauge this by the color of your urine. The whole "8 glasses of water per day" or anything like that is total bullshit.

owlyou need to make sure you're getting enough vitamins and minerals, a bottle of multivitamins is a good investment

A bottle of multivitamins can be a good investment if your diet is pretty bad and/or really lacking in certain areas. This answer entirely depends on your diet in general, as you'll just pee out everything you don't need.

posted 1 month ago
#120 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Dashner's actions are completely reprehensible, and I'm extremely saddened for Console and Uberchain that they had to go through what they did. Even though Dashner has helped with production for GXL, he didn't give off any impressions that he was abusive in this way at that time. I think I remember he had some trouble with drinking, but certainly not this.

If anything like this happens (or has happened) at RGB, please do not hesitate to let me know, as uncomfortable as that may be. LANs are meant to be a fun and safe space for everyone to meet, play, and have a wonderful time. These kinds of disgusting acts deserve no excuses.

I still stand by the statement that this is the best community, period. This isn't indicative of what this community represents, and we deserve better.

posted 2 months ago
#66 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion

Yeah, this is bullshit. Not contacting Alfa (or anyone) that's banned from the event to let them know they are no longer allowed to come is not cool, but to not even tell Alfa what this behavior concern is? Total bullshit. The idiot vomited in my hotel room after a big italian dinner and a few drinks, sure, but he's never been anywhere close to a problem at any LAN I've attended or help run (GXL / RGB). Additionally, not a single person has ever approached me at GXL / RGB or messaged me through Steam to report concerning behavior about Alfa.

Of course, if the evidence is extremely egregious, then obviously he should be banned, but he should still have the right to know what it is. While I think Alfa is sometimes a bit of a dumbass, I don't think he'd go through all of this trouble if he knew that his possibly awful act of whatever could get leaked out. If it's about the oofpez thing that happened months ago, yeah Alfa was dramatic and dumb. Go let the boy "take a run in the woods" or whatever. However, if the ban is over that, I'm honestly gonna be disappointed.

People have been banned from GXL / RGB, and it wasn't a mystery to any of them on the details or why it happened. But are you really sure that Alfa has concerning behavior? It's Alfa. Just make fun of him and he'll go away. All he does at LAN is drink shitty beer and reminisce about moments in pugs that no one gives a shit about.

edit: Alfa has been reinstated while I typed this up, but I'll keep this up because I made fun of him.

posted 2 months ago
#54 b4nny doesn't support iseries in TF2 General Discussion
marmadukeGRYLLSthis isn't even worth a conversation. it's a 12 year old (albeit fun and addictive) game. it's never, ever going to be a legitimate esport. if valve wants to make a class based shooter esport, they're going to just make a new game. they will not go "hey, lets dust off that game from 2007 and pit it against apex legends, fortnite, csgo, etc." because they'd look like fucking idiots, it would fail miserably, and it makes 0 sense. just enjoy the time the game has left.

also realize banny is the only person out there making a living off of tf2. he will do whatever he thinks can benefit him the most financially, which makes sense. but for the 99.99% of people just wanting to compete in a game for fun, the concern is with keeping the game enjoyable.

This is easily the most important post in this thread.

posted 3 months ago
#15 Tip of the Hats 2019 - Day 1 in Events

I'll actually go to this eventually. :(

Regardless, looking forward to another great event. :3

posted 3 months ago
#35 TF2 community leaders partner with BTS for 2020 event in News


posted 3 months ago
#15 pheLon retires from competitive TF2 in News

Tony is one of the chillest dudes I've met, and he was an absolute monster of a soldier back when he took TF2 very seriously.

Still hope to possibly see you at future RGB LANs. :3

posted 4 months ago
#32 Insomnia65: Grand Finals in Events
reakobtw since rewind 3 was cancelled can we get the full release as consolation

I'd love to, and already gave Wade my full permission to release my interview entirely. Can't remember exactly what he said (check his TFTV post history if you really care), but apparently it wasn't in the cards.

Right before the interview, Wade told us to just completely say whatever we want without any regard for anything. My interview was about an hour, and most of the compliments / good things I said ended up in the video. Everything else about his BM / man-child personality / how he changed from a quiet, quirky guy into a cringey narcissist mysteriously didn't make it into the final video. When I talked to some of the other people who also had interviews, it was exactly the same outcome as mine. This isn't a conspiracy theory, as one of the people that were responsible for working on the video said he demanded edits. He got numerous drafts to review before the final video. Never heard of a documentary on someone where they got to throw out all the parts they didn't like. LUL

Watch the trailer, then the documentary. The trailer's tone was entirely different than the documentary because a certain boi said "nooo I don't like how this depicts me :(((!!!!!!"

highfiveI wonder this too man. Maybe he just really wants that old mixup rivalry he used to have? It feels pretty tired at this point, and I wish it didn't have to be this way

It's kind of weird that he hasn't realized that if he had any amount of humility, it'd be better for himself as well as the game. Instead, he has these kinds of outbursts that weren't a tiny bit provoked by anyone.

posted 5 months ago
#25 Insomnia65: Grand Finals in Events


I'll actually never understand his hatred for other teams. Even when my teams were bitter rivals with b4nny / froyo, I still wanted NA to win Insomnia / Rewind LANs. At i55, we even gave froyo some warmup scrims before their grand finals match.

Did he become way more bitter after he had ESA edit his documentary countless times because all of the bad shit everyone said about him???

posted 5 months ago
#14 Opinions on flipping the viewmodels? in TF2 General Discussion
cirloiirc it was possible in the early stage of the game, but it was patched due to, in fact, unfair advantages

This is correct. A few soldiers started to use scripts where if they'd left click, it'd change their view model to the left and then shoot, and if they right click, it'd change their viewmodel to the right and then shoot.

Very soon after, Valve patched it out. This happened sometime in 2008 or 2009 I believe.

posted 5 months ago
#4 RGB 4 participant medals coming? in TF2 General Discussion
bleghfarecafaik RGB medal distribution is still in progress. The participant medal will (very likely) be reusing the participant medal from RGB LAN 3 due to Valve's freeze on new medal models.

This is correct. DubThink has been working on this, so it should be done hopefully soon.

posted 5 months ago
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