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Mentality bear a new Medic and Max out their roster
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October 18, 2018

As Invite makes its way into its fifth week in the Regular Season, Mentality Esports have decided to make some moves, parting ways with Medic Daffodil and Pocket Soldier mirrorman to make way for bear, who previously played for Faint Gaming prior to their dramatic collapse, and Max, who was previously relegated to the team's bench earlier in the season. With Max returning to the team, paddie has taken over the role as the team's Roaming Soldier as a result.

Daffodil first joined Mentality Esports as a part of the organization's signing of Team Invite in the third week Season 28 of Invite. Following the team's acquisition, mirrorman was added to the roster shortly after, replacing kawa as Mentality's Roaming Soldier.

Since adding bear and Max to their active roster, Mentality Esports have been performing adequately so far. With bear and max, Mentality handily took a 5-0 win over OMNI5 Esports on Metalworks, and later edged out an arduous 5-4 win over Velocity eSports on Gullywash, putting them 4-4 in the standings.

We reached out to paddie, who granted us some insight into the roster change.

Sadly Faint Gaming ended up dying this season, but in that death breathes new life into the Mentality roster as we replace Daffodil with bear due to some cohesion issues with our combo. Bear’s added experience on medic will surely lead to the team having more consistent results. mirror wanted to focus on things outside of TF2, so naturally we reacquired Max with him being a former member of the team. His DM presence and chemistry with the team will most definitely be an asset. We all look forward to playing with our new roster and have high hopes for our play during the remainder of the season.

Driving forward through Invite in the Mentality Machine, Mentality Esports' roster is now:

  • Scout: mu
  • Scout: Max
  • Roamer: paddie
  • Pocket: kactuswactus
  • Demoman: mae
  • Medic: bear
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Crojingtoo Magoo :3

Crojingtoo Magoo :3
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I just read the title of this article out loud and bear said "okay, this is epic."

I just read the title of this article out loud and bear said "okay, this is epic."
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paddie back on soldier :]

paddie back on soldier :]
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that title


that title [img]https://i.imgur.com/mZwcYLW.png[/img]
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go Mentality!

go Mentality!
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