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Pandemic Over Complexity in CEVO-P S3 Finals
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August 1, 2012

In a stunningly decisive CEVO-P Season 3 finals, [/flag][b]Pandemic[/b] topped [/flag][b]Complexity[/b] on both cpgravelpit and cpgranary. Complexity's map of choice, cpgravelpit, quickly turned into their worst nightmare when Pandemic capped all three points in under five minutes. Pandemic proceeded to easily brush off Complexity's offensive, capture all three control points in their offensive round, and successfully defend against Complexity's final assault. The match then moved to Pandemic's map of choice, cpgranary, a map that Complexity is known to be weak on (they practiced this map just prior to the finals, expecting Pandemic to choose it). Pandemic exemplified their impressive Scout work and quickly moved to a 4-0 lead with only a few minutes left in the first half. Then with one minute remaining, Complexity scored their only point of the finals to the cheers of their supporters. But despite this brief sign of life from a surprisingly weak Complexity, Pandemic scored their final point on cp_granary making them the CEVO-P Season 3 champions.

Despite the impressive teamwork shown by Pandemic's Scouts, one particular Soldier stepped up to the plate for the Pandemic team. This soldier, [b]Jaeger[/b], managed to achieve a 39:15 K:D ratio on cp_granary, topping relic (18:13), Reptile (27:19), and REP (18:21). I thought it would be fitting to interview him after his impressive performance:

[iq]You outplayed all of the other Soldiers by a longshot. How did you prepare for the finals and did you expect to perform as well as you did?[/iq]

[ia]A little over a year ago I was just starting to play TF2 as my first shooter and trying to learn the game by watching a lot of the guys that played in this match. I'm very happy with my performance.[/ia]

[iq]Knowing that cp_gravelpit is Complexity's best map (and that they would choose it), what was Pandemic's strategy and what do you see your role to be on this map?[/iq]

[ia]Actually we were debating if we should choose gravelpit for our map at one point before the match. When they chose it I felt confident we could win especially after the rough time they had against dignitas earlier in the playoffs. We just played our game and it worked out. Attacking C oplaid's heavy was a problem. Carnage managed to get two crucial sniper picks on the medic and heavy winning us the round and the map. My role on this map is very passive. I stay alive and hold areas while keeping up spam and taking as little damage as possible so our medic can focus on healing the impact classes.[/ia]

[iq]What do you think of Complexity's pre-finals loss of TheFragile? Do you think the addition of hubris substantially hurt their team?[/iq]

[ia]Hubris is a good player but it's very hard for any medic to play against scouts like carnage and enigma. As I understand it fragile offered to play for them through the playoffs but they chose to go with hubris. There was a bit of drama over us not allowing them to use pure as their medic. I think it is a bit much for someone who got eliminated earlier in these playoffs on a different team to change teams and play in the grand finals.[/ia]

[iq]Now that your team finally has the CEVO-P crown, where do you see the team being in six months? What leagues/tournaments will Pandemic compete in?[/iq]

[ia]I imagine Pandemic will continue winning and compete in every major TF2 league and tournament.[/ia]

[iq]And finally...what do you and your team expect out of Complexity in the future? If both teams make it to the finals in ESEA Season 2, who will win?[/iq]

[ia]I look forward to playing them in the finals. Pandemic hasn't lost a major event in North American TF2.. it's got to be the name. We will win.[/ia]

[iq]Thank you for your time, congratulations on your victory, and good luck.[/iq]

Jaeger's POV demo CEVO-P Playoff Brackets

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