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#33 Discussion of TF2 Streams on Twitch in TF2 General Discussion
RhetoricalAnarchistI think Strongsuit makes an important point. We have so many great writers in the community, could we put together a large document as a collaborative effort and send it as a letter to various organizations looking for sponsorship. It would have to include our goals, reasons why we should be sponsored, and a strong showing of a unified community supporting the game. Obviously some of this work would fall on the shoulders of a select few committed and organized writers, but we could also include testimonials and statements from everyone who posts one, almost like a petition. With any luck, somebody would pick us up, although the worst thing any organization can do is simply turn us down.

What you're basically asking is for the community, a collection of people who have a desire for a specific thing (in this case TF2), to make a business proposal. What you're missing in this situation is that a community is not a business and cannot function as one, thus by asking an organization for this sponsorship and/or money they're going to respond 'to who?' Are you going to have them mail it to Valve or something? I don't care how well certain people within the community could write the idea in itself is flawed.

Have eXtv / TF.TV / Vanilla.TV / BlackOutGamingTV 'hire' one of these writers and do that sort of job for them. Have them write up that business plan as they're an actual business who could sort of pretend that there would be a ROI on any sort of funding put forth. Although I'm pretty sure that most of those organizations have already tried all that they can to work on getting certain sponsors, seeing how much this community talks about 'needing money.' Unless you're going to approach an organization that's setup to run tournaments in itself and host the tournament ect., I don't see where you're going with this.

posted about 6 years ago
#14 Discussion of TF2 Streams on Twitch in TF2 General Discussion

Hi friends I haven't really been around the TF community lately but I an idea was presented to me and since I had considered myself a spreadsheet wizard I took up the challenge. In reality I spent too much time working on this project and there's probably dozens of other ways that this could be done, but this is the easiest in a sense. So here I present to you a pseudo-ranking system of your favorite TF2 streamers:

All the front-end is done there and essentially I'm going to just be collecting data for the time being while I continue to work on the back-end of the form. Most likely the data will be publicly available after 72 hours of me posting this. Depending on how much I end up sleeping/playing video games that could change but I'll really honestly try to have the back-end entirely finished within the next 3 days.

Hopefully with information like this streamers can improve their own content and such based on their ratings.

edit: pls a reminder to contact me with issues i will fix them as soon as i recieve your message pending there aren't larger issues

edit2: im really going to encourage you use a way to identify your self as well, it really helps in promoting accurate results.

posted about 6 years ago
#27 EVE Online Giant Nerd Space Battles in Other Games
skyrideCan we please at least leave the pathetic internet dick flailing to EVE-specific forums?

Also Zwolf, you can't have been paying attention very closely. We publically announced that we were giving up on defending Fountain right after the 6VDT fight and started moving our stuff back to Delve within hours.

Drop sov move to NPC null. You still have commitments while holding (unprofitable) space. Adjusting leadership could be a bad move in those circumstances if goons want to push into delve. Just my 2cents but point is delve is a bad option ect. ect. ect. would be cool for you guys to stay there for us to get some free carrier kills. I know you were moving to NOL tho, I got 2-3 pings when it was announced.

posted about 7 years ago
#23 EVE Online Giant Nerd Space Battles in Other Games
SalamancerSome background - I play for the reddit-based TEST alliance about once a week.
Also, Skyride plays in TEST so make fun of him for being as big of an internet spaceship nerd as me.

Don't even understand HOW you could stand being in test for more than 6 months at a time.

SalamancerTEST is still around, there will still be big fights. We just lost one of our two regions. And Goons didn't really ruin much of anything - they gave and will continue to give a lot of good fights. Also, their leadership structure is superb. Good diplomacy with their allies, good strategy overall. They deserve to be smug about winning :P

I wasn't really there for the fight but I've been paying attention to everything pretty closely. Can't log in because I'm on an extended vacation but that's aside the matter. Honestly as far as the war goes, TEST needs to do something as their INDIVIDUAL separate entity. Being ex-TEST, and a long time player, I can pretty much tell you test has never taken any solo venture that's turned out the way it's supposed to.

Anyway, j o i n p i z z a. Awoxing guarantees citizenship.

posted about 7 years ago
#64 An open letter to Anonymous of ☁➈ in TF2 General Discussion
TurinI remember backing up for my HL team in a scrim where you told us your old pyro did some stupid stuff. It's the same guy?

It was probably Anonymous.

e: redacted sorry i felt kinda bad for saying something

posted about 7 years ago
#57 An open letter to Anonymous of ☁➈ in TF2 General Discussion
morning_foxIncase you haven't noticed the kid is like 11 or 13. He's also a huge asshole.

I wouldn't worry too much about anything he says. I also heard him shit talk this guy named Sylvester, for a while, the guy only played like Steel or Silver and this guy comes out of nowhere shit talking him. The funny part is the guy was worst than the Sylvester dude and thought because he could kill a pyro he was good.

Alright I'm gonna give you guys the quick inside scoop on both Anonymous and Sylvester. I don't like posting often and I usually post as if I have half a brain but I'll try to type this out in a coherent manner.

I had both these dudes on my old highlander team (Könige, UGC Steel S9), and it was at times a great thing too. I had problems with my previous pyro not being able to concentrate on the game properly so they had been playing poorly. I first asked around if someone wanted to play pyro for me and defunct team captain Anonymous, formerly of team Ahhhh!, offered to play for my team. We tried him out on a Friday/Saturday, and made a decision to add him to the roster. It was not to the liking of certain team members of mine due to his shit talking manner (he had dirt on every team in UGC Steel and would constantly tell us about it), but also because he was not that good and his voice had a bit of an irritating ring to it.

Long story short we played him on haunt ( and which he did moderately well on, and barnblitz. He was cut after the barnblitz match ( because it was honestly the worst performance I could have seen from a pyro, and more. On 2 defenses in a row, he let our engi (myself) die within the first 30 seconds. Two times in a row. I was fucking baffled. I understand the blame could be put on me but my setup rotation really didn't allow for the proper spy checking by me, so I assigned him to hold back and chill by me till I was bueno. Which he did but just very poorly. So he was cut.

Afterwards he joined a team we commonly scrimmed, and was going to spectate one of our matches. I informed the other leader I was not comfortable having him watch (the whole getting dirt on teams, he might leak our strats or something) and proceeded to ban him from my personal server. He then comes in my teams mumble, complains that he was banned, and was then banned from our mumble. I got messages and shit but I forgot what they said. I'm like 90% sure he was extremely upset but I figured he would chill. I got called autistic or retarded at some point as well but whatever. I try to drop it and move on.

Fast forward like 2-3 months I'm lobbying or pugging or whatever because the season is over (spoiler: we disbanded) and I find my good friend Anonymous in a lobby. We exchange pleasantries and we're both playing sniper (I think??). Anyway game was good for the first half then I get kicked somewhere in the second half when the game becomes evident it's a roll. Rejoin and I get banned. I understand it was a roll but PLEASE I just wanted to play in the LOBBY; no need to ban me because you had been banned at one point.

Haven't really spoken to him since but most of the time I see him around he's usually insulting one person or another whether it's in #tf2.pug.nahl, #tf2.mix.nahl, or generic silver/gold scrims.

Oh and how Sylvester works into all of this, after Anonymous was kicked he was replaced by Sylvester. if you're wondering how i told this story from memory im literally autistic but yeah that's the story hope you enjoyed forums are the best ))))

tl;dr anonymous is worse than sylvster and he's really mean not a cool dude at all

posted about 7 years ago
#7 TF2 Statistics in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 7 years ago
#45 When did you realize you were better than average? in TF2 General Discussion

When I ascended to the tier of UGC Steel ALL-STAR I had realized that there was no greater achievement. So much so I gave up on playing highlander the next season because I knew it deep down that there is/was no greater achievement.

posted about 7 years ago