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#1 CS:GO update for 6/18/19 (6/19/19 UTC, in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Celebrate 20 years of Counter-Strike with a retro version of Dust II, currently available in the Casual Dust II map group.
– The Chicken Capsule is now available for purchase in-game.

– Adjustments to the AUG to bring its utility more in line with other rifles.
— Slightly reduced rate of fire.
— Reduced accuracy while unscoped.

– Fixed an exploit involving duplication of items dropped by disarming another player.
– Players in warmup spawn closer to their teammate.
– Players in warmup now spawn with a random pistol.

Rumor has it:

- Believe it or not, retro Dust II isn't a separate map. It's instead made possible through the magic of different spawns (as explained by /u/Rock-C). Several users report that alternates between new and retro each round

- Want to know what it looks like? Spoiler alert:

Show Content
It's the 1.6 version!

- This is the Chicken Capsule, which contains various stickers with chickens (as the name implies) by a familiar community artist who also has another capsule in the game with their name on it, Slid3

- Chicken Capsule sticker images and Steam Community Market links are also up on CS:GO Stash

- If you need full-res images, grab them here by pressing the Rich Diff button (the file icon) on the ones you want: https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commit/8c5ea870d7cf0a35c2c94bf98b70e9e194ca0d06

- Size is close to 75 MB

posted 3 hours ago
#1 CS:GO update for 6/11/19 ( in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Fixed semi-transparent material on FBI variant A character.
– Several stability fixes for clients and game servers.

Rumor has it:

- Only other thing is a single translated string update for Latin American Spanish: https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commit/eb02ce05f4d3001c07e77153cd0345b536423a55

- Size is ~10 MB

posted 1 week ago
#1 CS:GO update for 6/10/19 ( in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Reduced memory footprint of some character model materials.
– Breach charges attached to hostages fall off when the hostage is picked up in Danger Zone.

– Enabled the Events panel for Perfect World CS:GO players.

Rumor has it:

- Ban notices no longer make specific reference to "this Steam account", instead opting for "You" by way of your account or a linked account

- Localization galore too: https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commit/0c67aff95b2060e0e29d21db5672e1021c6192e8

- Size is ~30 MB

posted 1 week ago
#1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update for 6/3/19 in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Fixed “cl_teamid_overhead_always 1” to show only a pip (and not also show a name) above a player.

Rumor has it:

- Otherwise it's as small as it looks on the surface, a whole bunch of Italian translations have been thrown in to the tune of about ~300 translated strings, but there are little sprinkles of translations for Danish, Russian, and Spanish (of the Latin American variety) thrown in too
- Translations, as always, are made possible in part by contributions from Translators Like You - Thank You

- Size is close to 5 MB

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 CS:GO update for 5/29/19 ( in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Ruby has been added to official competitive matchmaking.
– Zoo has been removed from official competitive matchmaking.
– Players will now be limited to a single cooldown level for abusively kicking teammates even if they vote kick multiple teammates in the same match.

– Radar Jammer price reduced to $1,250.
– Slightly reduced the size of Ballistic Shield window.
– During warmup players start parachuting from greater height.
– Buy menu availability hints will no longer show during warmup.

– Optimized map loading process by using ambient lighting data included in newly built maps.
– Removed a development command for adjusting sound parameters.
– Updated radar maps for Vertigo.
– Stability improvements in decal rendering.

– Fixed tram bug
– Minor overall changes

- There are essentially no other extra things to mention in this GameTracking diff other than the inclusion of translations (made possible as always by contributions from Translators Like You - Thank You)

- Did you know? It's been 273 days since we were last able to draw on maps, according to master drawer-on-maps James Bardolph

- Size is ~55 MB, except ~70 MB on Linux

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 CS:GO update for 5/21/19 ( in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Blacksite and Sirocco are now both available in official Danger Zone matchmaking as a time-based map rotation.
– Radar jammers block drone pilots with static interference while the jammer is active.
– Drones fly slower when carrying paradrop crates.
– Armor starting equipment option will now give both armor and helmet.

[ MISC ]
– Updated SDR libraries to the latest version.
– Restricted start of client-side demo recording on dedicated servers to warmup and freezetime.

[ MAPS ]
– Changed Wingman version to use bombsite A.
– Bombsite A changes:
– Pushed back cover on site.
– Tightened final ramp up to site.
– Moved position of crane slightly, made area around it accessible.
– Shortened wood fence, letting CTs more easily control ramp or drop down.
– Moved scaffolding in back of A forward towards the wall.
– Added self-boost onto concrete formwork on A site.

– Added missing collisions to various door/window frame models.
– Fixed another player stuck spot.

Rumor has it:

- Protobuf changes for Steam Datagram system library updates and script changes aplenty: https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commit/ebd169685b14ebf9e00b1594ede48e07df9f4045

- As has been the case with the last several updates, this one also includes a healthy dose of translations, which are made possible in part by contributions from Translators Like You - Thank You

- Size is ~110 MB

posted 4 weeks ago
#1 CS:GO update for 5/16/19 (5/17/19 UTC, in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Added normal maps to M4A1-S | Basilisk, FAMAS | Djinn, and Desert Eagle | Naga
– Fixed players getting stuck on self-destructing drones.
– Optimized the algorithm processing in-game friends list rich presence.
– Optimized the algorithm loading favorite events for users.

Rumor has it:

- Wondering what normal maps even are? Check out 3kliksphilip's video about them:


- A couple of spark sound effects for drones got updates too, mostly for audio quality purposes. Otherwise, the rest of it is localization (Translators Like You - Thank You, etc etc): https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commit/cf55944557c8d257361e54e72f7fde824c199094

- Size is close to 15 MB

posted 1 month ago
#1 CS:GO update for 5/14/19 ( in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Unlocked Drone Pilot Tablet, Bonus Wave Money, Bonus Explore Money, and Armor+Helmet as starting item options.
– Drone Pilot upgrade is now available for purchase in the Tablet Buy Menu.
– Tasers will now always open the crate they are fired at; they no longer sometimes do partial crate damage.
– Shields dropped from death have a slight delay before being automatically picked by nearby players.
– Fixed some instances of safe models spawning in midair.
– Fixed item outline colors on dropped grenades.
– Map collision fixes and stuck spot removals, and a few visual bugs squashed too.

– Loss bonus money will now always step down to $2,900 after a team with a $3,400 max loss bonus streak wins a round.

[ UI ]
– Introducing the “Looking to Play” feature: players can now advertise themselves as available for party invites, can be invited by other parties from the “Looking to Play” tab of their CS:GO friends list, and can accept party invites from the CS:GO main menu.
– Introducing CS:GO Events: players can now see an HLTV-provided schedule of professional LAN events in the Watch tab. Favorite your preferred community tournaments and get notified about professional live matches on the CS:GO main menu.

[ MISC ]
– Friends and other players can no longer join lobbies that already entered matchmaking queue.
– Fixed exploits related to vote commands.

[ MAPS ]
– Latest updates to community maps Ruby and Workout.

– Minor bug fixes
– Clean up
– Added setdressing
– Added boost in Alley
– Added boost spot in mid for Ts
– Overall gameplay tweaks
– Trimmed excessive areas
– Improved overall gameplay flow
– Large changes to mid to improve flow
– Rerouted alley from A main to mid
– Removed ladder bug
– Removed pixel walk

– Fixed boosting into the hole in Kids Zone
– Deleted a rogue spawn point
– Fixed some shadow issues in the court area
– Brightened the shower area slightly

[ SDK ]
– VBSP: Fixed a rare bug in displacement physics hull generation during map compilation that could result in large gaps near the edges of completely flat displacement surfaces.

Rumor has it:

- Several strings have been added for countries that weren't in, as well as general regions like NA, EU, CIS, and SA

- Aside from a few protobuf additions and some script updates, this one also contains localization file updates which are made possible in part by contributions from Translators Like You - Thank You

- Size is ~150 MB

posted 1 month ago
#3 TF2 update for 5/14/19 in TF2 General Discussion
bLathis is all it's gonna be huh?

WYSIWYG indeed.

posted 1 month ago
#1 TF2 update for 5/14/19 in TF2 General Discussion


Valve- Updated/Added some tournament medals
- Updated the localization files

Rumor has it:

- There is a whackton of medals, including EU RGL.gg medals now saying EU, some Australian versions of the same, CLTF2 6v6, BBall One Day Cup, Pugiklander, and MidNight Moon medals: https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-TF2/commit/c62192f20e0de59bb86f142379b2470be323e116

- Localization file updates can also be viewed up above, which are made possible in part by contributions from Translators Like You - Thank You

- Size is close to 10 MB

posted 1 month ago
#1 CS:GO update for 5/7/19 ( in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Unlocked Ballistic Shield, Firebombs, and C4 as deployment perks.

– Fixed SVG files to load with consistent dimensions in different resolutions.
– Fixed a minor regression caused by molotov bouncing off sky surfaces.
– Fixed several exploits.

– Fixed spot where players could get hung up on train near A main.
– Fixed ladder on train closest to lower B entrance not being shift-walkable.
– Fixed some minor gaps in train cars.

– Added info_paradrop_denial entities to prevent paradrops from landing on top of the Kasbah towers.
– Fixed wall in Kasbah where bump mines fell through.
– Fixed hole in world at the bottom of the stepwell.
– Covered up a missing texture with roof edge models in the Kasbah.
– Added additional detail to some roof areas.

Rumor has it:

- There's lots of localization, Translators Like You - Thank You, etc etc: https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commit/613ec5efed523db241dfd7cba3d6d7be49125082

- Size is ~88 MPH MB

posted 1 month ago
#1 EMERGENCY CS:GO update for late 5/4/19 (5/5/19) in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO Twitter page:

@csgo_devWe've fixed an issue with lobbies causing game crashes. Restart your game to receive the latest update.

Rumor has it:

- /u/DukeBruno123 says that as a result of this exploit and a separate exploit earlier this week, "Nearby" lobbies are no more, and you can no longer join lobbies that don't have one of your Steam friends in them as well

- Bonus: an emergency dose of localization file updates which are provided in part by contributions from Translators Like You - Thank You

- Security emergencies affect everyone. If you find a security flaw that is just as severe as this lobby exploit in any Valve product including CS:GO, treat it as a security emergency - head on over to Valve's security page for details on how to responsibly disclose such a flaw.

- Size is close to 1 MB

posted 1 month ago
#1 CS:GO update for 5/2/19 (5/3/19 UTC, in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Fixed a rare case when planted bomb model was invisible for some players.

– Added clip brushes to several areas where players were getting stuck
– Added several physics clips to plug holes where dropped items could get lost
– Added 2nd ladder on opposite side of Lighthouse bridge
– Changed collision on Kasbah grate so grenades will pass through
– Added missing collision to step well stairs model
– Renamed Medina to Town
– Removed floating fish

Rumor has it:

- There's a few more localization file updates for French, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Spanish, and Polish, all of which are made possible in part by contributions from Translators Like You - Thank You
- Aside from that, what you see above is exactly what you're getting, as Sirocco makes up a bulk of the ~75 MB

- Size is ~75 MB

posted 1 month ago
#1 CS:GO update for late 5/1/19 (5/2/19 UT, in CSGO General Discussion

Via the CS:GO blog:

– Fixed an issue that could cause the blinking light on C4 carried by players to be visible through geometry.
– Fixed a regression in molotov detonation timing.
– Fixed a movement regression when crouching through openings at ground level.
– Fixed a weapon accuracy regression when crouch moving.
– Fixed a small regression in acceleration computation.
– Fixed disconnected players sometimes not showing up on end of match Danger Zone scoreboard.
– Fixed a crash that showed a “CUtlLinkedList overflow” dialog box.
– Fixed floating white boxes that would appear for some players.

– Fixed shading on stone blocks around A site

– Updated clipping on wire railings around the map
– Fixed C4 stuck spot near T spawnp

Rumor has it:

- The only other thing included is a set of localization file updates which are made possible in part by contributions from Translators Like You - Thank You: https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commit/1b6101344a1197e4f7ae3ee800ce340441c0d572

- Size is ~40 MB

posted 1 month ago
#6 TF2 update for 4/30/19 (5/1/19 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion
twiikuuwickedplayer494- Would you like a side of protobuf additions with your localization files? https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-TF2/commit/f5fd06fff2d26ece0a8b42dadfd693a71a4f8646Notable change: it seems like they added the Steam game networking sockets which is the tech they made for CSGO/DOTA2 in order to minimize the effect of DDoS on official servers. I'm not exactly sure how to check if Valve servers are actually using them now though.

Related talk, the solution is explained at minute 25
tl;dr: (supposedly) when playing Casual/Comp, you connect to a local relay, game data passes through their network infrastructure to reduce latency by limiting routing issues, server are not exposed to the entire internet so they cannot be taken down through attacks, DDoS is greatly mitigated because their only attack surface would be to target relays, which are very cheap to spun up again and get players back in

The Steam Datagram system has been implemented in TF2 for a little while now.

posted 1 month ago
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